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  1. HI I think I did send you a pm but will reply on thread in case anyone else is in a similar situation, I can only pop onto the forum every now and then due to having my son at home still, In hindsight R had AS well before he started showing signs of the kidney disorder , his pead feels that he was showing signs of it from about the age of 7 , but his high tolerance for pain and discomfort masked it for years, he used to wake up every morning with huge bags under his eyes but as he did not sleep more than two hours a night we thought it was due to that, My son is so pedantic and professor like that I am 100% sure that his symptoms were a direct result of the ASD not the steroids , they did make him a lot worse and I was glad to take him off them, but with his ADOS scores were very high according to camhs, the dx him in one meeting as it was so obvious that he is on the spectrum, Just to update he now has a statement and will be going to specialist school as soon as we have finished arguing with county over his placement Round 2 won !!!
  2. Thank you Bookie , think I have got the hang of this fighting lark now, Believe nothing they say, quote case law to back up every point you make and generally make sure they know you are the pain in the bum that will keep shouting until you have got what you need for your kids , record everything they say and they hang themselves, We have really had some of the most incredible things put in writing to us If only the Asd was as easy to manage, since I last posted about R he's now got 3 new dx's , anxiety disorder, depression and Pica , I had read somewhere that the traits can become exaggerated during puberty but no one said it would be an explosion lol Hope things are going well for you
  3. Thank you HB, I have read everything I can get my hands on to find out how the change will affect lower income families but there seems to be no mention of this anywhere, If my worst fears are correct then this is the change in tax credits that is going to affect everyone that works the most Our household income is only 13k a year, at the moment none of it is taken into account in the tax credit calculation, when the limit drops to ten thousand 3k of it will be taken into account and when it drops to 5k a year 7k will be taken into account, if we lose that much in tax credits there is no way that we would survive
  4. Hi I have been trying to work out how the change in tax credits announced in the emergency budget will affect us , We are safe from the new 40k lI'mit but im not sure how the new income limits are going to affect us? At the moment the income allowance is 25,000, this will go down to ten thousand and then to 5 thousand , does this mean we will lose an equivalent amount of tax credits ? If this is the case then we really need to think about selling our house as soon as possible or we will not be able to meet mortgage payments, I was working full time when we brought our house but have two disabled children on of which is only at school part time and one is not attending at all after a suicide attempt
  5. Round one with Education won, Miss B has a full time specialist placement , shouted to everyone including the local MP who was so rude he was sent a slap via e-mail They have until July the 27th to respond to R's am hoping that they will see sense with him as well, wish me luck
  6. Had a rather shabby attemt at a statment for Miss b , sent it back with a few ( ok a lot ) of suggested amendments , I do think we will be going to tribuanl with this, Have also had SA agreed for R , we have camhs onside to push for sen school, he's now out of school due to a total nervous breakdown involving an attempt to kill himslef , 2 stupid ss and 3 police officers restraining him Parent bashing is still going on but no longer care, kick me and i Kick back harder , Have decided to move LA's at the end of this year, hear witneys up and coming and im sure DC will take good care of me mwhahahha
  7. Hi all Disappeared again sorry its so hard with the kids atm , situation to date is they said yet to SA, we should hear by the 20th at the latest if they are going to statement, I think that they said yes to shut me up, but got a bit more than they bargained for as I went to some of the biggest names i could afford for independent assessments. Am hoping that I will not need to go sendist but just in case Have a whole file of illegal practice that I can use . R tired to kill him self again, he's crashing and sinking into a depressive state thats hard to cope with, funnily enough the school see nothing grr, have on record the senco admitting that she keeps kids off SA+ , so in goes another request for assessment , please keep us in your thoughts this week , I really need a yes for statement for Miss b , I have a feeling I will be pursuing SA for one and sendist for the other though . For anyone new to this, get your child on sa+ , I am speaking to too many parents who's kids are being kept off this as it makes it hard to get statutory assessment approved !
  8. Hi I put a new request in for statutory assessment in this week, Miss B is still not in school, We have now reached the point where no one in the LA will return our phone calls, I can only assume that we have been blacklisted in some way *sigh Have been very very careful with SW but although they are ineffective they can't really call us bad parents as they placed an extra child with us, I refuse to have my child forced out of education , Just not sure how to force the LA to communicate with us grr
  9. Well done , nice to return to some happy news (((HUGS)))
  10. Wow just read through all my posts back again and sadly no better off . Miss Boring was assaulted at school on the 16th of this month , she is still not statement as R became ill again and I could not pursue the tribunal process , county EP and Labbs got the same test results as private dx's but state minimum support requires, county salt requested visual aids for communication , all advice was ignored , the school withdrew all support in year six, Miss B was assaulted at lunch time, was not seen by a first aider and was left to sit all afternoon with significant bruising to her body , When I complained the school sent home an incident report naming another child who was also assaulted and the boy who attacked her , the next day they denied this and two EWO's repeatedly questioned me in front of my 9 year old and 5 year old, the questioning was aggressive enough to make my 9 year old cry! The school now deny any assault happened at school, they are trying to pin the blame on my 10 year old stepson who has been placed with us by social services after his step dad assaulted him. I put in a formal complaint , the HT responded by writing a letter saying that he will not investigate as the issue has been resolved to HT satisfaction , a third of his letter was unrequested info on home schooling , school made a SS referral against us re step son having behavioral issues ( this boy has a five year documented history of behavior issues and was on sa+ at previous school ) Miss B is off school with daily nose bleeds through anxiety , nightmares that the HT is going to kill her etc , she has now not slept for 4 days straight Am tired worn out and just about ready to give up R is now on meds , his experiences have led to him now being dx with anxiety disorder and depressive disorder , he is coping but only just .
  11. Can anyone advise how i can protect my self from prosecution and withdraw miss b from school until support is offered My reasons for doing so are physical and racial abuse on a daily basis, to include being attacked by a group of 7 girls, spat on, called retard and racial insults, clumps of hair missing out of her head and then thrown at her, kicking and punching. NO support at all, on school action plus but no iep or care plan, still waiting to hear if they will statment but in the mean time she is bed wetting and being aggressive at home due to the stress she is under .
  12. Hi R has been in hospital with another flare up of his kidney disorder, but have kept the pressure up on the LA, 2 weeks left until i find out if they will do statutory assesment, the school have put miss b on school action plus but still refuse to give me any idea of what support if any is in place for her. No IEP and no support??? Have got in touch with the head of the statmenting dept who is not at all happy at how I am being treated and am using the last of my savings to hire a solicitor to send a threat-o-gram to them. Im so tired of being lied to every time i think that I am getting somewhere i get knocked back again, am reading the sen code over and over as I am fairly sure that I will have to go sendist. The head of the statmenting dept verbaly told me that he feels that the request to assess will be accepted but we all know what their word is worth:mad: On a good note I have rubbished their 2 year waiting lists with a few well chosen words and miss b has seen both ep and learning support . Just to add to fun got a dla tribunal soon, nice twit from dla kindly informed me that asperger does not affect day to day life grrrrrr. Huge (((HUGS))) to everyone, hope you feel better soon Tigs Mina xxx
  13. Hi I have now got a report from a consultant EP ( private ) which states that Miss b is spelling at the level of a 6 year old and reading at the level of an eight year old, she is 10 years and 8mnths at the time of testing. The report also confirms dygraphia and Asperger as well as indicating traits of Adhd, I have a salt report that confirms anxiety and literal interpretation of language, an OT report that confirms dyspraxia and autistic traits were observed as well as sensory issues and hyper mobility, I have a report from clinical psychologist that also confirms Asperger and traits of Adhd , I also have a school questionnaire filled in by the school that clearly states the school feel she has average ability for her age in all areas:mad:, I am hoping to use this as evidence that the school have failed to recognize her issues, she still gets no support, I sent in a request for an assessment, The head of EP dept offered to bump another child off the two year waiting list and see miss b instead, Its an offer I think I will refuse:eek:, Can anyone advise what other information that I will need to provide to pursue a statement?
  14. HI sorry for not being around much, am still renovating house and am going through hell with the schools, Point blank refusal to accept that R has any asd traits, am biding my time to see how he goes at senior school but have a feeling I may need to have a scrap with them. Major issues with miss boring that are now at a stage where I need help and advice on how to go to war. I have been informed by school that miss boring will not be put on sen register until she has been seen by ep and learning support, ok so what right? hmmm except two months later when I asked what was going on I am informed that the waiting list to see these monkeys is two years long! Action plan so far is request for school records, request for statutory assessment and also a private ep appointment which will formalize dyspraxia dx, have also seen a private OT who has said in report about dyspraxia and also autistic traits observed, very high level of anxiety, I need help urgently as this situation can't continue, my sunshine miss boring is changing and its not a good change, she is angry and humiliated, the support they give involves her playing board games like monopoly, she says shes too stupid to teach. I am waiting to hear about a loan so I can pursue private salt and private ASD dx ( waiting list for camhs to dx is also two years, was so lucky with R ) Aaahhgghhh im going insane with all this, am also having to appeal for dla for her as school says she's perfectly fine, no care needs with 3 disorders:mad:, Need to go to war and could use some help, don't want to play this softly and don't care about relationship with school , I'm so angry at the moment so here I am asking for some hand holding and advice again. Mina
  15. Thank you Bookie, I love the way you feel about your son, I feel the same about mine, what the world sees is not who he really is, inside that awkward, painfully shy little boy is a funny wonderful child, After his dx he said " All my life I thought I was bad and now I know that I am not, I have Asperger" Not one suicide attempt since the dx! Have had a time of mourning and regret for all the mistakes i have made and the future he will not have, but am ready to face anything life throws at us. Now to start the whole process all over again with Miss Boring lol, do they really think that I will allow her to sit on a waiting list for 2 years? I think not! Planet Mouret -- Episode Two -- "Interaction" wanted to share this with you , a wonderful Friend of mine has had the first in the series put on the nas website and the first scenario may seem a little familiar to those that have read my thread!!!
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