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  1. I have just spoken to the court who tell me that it appears that all old claims went in on mass for judgement & it wasn't checked that mine had been settled. The error will be brought to the judge's attention & they will inform me when he has amended the judgement. They don't know what the amendment will be. What a mess!!!
  2. The thing is it was quite a while ago now & there is no "goodwill gesture" mentioned in their letter just that it would cost them too much to defend the case so would reimburse me without admitting liability.
  3. Despite getting my money back from the Halifax in 2007 I have today received a letter from my local county court informing me that my case was heard yesterday & the judge ordered that the claim is 1. struck out under Civil Procedure rule 3.4(2) as particulars of claim disclose no reasonable grounds for bringing the claim 2. No order for costs 3. because this order has been made by the court on it's own initiative without service of an application or notice of a hearing being given, the claimant has the right to apply to have the order set aside or varied. any such application must be sent or delivered to the court to arrive within 14 days of this order. This is all well and good but Halifax gave me my claim money back & the court was informed of this in 2007. So it had all finished.I have just spoken to the court who admit that the claim was stopped so an error has been made by them. I am now concerned that a copy of this judgement has been sent to the Halifax & they will now want the money back. When they refunded the money the last letter I had from them stated that they would reimburse £4091 without admission of liability.
  4. Yes I too have received the patronising Abbey later today. What made me laugh was the fact that it was signed at the bottom with just "ABBEY" in a handwritten signature !!! Talk about the personal touch - what a joke.
  5. Hi, I was the one who had written in as I had to be a witness in coroners court on the same day. Funnily enough all my bundle etc had been prepared and sent and I had even asked the nice Judge Forrester that a stay not be applied and I had previously had a reply stating that Abbey had not requested a stay (despite writing and telling me they were)and therefore a new date was issued and to go ahead with the case as planned for the new date of 30th Novemeber. It's nice to Know that my case was up on the original date even though a new one had been issued - the stay came through this morning. Case of the left hand doesn't know what the right one is doing. Never mind just have to wait now but it's a real pain when you put all the work in and get fobbed off!! Glad
  6. Snap Amethyst dragon- same letter received this morning!!
  7. Good luck for tomorrow. Hope it goes well.
  8. glad

    PSM V Abbey PLC

    Well done for fighting your corner- sounds like Abbeys legal rep didn't have too good a time!! I hope you get the phone call offering to settle soon. Glad:)
  9. glad

    Lula v Abbey (3)

    Looks like we don't have any Human Rights Lula.
  10. Hi Yes it is Judge Forrester. I have just posted by objection to their proposed stay to the court. I don't hold out much hope though.
  11. Letter from the court today saying that the claim has been allocated to small claims(no strike out then!!) and the court date is 22nd October. Suppose that I have to get court bundle ready now? Has there been any wins against Abbey since news of the test case came out and is it worth me trying to negotiate or just leave it until court. Any ideas welcome.
  12. glad

    ICY -v- Abbey

    ICY That's the same letter as mine.The lady at my court told me to write to the judge to oppose any stay that Abbey were going to apply for. Good Luck
  13. They had to be in by 9th July. I spoke to the court this morning and they are approx 6 weeks behind at present, but they have definitely had no instruction to stay all cases - but of course it is up to the individual Judge.I was told to write to the Judge anyway stating that Abbey intended to apply for a stay and that I do not want this to happen.I presume that I use the template that I have seen from Gary?
  14. Hi ICY, It's Lancaster-they say that they are carrying on as normal.I just hope the Judge ignores it and lets the case carry on-I'm just waiting for a court date- both AQ's have been with the Judge but I've had nothing back.
  15. Received a 2 page letter from Abbey today saying that they will be writing to the court to request a stay on my claim.
  16. Thanks for the really useful links Alexteh. Interesting reading.We are looking into the possibility of pursuing it through fraudulant behaviour by the seller as he took our money knowing he couldn't supply the goods.We shall see. Thanks:)
  17. Well I'm SOOOOOO MAD. I did file a claim on line against this shabby company and they never responded and I could apply for judgement this weekend.However I got a letter today saying that they were going into voluntary liquidation and was told the likelyhood is that I won't get any money back!!!!!! and there's nothing I can do about it. Any advice?????
  18. Phoned Lancaster County Court today and was told that they are carrying on as normal.They have nothing from the Abbey asking for a stay on my claim(yet)
  20. All I can say is that without CAG I wouldn't have known where to start or had any of the support that is given whenever I have been a bit unsure of what to do next. It's down to the CAG that I have already had 2 successful claims from other banks and knew what to expect from the Abbey. I,like many others certainly haven't been let down!!!!!
  21. Did you receive anything from them prior to this offer -ie a GOGW.
  22. Phoned the court yesterday and the Abbey got theirs in before they had to!! They are going to be put before the judge -crikey:o
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