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  1. Hi my daughter received this letter today from mcol what happens if they don't reply in the 12 days?


    County Court Bulk Centre

    2nd Floor, St Katharine's House 21-27 St Katharine's StreetNorthamptonNN1 2LH

    DX 702885 Northampton 7

    T 0845 6015935 F 0845 6015889

    [email protected]service.gsi.gov.uk

    Minicom VII 0800 358 3506 (Helpline for the deaf and hard of hearing)





    Friday, 10 August 2007



    Claim Number: Your ref:




    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I am writing in relation to the above claim number.

    We have received a defence from the defendant but unfortunately we have misplaced this. In order for us to transfer it out we need a copy of the defence.

    The defendant has been given 12 days from the date above to respond. If they fail to do so you may have the option of entering judgement.

    I apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

    Yours Faithfully


    Natalie Higham

    MCOL Correspondence Section

    Find more information about Money Claim Online at:

  2. Can you get any more details ffrom that lady? Just so we can let others know that all is not lost?

    Claim number and ammounts and stuff like that. It would be really helpful!


    Will ask my daughter she wont see her till next week.

  3. Hi

    Just to update you rang local court said it is going to small claims will get doc in next 10-14 days then pay the £100. I asked about stay but said they are still doing cases in the system already so will wait and see what happens:)

  4. Hi


    Rang my local court today like they said. they said it is being sent to small claims court, i will receive doc about this in next 10-14 days will have to pay £100 pound then. I asked about stays she said they are still doing claims that are already in the system.

  5. Molly,


    Are they taking money from your benefits ? if so see my thread with todays remarks.




    AKA jailbird


    Hi no im not on benefits still getting sick pay from work.

  6. Hi just looked my daughter started her claim 2 days before mine i have had a letter saying being transfered to local court. She has not heard anything since notice of acknowledgment which is dated 28 june is this right.

  7. thanx lattie, mines on there, chichester court, although im sure they told me all claims there have been stayed, will find this out for sure

    but al deffo gonna appeal, got a kick up the rear earlier so im eager to carry on with this:mad:


    and molly what faults might these be?:p


    Lol some of our offsprings faults are best kept to themselves :lol:

  8. Thanks was a shock cause i am only 48. I have told hsbc we can't clear overdraft only resonse is you will keep incurring charges wont repeat what i said to that:D Was told they will close account they can as we have opened another and hubbies wages go in there.:)

  9. I know we have got our mortgage with them i have had a stroke and we were struggling with mortgage there response was sell up and move to a smaller house we only live in an ex council house so not sure how much smaller you can get. I will be moving my mortgage when i can get around a bit easier. Wheen did you start your claim?

  10. Hi


    Just a quick update i rang the court again today, to see if i had to pay a fee, but they said my case has gone before the judge for direction and they should know by end of next week and if not heard anything give them a ring back. So not sure if they will stay my case or not.

  11. Hi


    Just rang the court they said not to pay anything yet, they have not got the file yet they said the judge will look at it, and could go two ways he might fast track it if he does wont have to pay a fee if he sets a court hearing date i will have to pay it then, does this sound right:)

  12. Hi:)


    Thanks i was starting to panic. My claim was under £1,500 but with court fee £120 it has gone over by £22 I will ring the court and ask about court fee. Shall i send nudge recorded delivery i found a post with nudge letters on but can't seem to find it do you know what thread it will be in. Sorry to be such a pain.

  13. Hi i have received a notice of transfer of proceedings it says defence has been filed and they have crossed out bit about AQ so take it i don't have to do this?

    Then filing of Aq is dispensid with with in this case unless district Judge orders it. Says any affected party may apply to have it set aside etc has 14 days to do so. Says allocation fee might be payable ring the court to ask should i do this know? Then Defence and Counterclaim do i have to fill this in i am not to sure about this part, think it's if i am making a counterclaim not sure if thats what im doing.

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