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  1. I WON!!!!!!

    £13,735.44 total.


    I am so so thankful for all the help and support from this site. Without it I would not be jumping around like I am today!!! LOL!

    Have completed the survey, just the donation to make now.

    Please can someone change my title to show that I won?

    Many many thanks, Debbie :-)


  2. Hi Tilly......

    Am wondering, if any of us have lives to live or anything?!!!!!! LOL!

    Here I am again too........

    Am playing waiting game too - Halifax have acknowledged claim and say they intend to defend all of claim (blah, blah, whatever..). They have until 20th June now. It just seems such a long way off!

    My claim is big too - way over £5k and so it will be interesting to see if this makes a difference at all.


    Take care, Debbie x

  3. Hi Owl


    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I had to look twice at your thread title cos last time I looked you were still waiting - its fantastic news!!

    And WOW !! Halifax seem to be paying out a lot lately.

    Am really really hoping I have same outcome - I could do with all this being over!

    Halifax have til 20th June to file defence - I'll be watching my account!!


    Debbie :-)

  4. Hi Corbechri and well done!!


    Your story interests me cos I started out doing it just the same way as you. Then I found this site and realised at same time that my estimated charges were way off and so once Halifax replied to my SAR and sent me the full list of charges going back 6 yrs, I then started again and used the letter templates on this site asking for all the charges to be paid back.

    Am now at court stage and Halifax have acknowledged claim and say they intend to defend all of it - I'm just hoping my first letter to them asking for the 'estimated' amount will not hinder anything now. your outcome kind of gives me a bit more confidence!!

    Enjoy spending your money!

    Debbie :-)

  5. Have now received written confirmation that Halifax have acknowledged my claim. They ticked that they intend to defend the whole claim - which I think is what they do for everyone?

    Am I right in thinking that now I have to send a copy of the schedule of charges to the bank's solicitors? Now here is the thing - do I have to send a photocopy of the list I sent to the Court or can I print it from the spreadsheet I did, which will obviously mean the interest amount will be slightly different. Does this matter?


    Thanks, Debbie :-)

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