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  1. Thanks. Do you use the same prelim and LBA as for England & Wales (templates on forum) & also if under 750 are proceedings still in small claims court? am slightly confused by scottish civil court system!
  2. HI, i am new of this halifax forum (but old on HSBC who am in process of claiming against!!). I am in process of starting a claim for my Scottish boyfriend, based in Edinburgh against Halifax. We have already done DPA request and he looks to have approx £600 worth of charges over past 6 years, is it right though in scotland the statute of limitations says 5 years only? Can someone please direct me to the scottish procedure for claiming, i am presuming it is fairly similar to England in any event? Any tips for Halifax... they certainly seem to bleed you dry charges are unreal! thanks x
  3. THIS IS THE LETTER I HAVE DECIDED TO SEND BACK TO ALAN PRETTY TODAY! THOUGHTS APPRECIATED... 7th May 2006 Dear Mr Pretty, Thank you for your letter dated 5th May 2006 which I received today. I regret to note that you have clearly not been fully appraised of the present state of my grievance with HSBC. Unfortunately HSBC failed to even acknowledge my letter of 20th April 2006 and proceeded to deducted £63 worth of charges of 29th April 2006. As you will see from my correspondence of 20th April 2006, I noted my concerns as to the lawfulness of these charges and warned that if they were deducted I would commence a course of action against HSBC which may entail a county court claim. Given that HSBC did not acknowledge my correspondence and in fact proceeded instead to unlawfully deduct these monies from my account, I have taken further steps against the bank, as I expressly stipulated I would. On 3rd May 2006 I sent a preliminary letter to HSBC, by recorded delivery, asking for a refund of £63 along with a further £110 worth of unlawful charges, totalling £173, all of which have been unlawfully applied to my accounts since they were opened approximately 2 years ago. A copy of this letter is enclosed for your reference. I have given HSBC 14 days to respond to my correspondence of 3rd May 2006, of which 11 days remain at the time of my writing this letter. Should I still not receive a satisfactory response from HSBC at the expiry date of this date then I shall be writing a letter before action, giving HSBC a further 14 days to consider this matter before I issue a county court claim with a further 8% applied as interest to the total sum. I have also today been shocked and surprised to receive notification from HSBC that they intend to deduct a further £25 worth of unlawful charges from my account number XXXXXX on 29th May 2006. Yet again HSBC are seeking to commit a pre meditated breach of law as this charge is disproportionate to any loss suffered by HSBC and therefore unlawful and unenforceable in court. Note also that the only reason this account went overdrawn was as a result of the application of your charges of 29th April! I am frankly surprised that you did not better appraise yourself of the present state of my grievance before writing to me. I hope that now I have taken the trouble to fully enlighten you once more, you will deal with the matter without further delay. I am willing to accept £198, in settlement, which takes into account the additional £25 charges you have now marked as pending against my account, due to be deducted on 29th May 2006. I shall also require written confirmation from HSBC as to whether any defaults have been registered against my credit record as a result of unlawful charges and if so, in addition to full payment of the above mentioned sum I require that you remove all default entries recorded by HSBC from the register. Please note that mere correction or amendment to the entry will not be acceptable. This is what I require in full and final settlement of this matter. Thank you for your assistance. I look forward to hearing from you by return. Yours Sincerely,
  4. By way i has reply from Alan Pretty.. he must be sick of us lot!
  5. What a mess!! Right here goes.. need some advice.. 1) On 20th April I send letter to HSBC asking them to stop charges that were pending for £63 on my account and due to be deducted on 29th April. I used very helpful template send to me by spiceskull warning them that they were unlawful charges and if they were deducted i woudld take further court action. 2) I received NO response or acknowledgement at all from HSBC (not even their crappy acknowledgement letter & leaflets) and the charges were accordingly deducted on 29th April. 3) As result on 3rd may i send recorded delivery letter- prelimary approach for repayment. Incorporated in this letter was not only my £63 charges from this month but i went back to start of my accounts and added up all charges which came to £173 and sent the prelim letter to them. In this preliminary letter i also referred to my disgust at fact they failed to even acknowledge my letter of 20th April. 4) Today i received letter (dated incidentally 5th May) acknowledging my letter of 20th April an offering me my £63 back "in full and final settlement" with a lovely little document attached for me to sign. They have made NO mention of my prelim letter for £173 which they would most certainly have received & i suspect this letter is actually a sneaky quick response to my letter pf 20th april which i referred to in the prelim as they realise bodged up my not acknowledging or responding in first instance. WHAT DO I DO NOW?? I am thinking that I will just write back enclose a copy again of my preliminary letter (in the lovely stamped addressed envelope they kindly provided) and with my 14 days still running say i am still pursuing full £173 as per letter of 3rd May which incorporates all charges. HELP? WHAT DO PEOPLE THINK I SHOULD DO??
  6. hey i am with CCCS too.. they are fabulous! Completely turned things round for me after getting myself in financial hole with credit 2 years ago!
  7. fingers crossed! I am just counting day and waiting for some response. I actually had some charges pending in April (which have since been deducted) and i sent off a letter spiceskull suggested warning that they should not take this money or i will take action and they just completely ignored it! I added that fact into my prelim letter and like you made sure it went recorded post!!
  8. anyone know which piece of legislation they are obliged to show the account as satisifed under?
  9. Sarrahk

    loz Vs HSBC

    many thanks, i will keep it on my file in case i need to use it too.. worth i try i guess!
  10. Sarrahk

    loz Vs HSBC

    where can i find a copy of this letter of overdrawns in case i get a similar response, i have just sent off my prelim letter??? Though my charges are only £173 so i hope to goodness they dont start making a fuss about that little amount but i have a feeling they will !!!
  11. Sarrahk

    Juicy V HSBC

    thought i would say hi and good luck on your thread juicy.. glad you finally got onto the front page!
  12. no way! I cant believe the crafty buggers! Did you pay it to get the charges back? What did you do?! Gosh they annoy me. I am 46 quid over my arranged o/draft but the only bloody reason i am is because of all the charges they whacked on 'cos i was a meagre £20 over last month! God they annoy me so much! I would tell them where to stick it!
  13. ha! I am not entirely sure, i just type on my thread & not entirely sure how it ends up on page 1.. can anyone else help juicy?! Have you had any response from HSBC yet after your prelim went off juicy?
  14. FInally sent my preliminary letter off today registered post to HSBC manager at customer relations.. its only £173 but rather it was back in my pocket then theirs! I hope they wont quibble over such a relatively small amount but i bet they will !!
  15. Thanks this is useful i am going to write to vodaphone asap
  16. I cannot believe the audacity. Dont come on the site and especially not my thread if you are going to spout such offensive nonsense. The majority of us on here work very hard to earn the money we do and why should they have it unlawfully and disproportionately robbed by fat cats?! In case you have not read the literature properly (i am lawyer and know a little about contract terms) the actual contract terms we signed too have recently been demonstrated as unfair and unlawful which people were hitherto unaware of when they signed up !!! It is not a simple case of those consumers not being able to stick to contract terms (!) (and even if some of us have made mistakes no one is infallible!) I have never heard such ridiculousness!! Aside from the fact that the terms themselves are subject to quibble but in addition many of the charges are hidden and not even published in the literature you sign and are presented with!! People are now fighting for what is rightfully theirs after years of being duped and have the guts and ability to stand up for their rights instead of being bullied continually by large corporations!
  17. Good luck juicy! I want to try and get mine out asap today or tomorrow! keep me posted!!
  18. how have you got on with Halifax tinkerbelle as I am just starting to help my boyfriend try and claim back 100's from them?
  19. thanks for this, very helpful. i will only put the charges in my prelim letter in that case! my charges are only approx £170 but i figure if its small amount they might pay up more easily & i would rather it was in my pocket not theirs!
  20. Your contact for preliminary letter would be much appreciated thanks! i got all my statements online (easy for me as only been with them 18 months) and i then added up all the bank charges i could see deducated on each statement to start a claim for the whole lot (except the interest as i am completely confused by that!). anyone who can help us clear up this interest malarky for preliminary letter?!:-|
  21. HI folks.. i am just wanting to send my preliminary letter for approach for repayment.. what do i do about the interest they have deducted every month they have levied a charge? Do i include the full interest amount they took off for the relevant month?(surely if i was overdrawn anyway when they levied over limit charge they were entitled to some interest anyway cos of the fact i have an o/draft?) .. i dont really understand how the interest side of it works?? HELP much appreciated.. confused sarsy!
  22. aaahh i am doomed! That seems so harsh expecially when the debt is fiinally paid off like with vodaphone.. i think i may try and right to them with confirmation letter from their collection agency that it was paid off .. i hate banks and fat cat companies!! When i am finally rich (! ha yeah dream on! ) i intend to hide all my money in a tin under my bed and never ever put it in a bank or big business again!
  23. HI, i have 2 defaults on my creidt report (!!) nightmare but i dont know what i can do about them. One is from Egg which i think is completely unjustified as i have been repaying them consistently each month through debt payment plan i set up with Consumer credit counselling service (CCCS) two years ago and am now halfway to repaying the debt in full. Are they still justified in putting a default on my file when they are receiving money from me each month and have done so almost from day one (they have always received monthly payments from me although for a time i had an agreement to pay less than the minimumn payments) it seems like i have been punished for falling into financial difficulty two years ago??? The second default i have is from vodaphone (absolute sharks) which i am furious about as i paid the debt i owed in full to their collection agency! Even prior to paying off the debt i was giving them montly installments again through CCCS? Are they still justified in leaving a default on my file, surely this cant be the case when it was all paid off to their agencies ??!! Help and tips on this would be much appreciated... Skint Sarrah ! x
  24. Sarrahk

    Juicy V HSBC

    fab i have got it. step 2 now then by looks of it?
  25. Sarrahk

    Juicy V HSBC

    can all the statements be got off internet banking then? as i am on it too..
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