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  1. Hi

    I received a reply from the hsbc on the 29th may thanking me for my letter dated 22nd may saying they are looking into my claim for charges back they have said they will contact me a full response as soon as they complete their investigations. So do o still send a letter before action or wait to here from.


    Thanks Molly

  2. Hi

    I sent my sar letter with a chq for the £10 THE 40 days are up and not heard or received my statements, so i rang them today and was told they had not received the letter, so i would have to request them again, they said they would arrange it with no charge but that it could take another 40 days, i don't suppose their is anything i can do about this and will just have to wait again.

  3. Hi my daughter sent her 1st letter on 2nd April asking for her statements for past 6 years she encloses the £10 fee, but has not had any contact at all from them, neither have they cashed her chq, was just wondering if this is normal



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