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  1. Thanks i have also spoken to the cccs and they told me they will deal with Dg and i have not to speak to them as they will only want me to offer a apyment. So that ok. Do i have to send the £10 and ask for back statements i cant get them online now.
  2. Hi Johnny Thats great will do. Can i claim the £50 a month they have added since i put my claim in, i have not got anything going out of that account now as got a parachute one, the money they keep taking is because i am overdrawn they made it this high with their charges.
  3. Hi I sent that letter above to hsbc and i will type up the reply they sent, they then sent me a letter from Metropolitan which i ignored i have now had a letter from dg i will put them all on if any one could give me any advice i have not spoke to any off them and have got a new phone number so they can't contact me. 24th feb They have fully investigated my concerns and have said. I acknowledge that a legal challenge to the bank has been raised in your name. However at present a legal challange to charges is not a dispute of the balance of an account. Therefore even though a lega
  4. Thanks I will do that also i have got a plan with the cccs and they offered a payment to hsbc which is paid every month not much but they refused to accept it. But cccs said to still pay it which i do.
  5. Hi Hope every one is ok not been on for a while. I got a letter of the hsbc saying as i have not offered them a payment to clear my o/d they want it all back within 7 days in full. If i can not do this they have enclosed means test form so do i fill this in and make an offer? It goes on to say action will be taken if i don't do either. which could be debt collectors or solicitors or i could be taken to court. Not sure what to do. :???:This is the account i am claiming charges back from but they are charging me £50 a month interest on the o/d. Also i have got my mortgage with them cou
  6. Hi Not been on for a while i have managed to move my life insurance to my daughters account, so they are just charging me around £50 interest on my o/d can i claim this back? :? Iam also in process of claiming my money back from XL we were going to florida with them:mad:
  7. Hi I got this of DG We refer to the Order of the Court made by Distric Judge Travers dated 27th November staying the ckaim until 31st March 2008. We enclose a copy of the letter dated 27th March that has been sent to the court respectfully requesting that the court agree to continue the stay in the above reference claim pending the final determination (including any appeals) of the test case. And not heard anything from any one since this.
  8. Hi yes got a letter of dg saying it was they were appling for a furthur stay till it was sorted out. Is that ok. I did originally go to court because i had a date when i got there hsbc were their when we went in the judge said he was sorry my time had been wasted it had slipped through by mistake.
  9. Hi:-) I have opened an account elsewere, so should i try and claim interest back on new claim which is around £35 month plus £25 od charges or should i just claim charges back.
  10. Hi Yes it is the same account he was from hsbc he did say it could be passed to a debt collection and would effect my credit rating or they couldclose the account and demand full repayment and issue a default notice. Since this claim they have been adding charges on each month around a thousand pounds i was going to start another claim they are charging around £35 charges a month also £25 od fees should i claim this interest back i didnt on my first claim. Also our mortgage is with them they can't do anything about that can they we pay that through my daughters account so its all u
  11. Hi not sure what to do i keep getting calls from hsbc because i am over my od i have tried to explain i am not in a position to clear this then he got quite rude saying i had used their money but not prepered to pay it back, i explained i was claiming charges back then told their was no guarantee i would get them, and unless i made a proposal to clear this debt i would be getting more phone calls and leters about this not sure what to do now any help please.
  12. Hi Thanks for all your kind wishes. I am thinking of starting another claim with hsbc, i had an 800 overdraft which has now reached £2.500 i have one dd going out which is life insurance it only £13 i asked them if i could pay this through my daughters account the originaly said no, and kept paying it so i have been paying £35.51 in interest also £25 fees. I then received a letter saying they had reveiwed my overdraft and were happy to let me still have £800:? i don't think anyone must communicate at that bank as you can see i am well over my limit. They are now calling it an arranged
  13. Hi Just popped in not been in for ages, my daughter is doing very well with her treatment, so thats great news . I returned to work after xmas after my stroke, then ended up having a heart attack only good thing was i work in a hospital so for once was in the right place. Hoping to go back to work in couple of weeks being redeployed as not quite upto my old job, but don't mind that. I have had a letter from hsbc solic saying they are applying to stay the case again, think judge told me to get intouch with court again in june. But think i will just wait and see now i know they are trying
  14. Hi Thanks for your best wishes feels a bit like the bottom has fallen out of my world , i think you can cope with anything thats thrown at you but when its your kids its so different, she is starting treatment on 12th dec so just got everything crossed. We went to court today, sat for ages guessing who was hsbc solic and we guessed right was little jumped up one, any way got called judge apologised as we had slipped through the net and should of had a letter from them saying it was stayed apologised to hsbc man but did say in a polite way ''you will be paid very well for turning'' did
  15. Hi Got a court date for tomorrow, never got round to amending my bundle had hospital appoint and i have had another stroke, that explains why i was struggling so much, but never mind things got worse my youngest daughter 22 has been diagnosed with cevical cancer can't get my head round it yet was such a massive schock. Not sure if i am going to go to court tomorrow will just see how we feel. Thanks every one for all your help
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