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  1. I sent RED a cca request on 19 July, recieved by them on the 23 July, i havn't had a reply from the yet. today i got a further letter from the demanding immediate payment and that it has been passed to doorstep collection department... Is there a template letter i can send them to stop anyone calling at the house as this is in dispute? Cheers christhesparky
  2. got back from my holiday today, amy YES my cheque was here waiting for you, so you should get yours soon trickyt
  3. well they have moved the goalposts, after being told i would have the cheque within 10 days, recieved a letter this morning askig for me to forward a copy of some id why did they not mention this last week when i rang them
  4. Further update, letter from nationwide this morning, got all excited, expexting my cheque, the b*&^%$ds, they are now asking for a photocopy of my driving licence or passport to verify my identity. so how come they can send out all my statements, my fob off letter, and deal with the FOS, but when it comes to them sending the cheque all of a sudden they need some ID, why didnt they mention this last week when they said the cheque would be with me in 10 working days???
  5. update time went through the FOS, nationwide agreed to refund all of my charges, just awaiting my cheque
  6. I am claiming for a closed account, so i should get a payment by cheque ( I hope) they wouldnt pay it into a closed account would they?
  7. Have you had any payment yet? i rang them last week, they said i should have my cheque within 10 working days, so hopefully will have it this week so i can get it in the bank before i go on holiday! fingers crossed
  8. i went down the financial ombusman route, nationwide have agreed to settle, just awaiting my cheque from them now
  9. Yes, acceptance form all signed and ready to go, just got to wait for the cheque now.
  10. Got a reply from the F O this morning, although they admit no liability nationwide have offered to pay me the full amount of my claim, including interest IVE WON
  11. Well Done, Im in the same postion as you, had the above letter on the 28th June so just awaiting an offer really
  12. just had a phone call from them, 2 days after their cca time was up, offering to write off one of the outstanding amounts!!! so i suppose it is a partial victory
  13. sent them a cca request, time up today and surprise suprise, not a peep from them, should i cancel the direct debit now or wait the 30 days til they are commiting an offence?
  14. just a quick question, i recently cca'd welcome regarding an old loan, which was issued without my knowledge (to reduce arrears on a previous loan) by the local collections unit. however as this was issued without my knowledge and as yet have not produced a signed agreement yet (9 Days and counting) or sent me a statements showing the current balance, can i cancel the direct debit when the cca time is up?
  15. well done eddiemno, hope you've left them enough to pay me mine!!!!
  16. Im going to do mine via N1 at my local court
  17. My fob off letter was waiting for me when i got in from work!!
  18. had no response yet, lba going off today!
  19. This should be removed from your record in november
  20. I Might be wrong but i dont think you can reclaim these as it is an optional extra on the account, you could have cancelled them at any time
  21. Good Luck, sent my prelim the same time, should both get our sod off letters sometime soon then
  22. im sure one of the experts will be along soon to help you out, you should be at the same stage as me, ive just sent my prelim off, so expecting standard bog off letter anytime soon
  23. Well eventually got a list of charges, sent off my prelim, now just waiting for the standard bog off letter Is it just me or do they not realise how much they would save if they paid up before court proceedings start?
  24. Is there a cca request for a debt that i acknowledge? i have been paying of a loan for a while, but recently when i asked for a statement it seems that they have issued a new loan for the remaining amount but without any interest without my knowledge, i acknowledge that there is a debt, but i am a bit surprised that they issued a new loan without my knowledge. As they did this without my knowledge therefore without my signature, the will not have a cca!
  25. i rang tradepro and queried this, they said my account is now in the hands of lcl law, which happens to have the same address and a very similar phone number to tradepro!!! After speaking to them they confirmed that they would credit the interest and collection charges back to my account, halving the amount owed
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