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  1. Well finally done it did my daughters yesterday and just finished mine so it's ready to do. I used mcol it was easier than going the courts cause still not allowed to drive.
  2. Hi Can somebody have a look at my message tell me if its ok please.
  3. Hi Have i done everything ok with my daughters claim its the thread above this one thanks. Also on the letter to the court it says how much she is claiming do i add the £120 court fees she has paid today.
  4. Hi I rang the court i do have to pay the fees as i am still getting paid from work. So i have used mcol for my daughters just finishing sorting hers then will start mine, have i got this list of charges right. Name xxxxx HSBC BANK SORT CODE XXXXX ACCOUNT NUMBER XXXXXXXSCHEDULE OF CLAIM FOR CHARGES FROM XXX TO XXX Then listed them as overdraft charges, card misuse, unpaid d/d charges and put the amount with which ever applicable. I then send a copy to the court to be put with her claim is that right. I have just redone my charges with the 8% on but i have found a £10 card misuse that i shouldn't have had not sure what to do about it.
  5. Hi Has any one got a draft of what they put on there N1 form for the court. Thanks
  6. Thanks yet again sorry to be a pain, is this the address for the bank in mcol 8 canada square london e14 5 hq Thanks for the link looking at it don't think i have to pay court fees:) I am doing my daughters as well she is with hsbc might take a while but i will get their, i am writing everything down so i don't forget, or write the wrong thing.
  7. Hi Just sorting everything out am i right i file with mcol then i send copies of charges to Northampton count court?
  8. Thanks i have got it now.
  9. Hi I will look at that did you send me your mcol to look at?
  10. Thanks your a little star
  11. Hi Just reading everything i need to do i can not remember when i opened my bank account was that long ago do i need the exact date?
  12. Ok thanks for your help:)
  13. Hi I read some were on here i can ask for my charges to be paid to me by chq, but can't find the thread now is this right? and if so when would i ask them to do this. Thanks Molly
  14. Sorry do i just use original thread and ask all questions on there, when would i ask them to pay me by chq? Thanks
  15. Hi I read some were earlier you can ask for payment by chq is this right or will they just take any payment i might get off my overdraft i can't find the thread i found it on. Thanks
  16. No not yet just going to sort spread sheet out then do the mcol i send them all to the court then think iv'e got that right:confused: I have just had the hsbc on the phone asking how i am going to clear my overdraft and to say i have got another £125 charges going on my account on 9th july. I just said i am not in the position to clear o/d they were quite rude about it.
  17. Thats great thanks for your help do i send court fee's with the forms to the court?
  18. Hi I listed all the charges and what they were for like unpaid direct debits/ card missuse and the dates but didn't add any of the interst charges i had. Hope i got that correct. Do you think i should use mcol or the N1 forms.
  19. Thanks iv'e not claimed any interest in my original letters to them is that right i just claim it now on this spreadsheet.
  20. Hi I have read it but i get a bit confused after a while i will have a go and see if i can do it. Thanks
  21. Hi Is a a £1000 pound claim better claimed using mcol and were do i add my extra charges? Thanks
  22. Hi Its for £1000 and i have had £250 more charges since i started the claim so i think the mcol would be best can i add the extra charges on as well?
  23. Hi Thanks for your reply which is the easiest way to do it since this stroke takes me a wages to work things out.
  24. Hi I have sent my 3rd letter on the 7th june it was 14 days yesterday and not heard anything what shall i do now? I sent it recoreded delivery. Thanks
  25. Hi Could any one tell me if i can add on any charges that i still getting which are around a £125 a month. I have sent my letter before action to them today. Sorry for posting simple questions i know the answer is on here some were, but i have had a stroke recently and by the time i find what i need i end up totally confused. I would like to thank every one for being so helpful:)
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