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  1. Thanks for the replies. I'm aware of the topic of that other thread but am also wary of debtors contacting family in the UK during their search. Its been 14 years since I lived with my parents but one debt is owed on an account I opened when I lived there - There is a slim chance they still have a record of that address and the fact I was "living with parents".
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'm reluctant to use the return to sender option because envelopes received at the UK PO Box have a Royal Mail redirection sticker on them, giving away the new address. I do like the idea of writing to say I've not heard anything from them and reminding them of the email contact address though. I have looked at bankruptcy myself and have been in contact with a number of solicitors in the UK who offer this via a power of attorney. However, their costs along with what I'd have to pay a local solicitor to witness me signing the paperwork at this end make it a less attractive option. If a creditor is happy to make me bankrupt in my absence, I'd be more than happy with that. Do you think it would be unwise to suggest they go ahead and do this at some point in the future? Additionally, is it possible to put a "gone away" note on my credit file myself? Could I contact the credit reference companies to notify them that I'm no longer a UK resident?
  3. An update for you, and some more questions. The bank that emailed me have not responded further since I said I will only communicate via email. I thought the letters I sent to the others had done the trick as my UK PO Box had no post for a week or so. However, I've had 8+ letters there today from various banks, none of which I bothered to have scanned, I just clicked "shred" on all of the items listed (the PO Box company scans the envelope and asks what I'd like them to do with it) So my question is this............. Given I have notified them that I am no longer able to accept postal communications because I am out of the country, how can I say to them "I know you're still sending me post, please stop it" If I say friends or family have told me about it, will they see that as an avenue by which they could serve a CCJ?
  4. Thanks for the helpful information. I have sent a number of letters via a friend in the UK who helpfully provided tracking and proof of delivery for them all. Most have now been delivered. One of the banks has sent me an email to the address I provided saying they would like me to contact them as a matter of urgency on a given telephone number. What would be an appropriate response to this?
  5. ANother query - I had a big bonfire before we left the UK and dont have any record of account numbers or contact addresses etc. I can look at Equifax/Experian online to get a list of debtors easily enough but how do I identify myself to them when writing???
  6. Thanks for the replies. Most of the debtors have a previous UK address in Devon. We lived with family in Norfolk for 12 months prior to coming here but never told the debtors about that - We simply had a Royal Mail redirection in force which sent it all to the PO Box address (in the UK) where it was scanned and emailed to us. Therefore they all think we live in Devon. (actual locations changed)
  7. I've spent a while reading this forum this afternoon and think I know what to do. However, before I go and do it, I'd like to clarify a few small things. I'm in Australia and have left approx. 25k debt behind, about 10k is an HSBC managed loan and the rest is split between Capital One, Virgin/MBNA and Egg. I've been making minimum payments for the months leading up to moving here and left enough money in the bank to pay them until the end of September. Now we're into October, the money will have run out and I need to tell them I've left the country. Currently I have all my UK mail forwarded to a UK PO Box that scans and sends it to me. I'm living in Australia and wish to notify the debtors that I dont live in the UK, in order to prevent them ligeally applying for a CCJ. Here are the questions: 1) Can I contact them by email or does it have to be via post? 2) I dont want to provide them with either my UK PO Box or overseas address - Can I write, simply telling them I'm overseas and can only be contacted via email? 3) Whilst technically possible to persue a CCJ through Aussie courts, would anyone bother doing it for a relatively small debt? 4) Are debts bundled together to make the sum being chased bigger and hence, more worthwhile running around the world for? 5) If I hear nothing back from my letter but receive the signed for confirmation, can I leave it at that? 6) Do I have to tell them where I am? Can I just say I'm " in Asia " ? and finally.... 7) I'm paranoid about being found so have been paying 6 ponds a month for a proxy web service that I connect through when looking at online banking or receiving email credit card statements where pictures have to be downloaded. This service will show my IP address as being in Singapore. Am I being over cautious??
  8. This thread has been a very interesting read but it seems to have a bit quiet after such a frantic first few weeks back in 2009. So whats the latest news from the campaigners down-under?
  9. I have around £18k debt split quite event over 3 cards and one loan. My wife and I are looking to emigrate to Australia at the end of 2011 on a state sponsored 176 Visa. I plan to leave enough money in a UK bank account to pay the direct debits for around 12 months but after that, it wont take long for the card companies and bank to get a little miffed. So how do they go about finding someone in Australia (We're moving to Perth)? and how long does it take?
  10. As you've threatened to report them, the best course of action is to do just that. And dont let it all get you down, try to see it as a challenge or a game. Thats what I do and it's quite enjoyable!
  11. I think it is highely unlikeley that they will allow the funds to clear before setting up a new agreement. If they do that, what to stop you running off with the money and never paying back a penny? Afterall, you asked them for a loan some years ago and agreed to pay it back. Regardless of this refund being for PPI, you owe them money so they have every right to offset it against the outstanding ammount. I think you would be hard pressed in court to convince anyone that your suggestion is the correct thing to do (from a legal, moral and business point of view)
  12. I cant find that letter anywhere on that thread ??
  13. This sounds like an excellent strategy and one I may employ for my PPI claim against another bank - It has to be worth a try!
  14. Thanks. I was expecting it to be a bit more "serious" than that but from the looks of it I can send a "letter before action" and still back out if required.
  15. I have recently written to EGG claiming for PPI that I have on a loan. I just wondered how long it has taken for other people's PPI claims to be agreed by Egg and for the refund to be made? In my case I have asked for the refund to be credited to my Egg credit card balance.
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