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  1. The original amount will clear by COB on Monday On the MCOL guidance it states that if a defendants name is incorrect then they will have to apply to the court to get permission to get it changed. Even if it is claimed that it is a general typo then the courts still do not promise to allow an amendment without a fee being charged. Obviously I am at risk as I haven't corrected them before however I do not want this showing up on my credit record at the moment. The slight misspelling actually turns into a completely different surname. I am on the electoral register as the only person at this address there is no excuse for not checking details before issuing court proceedings Ironically the first name is spelled correctly and I always have to spell it out as there are so many variations I would have spelled the surname out as well although it is much shorter and there really are no variations on it
  2. This is about a water bill. I have neglected it but I can now pay off the arrears in one hit Court papers arrived today but with an incorrect surname - only out by one letter. However I would have expected a solicitor creating the papers to check they are all correct before issuing proceedings. now if I send the papers back to the court marked no such person at this address and pay the outstanding bill in the meantime can they do anything about th at (ie reissue papers and get a judgement)since it is their error and they did have never bothered to check their facts. This has been to various debt collection agencies in the past so surely they should have worked out their error before now
  3. I have just got £34 back from Utility warehouse. I was wondering about the time period when I was with British Gas - will make a call today to see what thye say
  4. Its has died down now Freds are texting to tell me they have an offer they think I might be interested in....... silly people Not going to chase for harassment. I have not responded to any letters or calls so they have not been told to stop. Not harassed they can keep in wasting their money as far as I am concerned
  5. I will although I am the only person in the UK with my full name shouldn't be much confusion - Freds just want me to respond in ANY way I get CRB and security checks complete in almost record time They are also using automated phone messaes which say if this isn't you press #. BIggest debt they have chased for lowell is SB - water bill still going down they have used the correct surname this time so assume they are ohishing for Lowell
  6. And next we have a letter with CONFIRMED RESIDENT on the top - talks about a debt owed to a client but no reference to who exceptt their own, no amounts or names of clients. Not surprising they found me I am on the electoral role Deary me
  7. I haven't worked out how to do that on my phone and I know that Freds use a wide range of numbers I havce already had calls from 2 different area codes and they are not worth the time and effort of blocking every each on they use as and when they use them I have beenin this too long to get worried but if I can inconvienience them I will
  8. I will make the report And I will look for some way of reporting the phishing texts since they don't even ask for a person by name on those - suggests thye aren't sure who they are contacting
  9. I have answered to one of the other numbers that they use and got along pause followed by the automated message. It seems they have no intention of putting a real person on the line
  10. Hi Fredricksons are chasing for a water bill whichis currently being paid off and a very rapid rate of nots direct to Welsh Water - the surname on the bill is incorrect. I am ignoring them and paying direct each week. They are sending daily texts asking me to get in contact with no name mentioned (ie mine) no details beyond a request for contact. I am also getting regular phone calls however there is no real person on the end of the phone after a long pause there is an automated message. Today another call I actually decide to answer it - complete silence, a voicemail is logged while the line is tied up with this silent call and then I can't end the call I have to switch the phone off nothing else would stop the connection - now OK its their bill but this can't be someting they should be doing.
  11. I wouldn't give up on the first loan - I had a string of refinanced loans (i.e. all but the last settled by the next) and went after Lloyds for all of them. It makes things more complicated for them as they have to work out what the new (lower) original amount on a refinance loan should have been if the previous one had not had PPI - ie if PPI was mis-sold you effectively overpaid up until the point that the loan was settled - not sure how much sense that makes but for me it added a lot to the sum I received as the overpayments had to be rolled into several following loans and for me in the end the last one no longer existed - Lloyds had to pay me to settle it.
  12. Hello Short background My mother passed away 6 years ago and the estate still has the house. Initially the mortgage wasn't paid for 18 months after her death - neither myself or the co-exeutor were working and in 2008 HIPS were still enforce and there allegedly wasn't any money left in the estate to pay for a HIPS so the house couldn't be sold (there should have been enough money for 12 months of housing costs but co-executor spent it all in six weeks down at Tescos). Roll on to now. I have been in and out of work, used a PPI win to avoid repossession in Oct 2009 (literally arrived back from arranging the transfer to find the court papers on the doormat) Arrears built again - were cleared again - built again were cleared again - currently cleared and my work situation is looking more stable after changing industry - the right decision my income is much healthier than it has been in about 7 years (council tax arrears are next to be cleared in a few months) Halifax did what all mortgage companies did - the computor send the same letter out every month the only difference being around £300 arrears, and £1700 arrears where the wording changes but essentially the same. They charged £35 for these letters. A year or so ago they restructured the mortgage into 2 accounts the capital account and a secondary account of about £2K which I understand is where they put all the charges and fees There is also two sets of legal fees - one for when they used the court to have myself and the co-executor declared the legal owners - co-executor swore he had completed and sent in the probate forms - more lies he is good at lies and bugger all else. Took me two days to sort it after I spike to the probate office and they told me they hadn't received any forms - he didin't seem to know about a few things required when filling these forms in so I know it was lies not lost. The second set is the fees up until issues the court summons for repo - that was stopped a week after I sent the lump sum from my PPI in. I suspect that there is another fee for a visit - I told him to get lost I am going to start with a SAR to find out all the fees added since my mother died. I want to try and sell this year so the getting the fees back is within my remit as executor to maximise the estate value. Lower mortgage left more left for the beneficiaries - me and the lying theiving co-executor. So SAR next week and then the rest of the process starts The mortgage is in the name of personal reps of Mrs XX but the mortgage compnay has a copy of the probate documents so they know I am partially liable for the account Not so brief afterall:oops:
  13. I have clearly been lucky so far then this had been going on for years. There was an 18 month gap in payments partly my bad I just didn't think about it when I moved from rented (water rates covered) to this property where I am responsible for a mortgage. Partly my brothers because he spent about 4K of estate funds on himself in 6 weeks - it was easily enough to maintain the mortgage and water for a year - both have caused me problems as I am the only one who has tried to sort things out. I know the estate funds were gone when I moved down here the extent of how much idiot had spent inappropriately took a while longer to uncover when I finally found all the bank statements. This years will be covered and the arrears provided I remain in a contract although I should find it easier to get a new contract should the current one end
  14. Yep - being a suspicious bugger I am thinking that if they persuade me to stop paying court action becomes easier for them
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