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  1. hi all, ive just received a letter from lloyds solicitors saying they will refund all my charges plus interest, plus costs and the money will be in my account within 5 days. i cant believe it, i had no other conditions. however, i was going to put a claim in for all other costs such as all the time my bundle took me, paper, printing etc, does anyone know if i can do this? also can i claim for the interest i was charged for my overdraft? (i dont think i can for the latter, but i'm sure i saw a thread once saying you can) thanks for the fab help ive received on this forum as i would not of been able to do it on my own.
  2. Thanks Dave, I Hope Ill Be Ok, Im Off Now To Post The Bundle And Hope For The Best
  3. total claim is for 2069.01 plus costs. i dont know how i managed it, i blame the calculator. this has to be in tomorrow, talk about stress now!!
  4. hi, ive just prepared my bundle about to hand it in tomorrow and i thought i would just add the charges up. i dont know what happened but they just dont add up to what i have claimed for. Lloyds has not mentioned it in their defence. Can i hope to discuss it with the judge or do i have to start this again..the discrepency is for about £15. Hope someone can help me!
  5. Yeh Im Thinking About Doing That Too! Its A Shame U Didnt Sent So [problem] But Dont Worry U Did Send It To Lloyds And You Have Proff So Hopefullt It Will Be Ok All The Best
  6. know how your feeling, im here now trying to get this bundle done. its the order of things im finding a nightmare... one minute i'm following the order of the basic budle, next i find i'm following the statement of evidenace order oh well im sure it will be ok!! i hope! any way all the best !
  7. thanks brucey, im so worried that i havent made my case personal enough or missed stuff out! must admit when i first started this i didnt realise just how much was involved! did u use the robison case? cant wait for this to be over..roll on submission of the bundle!!
  8. hi guys, im in court in bristol on 9th august and have to submit my bundle by thirsday at the absolute latest and feel sick with stress, good luck with your claims
  9. guildo, i do apologise but im not good at this as im not computer literate but im sure i will get the hand of it
  10. hi guildo no i never got if from you .. and whats your scales? please can you forward me what you have thanks
  11. hi, not sure if im doing this all right but hey! sorry to be a pain, but the paragraph ive received for this case is that all i need to put in the bundle? as i thought i needed the whole transcript of the case? thnaks for the help
  12. hi micheal, i cant thankyou enough what help! the link for the robinson case law, was that all i need do you know as i thought i need to have the whole case transcript? thanks again:)
  13. hi can any one plaese help, im looking for two pieces of info i need to complete my bundle - robinson v harman - the australian report from nicole rich i would soooo appreciate it thanks loads:-?
  14. HI, I'M TRYING TO LOCATE TWO PIECES I NEED TO COMPLETE MY BUNDLE BUT I CANT FIND THEM ANYWHERE: robinson v harman and the australian report from nicole rich, please can any one help one very stressed person!!:o
  15. hi i so need help. Ive been trying to use consumerwiki but all i keep being asked is to login in. I cant get any further and i need to look at the court bundle for dummies! please can any one help me as to how i log in its driving me mad! thanks
  16. thanks kazzie ill have a look
  17. hi, can any one please help me, i have to submit my bundle within 7 days and im frantic with worry. I have an allocation hearing. I have used a previous thread from the wise ones on how to prepare your bundle. So far i have, witness statement, T&C (for one of my accounts), transcript from peter mcnamara, statement of the OFT's position, analysis of unfair terms, scottish law report, some old letters from other users indicating the charges are to cover lloyds costs, ,director general of fair trading V first national bank, bridge V cambell, Dunlop V New Garage, do i need anything else, what else have people used. I cant seem to find anything that is personal to me! please i need help...
  18. oh yes i remember now thanks for that.
  19. thanks titch much appreciated
  20. also sorry i forgot, what does it mean 'schedule of charges' as i have to include this in the bundle too. sorry to be thick but i'm stressed big time!
  21. hi, thanks so much for that. Well ive got a notice of allocation to the small claims track (hearing) so dont know what that means... is that an allocation hearing? ive also prepared my bundle please can you let me know if ive done it right: - statment of OFT -Analysis of unfair terms - scottish law commission report -Peter mcnamara transcript - various letter from lloyds about why they charge -case law - dgft v national bank,bridge v campbell,dunlop v new garage - witness statement - terms and conditions for just one of my accounts at the moment im a bit concerend that i havent personalised my bundle very much (well hardly to be honest), as i couldnt find much evidence. I have the standard charges letter that we all receive. Do i need to add anything else. I am so dreading this, i just want to get the bundle off and pray for a settelmrnt letter. Im eagerly awaiting any help. thanks
  22. no i havent a thread im so rubbish at this im trying to work out how to do it sorry. I rang the bank for the T&C and they said i can have them only if i put in a complaint.(well they said they would try). Im preparing my bundle at the moment. Court date for allocation is 9th August and im dreading it. Thanks for the link, i have the T&C now for '98 i need them for 2003 now for my other account. thanks
  23. hi , sorry to barge in, but i dont suppose anyone has lloyds T&C for 98 by any chance. i have asked them for them and they wont give them to me. thanks
  24. hi gary, please can you help, i have asked lloyds for their t&c and they wont give me them what do i do now?
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