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  1. Well, it seems some feathers have been ruffled, and the complaint to the council finally got some action. Got a reply immediately from the Council telling us they were looking in to it, and they'd be in touch. Just got 2 letters from Phoenix - one by normal mail, and one by 9AM guaranteed next day special delivery! The first one - phoenix-20111124-letter1.pdf - is an "if you want all personal data, send £10, but here's the statement we have to give you", with the information in the statement. The second - phoenix-20111124-letter2.pdf - is a retort from Phoenix. We have no communicati
  2. Okay, here's the latest version - lettertocouncilceo-phoenix-v2.pdf - with the assistance provided by wonkeydonkey. Seems to look pretty reasonable, and I've incorporated a few things of my own, hopefully it'll be quite effective. If anyone has any feedback before this goes in the post to the council later, I'd appreciate it. Once we get some feedback from the council, I'll post up here with the response.
  3. It was a different bailiff who visited on the October occasions, it was him who supplied me with the information that the first chap had visited and who he was.
  4. I'd really appreciate that if you could! I'm going to make the call re Robert Clegg being on the Register when I get chance at work too.
  5. Done some refinements to the document - the latest version is here, which I think pretty much nails it on the dot - lettertocouncilceo-phoenix.pdf - and it'll get sent today. Any other feedback is appreciated. Thanks simonf1975 for the notes you sent through, I've used them to rework the wording on the document a bit
  6. Sorry about that, fixed up some of the wording. Hopefully this one will be suitable to send up! Edit: Updated the document, see below.
  7. Do to minor PC issues, I've only just got the letter composed for the council. Feedback requested before I send it! I think I've got everything in it that's required, hopefully I've got the wording right too. Edit: Wording isn't quite right, new version to follow.
  8. For the record, I've attached the letter (phoenix5.pdf) that Phoenix sent out. Next stop: formal complaint to the local councillor, council and Phoenix, I think. Will upload it for review once it's written.
  9. Well, Phoenix still haven't come back with a breakdown, just a letter saying that the arrangements have been broken and attempts to deal with it have been ignored or non-fruitful, and a demand for the balance (of £109.50, the same that the council claimed was remaining on the account/liability order) within 7 days. Is it worth paying this to get the thing cleared, or should we be pushing for the full breakdown and refunds of the card fees? I've just started to put together a formal complaint to send to the council executive and the local councillor, but could do with a bit of clarification as
  10. Well, I just had an encounter and a discussion with the bailiff in question. the main fees are to do with a £10 broken arrangement fee (from when she missed the payment in September), an attendance fee of £120 (he turned up in a small van today and claimed that justified said charge, which I told him I was disputing), if we sorted it there and then they wouldn't charge a walking possession fee and another fee which i can't remember for certain, think it was a visit fee or something similar (£32, £12 respectively) if she wanted to reinstate a payment plan (to which I poi
  11. Just got this from Chrome when I logged in... Warning: Something's Not Right Here! www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk contains content from llopitaka.orge.pl, a site known to distribute malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site. Google has found that malicious software may be installed onto your computer if you proceed. If you've visited this site in the past or you trust this site, it's possible that it has just recently been compromised by a hacker. You should not proceed. Why not try again tomorrow or go somewhere else? We have already notified llopitaka.orge.p
  12. Sending this back today - phoenix4-reply.pdf - seems to be succinct and to the point. Essentially the first letter with the following paragraph: "With regard to the letter received today (20th October 2011), I re-iterate the below, which you are legally obliged to provide, and is not a Subject Access Request. It is a request for a breakdown of your charges, not a request for personal information." Is it worth pointing out the original request was sent on the 13th, and they now have 3 days to provide the information in question? I suspect they'll try to continue to stall otherwise.
  13. Well, we just had an entirely unproductive session with the council. They spoke to their recoveries department, who confirmed the 109.50 owed to them, but apparently had no access to retrieve the breakdown, although we did get the name of the recoveries manager. They kept trying to push us back to Phoenix to find out what their costs are, but to put a complaint in writing if we were still unhappy to said recoveries manager. She didn't seem to understand at all that the point I was trying to make was that it was now the council's responsibility to deal with them an
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