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  1. Give me your details on a PM and i will help you further.
  2. They refuse to budge so it looks like im going to court. Is it best to do this paperbased or on MCOL?
  3. Hi again, Natwest finally have been in touch offering £5828. I was after £17971.90 which was mixture of fees and monthly charges. Obv not happy with settlement figure. Do I accept or take to court? Bit worried as Natwest would definitely defend this claim, and dont know whether I would be confident enough to win. So do i : a) accept (5828 better tham nothing) b) take a chance and defend myself c) use a claims management company Help very much appreciated
  4. Thanks for your quality advice. Only have statements of charges and not breakdown. Have asked for to no avail. Took ages getting to this point! Do i issue N1 claim or ask for notification sheets again?
  5. Thanks again for the quality advice. I asked for the notification sheets asking for a breakdown of monthly charges to no avail. Have all statements available showing total charges each month. Do I ask again for the breakdown of charges or file N1 claim?
  6. Thanks again for the quality advice. I have all statements to hand, but not a complete breakdown of the charges applied each month, even tho I asked for them. Its took me ages to get to this point! Do I request the notification sheets again, or File N1 claim now?
  7. Hi, Welcome Finance have just offered me full settlement on my PPI. They said they will take amount off loan effectively bringing down term of loan. My question is - can I get paid the settlement as a cheque instead, as I want to keep original term of the loan? Thanks
  8. Hi Everyone, Was curious to how many stays have been upheld after CAG users have sent in their bundle? Whats our success rate as a %? Is there a register anywhere? Thanks
  9. Hi folks, My court case is 27/11/07. Received 2 letters today from SCM solicitors. They are applying for a stay with both me and Leicester County Court stating OFT test case. Whats my next plan of action? Thanks
  10. Hi, Finally received notification sheets. Understand now all the fees I can claim for except debit interest. How is this worked out? Thanks
  11. Unfortunately they dont guarantee to pay more than the basic sum assured. Sorry
  12. The only thing I can recall years ago Mortgage lenders stipulating was that Buildings & Contents had to be with them. Complain the the mortgage advice firm first, then FOS.
  13. 12 years? I thought it was last 6 years on mortgage fees. Anyone confirm?
  14. Hi John, Just had letter back from Bradford & Bingley saying charges are lawful per terms & conditions? Where do i go next - issue a court claim, or go to Financial Ombudsman? Also I have noticed a litigation fee, and credit collection admin fee? Can I claim for these? Bri
  15. Anybody got any ideas on this one? As always advice/help appreciated
  16. Cannot link any of the claims. Doing work for some of my friends therefore all claims are different claimants. Not sure what to do.
  17. Sorry Peter, have got my law mixed up! Have read that if I dont issue court claim for a case, I could not get full amount of OFT win test case against banks. Is this true? Basically what i am asking is: I have about 10 cases which are now at stage where a court claim needs to be made. Do i do this (gonna cost me a fortune!) or wait till OFT test case has finished? Thanks for your help - sorry for the confusion!
  18. Hi folks, I have a few claims going through at moment where banks have ignored letters and just referred to OFT Test Case. I am aware that it is a case of business as normal, and that I need to issue a court claim to protect monies under Limitation Act. Is there any other way I can protect claims under LA, as it will cost me thousands to issue a court claim for each case? Thanks
  19. Hi Hedgey, Do I just post the draft order with AQ, and wait for them to request the statements, statutes etc?
  20. Hi, Im going on holiday for 10 days from tonight! Received letter this morning from Leicester CC asking for allocation questionnaire to be submitted, as Defendant had filed a defence. Confused as on 14/8 defendent solicitor applied to courts for a stay. Do I just complete AQ? or do I need to complete a Draft Order for directions as well. If I need to complete Draft Order, going to take me past 14 days as will need to copy statements, evidence etc. Any help appreciated.
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