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  1. Old BCard. Last use was back end of 2015, last payment was made Jan 2016
  2. Hi Just received LOC from HC. I have read a lot of other threads re this, but I just have a quick question. I am going to to request CCA but should I do that at the same time as I fill out the LOC or do it separately? I have until mid-October to reply to LOC but wasn't sure if to leave it until two days before then send CCA request or to send CCA request with the LOC completed, again two days before. Or to send the CCA request now and then the LOC in a few weeks time. Thank You in anticipation. PH
  3. Within a letter heading? How about 'The Law's on our side- Honestly'
  4. If you're sure it's Cabot passing your information around freely (and unlawfully), then Id complain to the ICO and or TS and or OFT
  5. This may be of interest....I've just dug out some old letters (2005) in respect of a Monument Debt being sold to Kings Hill (1)...Cabot I suppose....Anyway, these are what the first lines of each letter (deed of assingment) say: Letter from Monument says: "We hereby give you notice of the assignment of the due debt of the balance of....etc etc" Letter from Cabot (Financial) reads: "The Account you held with Monument was purchased by the Cabot financial group....etc" Interesting contradiction from the get-go?...I notice in the 1st post's reply from Cabot that Willeim refers to your 'account' as opposed to your 'debt'
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