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  1. Hi again


    It says on letter that a couple of charges are more than 6 years old which they are from when i started do i need to send them a new list of charges or still send the original one. Thanks

  2. Hi


    Today my daughter and i received an offer of HSBC say's without predjudice and they are not admitting liability. The offer is around £500 les than each claim and they are saying it is a full and final settlement. We have got 10 days to reply. We don't want to accept as have already done mcol and thay have only got till 29th july to defend claim. The address to reply to is still Hsbc what is my best move to take now.

  3. Hi


    Just looked on my notice of issue it says '' Your claim issued 26th june the court sent it to defendant by first class and will be deemed to be served on 1st july. the defendant had till 15th july to reply. Then i got Notice that acknowledgment of service has been filed that just says on the front 28th june so which date do i use. Thanks

  4. Hate hsbc even more now, went to see them on friday as we are struggling with our mortgage and our overdraft is going up and up because of charges not at all helpful wouldn't add o/d to mortgage said i would be better off selling up and getting a cheaper place and pay them back, as i told them we only bought an x council house so not exactly living in the lap of luxery. They asked why our mortgage d/d had been cancelled and have we got another bank occount else were i denied we had, as my mortgage payments are going out my daughters account. I asked could they not freeze the interest on my o/d no chance they said, this was all from a kid who was no more than 19 She did ask me if i had thought of claiming bank charges back, so i acted soft ha ha not hard to do, i didn't say i was so it must not come on screen that we are doing this so i will be trying my best to get a chq back from them as not much they can do about o/d and i am still, paying my mortgage all d/d go out of my other account. Well thats my rant of my chest feel a lot better now.

  5. Hi we had a secured loan with these but i can't find any of my details to ask for my statements we must have paid thousands in charges they took us to court to try and reposse our house but didn't win judge told us to pay £181 for the next 4 years i thought we were finished then so rang them they said we still owed £8,000 cause had paid no interest for 4 years so we remortgaged again and paid them off. How you getting on was going to try and ring them see if i can get any of my details.

  6. Hi

    Not sure if any one can help We had a loan with Endeavour Personal Finance for 6,500 think it was in 1996 we took it out any way fell into problems paying it they took us to court to reposse our house but they were not allowed and judge told us to pay think it was around £181 a month we had 4 years left to pay so we never missed a payment when the 4 years were up i rang them to say we were all paid up, They then told me we had not paid any interest in the last four years and still owed them £8,000 i was near suicidle by then they would not budge but in the end we had to remortgage to pay it off. I have not got any details of my account number with them. Was wondering if i would be able to claim any charges back as we were always getting charged for letters late payments etc and a £6,500 loan cost us about £15,000 think it was around dec 2004 we paid it off.

  7. Hi


    I have sent off copies off charges to solicitors, so just have to wait to hear from them. I am just trying to do daughters boyfriends he is with HSBC but the layout of his account is differant and you have to go back to the begining of the statement and go through all the years:mad: His go back to 2002 and it just says total charges and not if they are dd/so etc so am i ok to just put total charges for all of them on the spread sheet?

  8. Hi

    Today i received notice of acknowledgement think iv'e got it right i send a copy of our charges to hsbc solicitors looked at the template i am only claiming the 8% interest so i don't copy the red bits about interest on my overdraft? Also at what stage do i ask to be paid by cheque?


  9. I have sent 2 copies to the court with the letter in the getting mcol right.

    That was right i think. I didn't ask for the interest at the daily rate as was not sure what it was will that be ok?

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