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  1. Hi everyone. Got behind on my car finance. Can I claim back letter charges ranging from £25 to £75? Also would like to know if i can get back late payment surcharges? Thanks
  2. I am. I thought they would have paid up by now, very small amount! Any ideas anyone?
  3. Hi everyone, Gone to court for about £300 on my barclaycard. Had an order saying claim is stayed for 28 days to enable parties to engage in mediation! I am urged to use free small claims mediation service. What shall i do?:o
  4. Thanks Els the PNi are not much so I will knock them both on the head!
  5. Can i claim back relationship fees of £10, and PNI OD Charges whatever they are on a bank account?
  6. Hi everyone, Looking thru my statements have noticed: Merchant charge, switch charge, acquring service charge! What are these and can they be claimed for?
  7. Thanks Scott keep me posted on your claim.
  8. FSA also do say there is a waiver on CC's and business account claims!
  9. Section 8 is very vague Tifo, say they will look at business accounts, then says may not be possible whilst test case is on!
  10. Hi Tifo, Thanks for your advice. where does it say FOS will not accept business claims. I thought you could not put stay on business claims, credit cards?
  11. Hi everyone. What in your opinion is the best way to claim back money on a business account or credit card. FOS where its free, dont have to go to court but takes longer? or Via courts where it costs money, but probably will be paid quicker? Ive yet to decide which route to take, and would appreciate advice
  12. I thought it was S32 of Limitation Act. Keep in touch. Personally i think OFT case will take a couple of years.
  13. Hi Mr Lex, Did you get all your statements as Im preparing similar claim going back 17 years?
  14. Thanks to everyone for your information and time.
  15. Do you know any of the moderators who can help, as Im 100% sure the banks keep this information on microfiches?
  16. Hi, Sent SAR, requesting list of charges from start of my account going back to 1992 approx. I was student so there will be quite a few. They sent me standard 6 years statements. Im aware i can claim back past 6 years but nobody at local branch or 08456028006 will help me even tho I have quoted S32 of limitation act. What can i do folks?
  17. Thanks for your reply. I thought somebody might had tried to reach an agreement with banks and might have a letter to use. Cash a bit tight at moment and would take 3K instead of 5K I originally hoped for. OFT test case will take couple of years imo.
  18. reclaimone


    Hi folks, Does anyone have any mediation templete letters I could work from to try and negotiate a settlement from my bank? Thanks
  19. Please help folks. I wrote to complain about mis sold PPI. There response was:- (Complaint in blue, their answer in red) 1. Terms and conditions not fully explained. You received full terms and conditions, key features, and were happy to proceed 2. Was not told the cost of the cover. Our consultants are fully trained and advised you at inception 3. Was not told about the open market option. It is not our responsibility to inform you of other options available. 4. Was not aware that PPI was included on loan, and a single premium only covering me for 5 years. I was aware of the cover being added This is their final response. Whats next? I threatened the FOS before this letter. Do they tape phone calls? I dont really want to go to court. Thanks
  20. Just had to prepare court bundle etc. It was Associates enron, your copy would be ideal. Shall I pm you my email address? Thanks youre a star!
  21. Hi folks, My court date against citicards is in early March. Does anyone have a copy of a credit card agreement approx 1994? Big ask i know, but please please can anyone help;)
  22. I have both LBA letters to A & L and had no response. Whats next step? Does anyone have a number for A & L? Thanks
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