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  1. Yes we have contacted hsbc. No response from them. I have contacted the conveyancer to find out whether she knows what a section k is lol Thank you for your advice
  2. Problem being restons now say they are not acting for the case. They have been contacted by myself and the conveyancer.
  3. (25.01.2007) RESTRICTION: No disposition of the registered estate is to be registered without a certificate signed by the applicant for registration or his conveyancer that written notice of the disposition was given to HFC Bank Limited at Restons Solicitors Limited of Arpley House, 59 Wilson Patten Street, Warrington, Cheshire WA1 1NF being the person with the benefit of an Interim charging order on the beneficial interest of m ade by the Leicester County Court " this is the wording on the deeds
  4. The debt was solely in my fathers name. There was a lot of debt at the time but mum paid all the other off but they wouldn't let her pay this 1 off.
  5. There is an interim charging order on my parents house, solely in my fathers name. He died in 2016 anf my mum passed away last january. We are now trying to sell the house but due to not being able to contact the company involved due to: a they were desolved b their debt collection company was disolved c the solicitors who registered the order are no longer dealing with it d Hsbc who are the company who bought the accounts are just passing us from pillar to post. Can anyone help, my conveyancer has even contacted the court who issued the order and we are getting nowhere, she doesn't know how to resolve this. The order dates back to 2006.
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