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  1. Hi HB, Thank you for replying x How do I put this question into correct place? Thank you Brian QUOTE=honeybee13;5161042]Hi, yes. Do you have a question? You've posted in the Media subforum so people often don't comment on the threads. HB
  2. Hi, Please avoid this so called respected company that has a royal warrant from Queen Elizabeth II !!!!!! Their main activities are:- trading in stamps and other philatelic items, coins, medals and banknotes; auctioneering, valuing (for sale, auction, purchase, insurance and/or probate) the above; development and operation of collectibles websites, online trading and auctioneering; philatelic and collectibles publishing including catalogues, albums and magazines in hard copy and electronic media; retail and mail order; manufacturing of albums and accessories. They have many ring fenced limited companies trading around the global arena. Sadly the Guernsey subsidiary has gone into administration with debts exceeding £70 million. Consumers invested in a scheme that promised 75% of the market value of stamps, or 100% of original amount invested on sale. The poor people who invested will not get their money back as the other companies successfully trading are ring fenced. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/stanley-gibbons-guernsey-subsidiary-goes-into-administration-glkdblgw5 Any ideas what can be done? If everybody took ownership of their portfolios, and tried to sell, this would have the worst outcome, as it would drive down the price of all the portfolios. Thank you. Brian
  3. Hi Folks, Hope you can help me? I was sold a single premium policy just over 6 years ago. What chance do I have of reclaiming money because its statue barred? Has it was linked to mortgage do I need to write to ABI? If so do I send same information that I sent in LBA? Thank you for your help.
  4. Just reported them to MOJ - will let everyone know the outcome.
  5. Thank you everyone I wouldnt touch them with a barge pole!
  6. Morning folks. Please help me out - im in a tizz. I have debts of approx 15k which im struggling to pay:mad: I was contacted by ** commercial link removed ** They say I can transfer my debts to them for a fee, and the debts will no longer show on my credit report! Sounds too good to be true! If this was the case everyone in the UK would be doing which would break the economy. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I know there is legal people who watch these forums. Thank you
  7. £790 inc interest. Exhausted everything. i then completed complaint form to FOS using guide off Martyn Lewis website. I am soletrader.
  8. Sorry im confused here does not take much! I thought the FSA waiver meant FOS still had to look at business claims. Oh well. The account is still open but im afraid charges ranged from 11/2003 to 08/2005. No arrears, all statements can be downloaded. Im not presently in financial difficulty so will have to wait for test case to complete.
  9. Hello, I have just received a letter from FOS saying that my claim for bank charges has been dismissed!! I have just rang them and they have said that business bank charges are not deemed as unfair and are not penalties! Please can anyone help. I can appeal but do not know what to put in my letter. Desperate for help. My overdraft fees ranged from £30 to £75. Bank is Lloyds TSB.
  10. thanks tb i will try that approach, and let you know how i go on. good luck.
  11. Hello, I completed a financial hardship questionnaire for YB. My claim was for £5445. They have sent me a cheque for £1000 as ex gratia payment, does not admit liability etc. The rest will be paid depending on the outcome of OFT case. Please help Anyone got a templete letter I can use to get the rest of my money? Ta
  12. I have finally recieved copy of signed agreement etc. Please will somebody tell me how to upload my scanned documents onto this post?
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