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  1. Its 250 to get out of contract might do will asve me loads!
  2. Finally got statements going back to 1992. Can I still claim back that far?
  3. Hi, I am on 12mth contract with O2. Stuck with till May 09! I am interested in sim only deal with T Mobile. £30 pm - 1400 mins - unlimited texts. Can I get out of 12 mth contract with O2? Not sure of small print. Been with O2 continously since 2000 never received a contract?
  4. Hi Meg, Awaiting FOS verdict - thanks for joining the forum
  5. Hi Steven, Still awaiting responsefrom FOS! takes ages!
  6. Hi everyone, I am just about to open a Spanish Bank Account and would like some general advice. I basically want to know what there charges are for various activities. Do they apply the same unlawful bank charges as the UK? Brian
  7. Steven, I have had letter from BCT stating that the charges are not unlawful. The charges applied to the HP agreement are generated by a computer system HOWEVER a lot of work has been made by collectors in collecting arrears, maintaining the account and is their final response. Any ideas? Im not clued up on HP agreements.
  8. Thanks guys youre stars. Few of the enquiries have been for family!
  9. Hi, I sent a SAR to the Moulton park address, Northampton re my credit card charges. They sent me a letter saying I need to go to my local branch (300 miles away, I have relocated) to collect information! I have sent several letters explaining I cannot collect but they will not play ball. Whats my next step - surely they could send them to me or my local branch where I live now?
  10. Forgot to say this happened approx 1999. Help really appreciated.
  11. Hi everyone, I took out 3 year fixed loan with B & B which had 3 mths interest as a redemption penalty within the fixed period. With 1 year left of my 3 year fixed deal, I rang them and converted to a 5 year fixed deal. Withiut knowing they added the redemption penalty (£1500) to my new loan, which i think is unlawful, and is accruing interest for remainder of term. Can I claim this back as i cannot find out mention of this in terms and conditions of mortgage offer etc. Any help appreciated.
  12. Understand that I can add more charges. Do i need to file a court claim? Thought I just had to wait on outcome of test case? If OFT won - bank would pay out as i had a complaint registered? regards RC
  13. Hi folks. I opened my natwest account 2004. Received SAR details with charges up to Dec 2007. I sent a LBA to them which they have acknowledged obv referring to OFT test case. I have had 3 more months charges since then and wish to amend amount claiming for. can i send my second LBA letter with a paragraph saying I want to claim all charges till OFT test case concluded? anyone have any ideas, and how to phrase in my letter?
  14. Investing in With Profits funds is old hat, unless you invest with Pru in their Prufund which is essentially a unitised with profits fund with more exposure to the stock market.
  15. I have sent off my LBA claim now. Can I stop them applying future letter charges/late payment surcharges?
  16. Hi Tony, No - he had few personal problems and could not keep up payments on the loan. He feels very angry about it as there was a single premium PPI added to the loan which he knew nothing about. Any ideas? Thanks
  17. My computer shy friend took out PPI in 2002 which was mis sold. He subsequently went bankrupt because he could not keep up with payments on loan. Could he still reclaim back PPI, or has the right been lost when his assets/liabilities were written off? Appreciate some help folks;)
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