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  1. Hi all,


    Two questions:


    1. If a CCA letter is to be sent is it only sent to the original creditor or do you send it to the DCA as well at the same time?


    2. If no CCA is provided in the stipulated timescale (12+30 days) is it COMPULSORY that any default HAS to be removed or can / do some creditors play "hardball"?





  2. Can anyone help me finding out who this phone number belongs to...


    0161 935 2121.


    was thinking it was a debt collection, dn't know why they would want to speak to me since all companys have accepted my payment plans.....


    If I were you, I would:


    1. try and call the number late this evening when you are sure the office I closed and see if the is an answer machine message that mentions the name of the company. If there is "google" it. If not, then I would...


    2. Withold my number and call them. Listen to the intro of the person that answers the phone, then hang up.



  3. Hiya,


    I have just been checking my credit report and noted that a credit search was conducted on my account by Capital Bank PLC for a credit card application in February. I haven't applied for any credit cards!


    What do you think I should do? It is obvious that they have done this without my consent.





  4. I had the same dilemma. I had not heard from lloyds for about a year..I had an overdraft with them. I had notified them of my new address, they must have got it because I received marketing leaflets from them. Anyway..I knew that most of my overdraft was due to bank charges..so I took a deep breath and sent a SAR to Lloyds. Within a week I had heard from 1st credit who said they had been assigned my debt! Double the amount shown on my last statement. I am now disputing that and fighting Lloyds and 1st Credit. I did this because I wanted to clear up my financial history and I am really glad I did because I now feel in control rather than being hounded. It can be scary and only you can decide if it is going to be worth it. Good luck what ever you decide.


    Thanks for this Greendykes.


    I can understand what you mean. Sometimes to is better to know who your foes are and deal with them (with help from forums such as CAG) than avoid opening post and answering the phone, which was my usual ploy!





  5. Ladybird, all points of view are valid and appreciated!

    I am pretty sure that the amount due is frozen, however I will need to check this out to be sure. There are pros and cons on this one but aren't there always in life?


    Thx all - if I actual make a decision and DO something I will update this thread...




    Well I called the bank today under the cover that I just wanted to verify my current details. The situation is that the CC account is still open (although blocked) and the DCA payments I make are being passed on to the bank each month.

    The larger loan account is closed and was written off in January 07! What I don't know is if they have sold the debt on. The Cust Serv had no idea. What I do know is that I haven't received any phone calls, or letters regarding this in the last 3 months...


    Maybe the first I'll hear about it will be a court summons from some DCA in the future!



  6. Ah well Wobbles - better disregard my opinion - I'm just a wus it seems!!


    Ladybird, all points of view are valid and appreciated!

    I am pretty sure that the amount due is frozen, however I will need to check this out to be sure. There are pros and cons on this one but aren't there always in life?


    Thx all - if I actual make a decision and DO something I will update this thread...



  7. Hi Ladybird, thanks for your advice.


    No I'm still at the original address. The funny thing is that I was also defaulted on a smaller credit card amount (£2k) by the same lender and the DCA kept on the case repeatedly until I agreed a monthly payment plan with them. However, I have heard nothing on the larger amount...



  8. Hi all,


    I have a personal loan that was defaulted a couple of years back. Outstanding, including all the interest was about £7000. I did receive some letters at the time and various letters from DCA, etc. However, I have not heard anything from anyone for the last 6 - 12 months.


    My question is, if I raise a CCA letter to the creditor (to see if there if a possibility that the default could be removed) is there a risk that the creditor could be reminded of my account and start taking proceedings again (DCA, solicitors, court threats, etc)?


    Should I let sleeping dogs lie?


    I am not expecting anyone to make this decision for me. I would just like to bounce around some ideas?





  9. this is the first ive heard of barclays doing this! sounds fishy to me as if theyve got something to hide. However, if and when you raised a court claim the 8% would bump it up nicely as well.

    so i would do a spready with the 8% on the 7k and see what it comes to then make your decison.


    at the end of the day its your call but if it was me i would want whats owed to me.


    Hi Kimmy,


    Yep, I've been banging away in Open Office for a while and worked it out. I just wished that I had been through whole process end to end at least once, so I could be sure that I wouldn't mess things up and make a mistake with claim somewhere down the line.


    Anyway, it's always the first time for something...



  10. wow what u gonna do, think if it was me id take it and run lol but then id think hold on thats still £2000 they owe me


    good luck on ur decision hun, id take a day or 2 to think it over before u decide but what ever happens u will get all ur money back in the end.




    You're right Amanda. I am not going to make a hasty decision just yet...



  11. Hi folks,


    An interesting update.


    This is my timeline:


    7th March - I requested charges over last 6 years over the phone

    8th March - Received standard letter from Cust Rel saying would receive by 4th April.

    13 March - Received list of charges six years - Total over £7,000!


    I expected to see note that they would come back to me in 8 weeks with an offer OR an offer now for £1000 max.


    However, in the letter today, they are offering a full & final of...


    £5000+ straightway!


    What that all about I wonder?



  12. I've been reading and reading and reading...


    A couple of questions on the "new strategy" on AQ circa Dec 06:


    1. Generally are judges accepting this prompt and giving these directions?

    2. Has this led to banks throwing in the towel within 28 day limit set for them?


    I read the first 3 pages of the AQ thread but not all of the 25 pages.





  13. Hi all,


    I'm still waiting for my statement / charges. However, I did not request them via the normal SAR letter. I requested it over the telephone and received a case number. I received a letter advising me that they will respond to complaint by 4th April (which is within the 40 days that my letter would have given).


    Q - Has anyone else start the ball rolling via phone rather than written SAR?


    BTW - I had the SAR letter all typed up and in an envelope with a cheque before I decided to give them a call...



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