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  1. dont worry i was only joking, i am a trainee solicitor for my sins !! .. i work in crime mind but as neo remarked to me the banks are the biggest criminals of all!
  2. Bummer! maybe i will try swindle them into my letter anyway and see if they notice !!!!
  3. i have read this somewhere too, it hink its in one of the term/conditions or user guide pamphlets you get one you open the account, I have it at home & will check and post it up!
  4. yet more questions for perusers of my thread.. can you claim back the £25 arrangement fee for temporary overdraft facilities or is that agreed and therefore no go area???? thoughts welcome.. otherwise i will be the only one posting on my thread!!!
  5. i am having this problem, they repeatedly allow me to go over my limit by £50-80 or so (but in same breath refuse to give me an extension temporary or permanent) but they then whack me on massive charges & add it onto my credit report i think .. how do i deal with this (apart from obvious of not going over limits.. easier said then done at mo!) ?? whats this about adding it to DPA letter as i am just putting mine together at mo.. should i be adding something in about this as it seems absurd ???
  6. by way.. i not long ago had £125 of charges levied by HSBC and at that time wrote an angry letter of complaint but i actually offered then £25 as settlement in alternative. I now realise my tom foolery in doing that but is it worth me trying to get that £25 back now???? any thoughts anyone?
  7. Just sent this letter off today so hoping to have some success. Contemplating whether to hand deliver my DPA letter into local branch or send recorded delivery to HSBC customer relations.. any preference anyone?
  8. Sarrahk

    Juicy V HSBC

    cool let me know how it goes Jodie! sarrah
  9. yes but i dont know if any banks will take me as my credit rating has been so screwed up by banks! Might just have to be a basic account i think!
  10. fantastic that is really helpful! I will get letters sent off this week and enclose copy ID and my previous addresses i think with my £10 for the branch manager! I have £60 worth of charges pending next week from them which was the absolute last straw and i had heard about this forum from a friend of mine at work who is using all info from here to start a claim and doing so successfully so here i am!!
  11. Many thanks i have started my own thread you can see now to try and keep all advice and progress together! i am very nervous about whole thing!
  12. Hi i am new on here and as kindly advised by users i am now starting my own thread for extortionate charges i have received from HSBC over past year! I am just going to send off DPA letter this week. I am trying to clear up whether if i have 2 accounts with HSBC i need to send in 2 DPA letters to bank along with 2 cheques for £10? any tips in relation to this preliminary stage, delivery to brach manager is that better than customer relations do people think? I am little nervous about the whole thing as HSBC seem pretty tough to crack! I also have old closed accounts from couple years ago with Natwest who i know levied loads of charges against me but i am wondering whether it is worth starting anything up to get them back, i could certainly use those funds! Thanks sarrah x
  13. Sarrahk

    Juicy V HSBC

    can i just clear up.. i am just starting a claim today too and i have 2 accounts with HSBC so should i be sending two separate DPA letters with 2 cheques for £10 for each of the account, i can just put it all in one with £10?! And best to hand deliver to branch manager?! Much confused new poor girl sarrah
  14. Hi i am new on here and just about to start a claim for my charges from HSBC. I am duisgusted by them and there ridiculous charges! they too let me go over my authorised limit but when i ask for an extension on my authorised limit they refuse becuase "of the way in which my account had been conducted". Bad for their business i say given i am a trainee solicitor! They then levy me huge charges (one time £125 for being £80 over my limit, a charge i eventually managed to negotiate down to £25 but now i intend to claim back in full!!) They have this month just levied me a further £60+ pounds.. This site does appear to be a god send so i am going to see how it goes? Any advice or tips?! By way does anyone know if the data protection disclosure fee of £10 is per account with the one bank or would i have to pay £20 for the disclosure on both of my accounts with HSBC? Thanks sarrah x
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