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  1. Hi folks, Sent several letters requesting monies back for bank charges. Yorkshire Bank have not responded - whats my next step? I need at least an acknowledgemnt letter!
  2. I think the finance charge is for any monies withdrawn using the credit card - so I probably snookered on that.
  3. Finally received SAR after 5 months. Noticed two charges - Finance Charge, and bill deferred charge. Can these be claimed for? I very much doubt it but will someone please confirm x
  4. Yes, they have said I have no case! Going to FOS now x
  5. Chickpea x How do they get away with adding 9000 to a loan and only refunding you 914? I presume ur going to FOS for the full 9000? Rx
  6. Hi Gem x Did not need to do SAR as took single premium loan of 7485 out last year. Added to my 30K loan. Ive just sent a letter asking for them to reconsider, or I will go to FOS. Any more advice? xxx
  7. Sent a letter to PF complaining that: sold single premium policy did not cover full term was not given correct information did not realise could buy on open market fraction of price cost of the policy was not explained policy not sold in best interest Their reply was: if u choose to cancel single premium u will get limited refund all the other objections they say they covered with there fully trained staff, 30 day cancellation period, plus all their booklets and terms and conditions they sent to me. Im well ****ed off. Feel like consolidating loan with someone else with no ppi, and getting a full refund of 7485 (can this be done) Also is there any standard LBA templetes i can send back to them to fight my case?
  8. Hi, Received a letter today from B & B. They basically said they will pay back two unpaid cheque fees BUT: Will not pay back the arrears fees. They say early indications from the FOS are that they are happy with the charging structure, having seen internal budget and costings. There basically saying going to the FOS will be a waste of time. Anybody/moderators have any ideas? Thanks
  9. The total charges listed are consistent with the itemised sheet I had. So I think I will have to get a breakdown unless you have any ideas? God i hate them!
  10. I have one slight worry! Found one sheet going way back which details account charges. The bank are charging for cheques and money paid in etc. I know i cant claim for this? Crap west never itemised account charges after this statement. So im worried that all account charges im claiming for will be kicked out in court. What da ya reckon?
  11. One last thing Hedgey - just making sure. Can Claim For Excess Borrowing Account Charges Cheque Return Fee Unpaid DD fee Referral Fee Unpaid so fee Unpaid Cheque Cannot Claim For Stop cheque arrangement fees over £25 Im not claiming the overdraft interest - is that correct?
  12. One last thing Hedgey! My spreadsheet says: Penalty Charged 13810.77 8% on Penalties 4161.13 Interest on Penalties 2899.52 8% on Interest on Penalties 694.55 Shall I claim for just top 2 i.e Charges plus 8% or Go for the whole lot compounded? Not sure about law on latter? Thanks as always for the advice
  13. Thanks Hedgey, I was worried the lawyer at court might rip me apart as the charges on statements are not broken down.
  14. Do I need to proceed with N1 claim now bearing in mind Natwest have never tried to provide a breakdown.
  15. Hi, Never received prenotofication sheets that i asked for on numerous occasions to no avail! Just have asked for the charges on each statement.
  16. Thanks Haydn. So by filing court claim - u think they will increase the settlement amount offered to me. Its a closed account between 2003 and 2005. They never gave me a full breakdown on charges each month which i have asked for, so im going for the full amount.
  17. Once all charges have been calculated - is there a standard LBA for claiming for more than 6 years?
  18. Premier Bank Account with Executive Overdraft. Looks like this fee is a non starter.
  19. Hi folks, Looked at my statements, and have been charged £8 a month for O/D Protection! Can this be claimed back?
  20. Thanks Ed - obv I need loads of reading to do!
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