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  1. Sarrahk

    Juicy V HSBC

    good news juicy! thats great! Nice sum of Money there! They are still persistently ignoring me!
  2. Sarrahk

    bank job

    it will usually just see "TOTAL CHARGES" on your statement. Good luck
  3. i have followed you advice given you record of wins! I am sending curt response today reminding them of deadline for prelim!
  4. Is that not a little blunt?! I suppose it cuts to chase. I am presuming i must still send the LBA, as the last letter was only the prelim and expiry for that is next week? I thought it best to wait the full two weeks for the prelim though as that is what i said i would do before sending LBA, what do you think? I will send interim response however!
  5. We today received a shocking offer of a mere £96 from halifax!! Goodness knows how they arrived at that figure.. its not even a fifth of the claim!! I am speechless!! :o They also gave their standard blurb of how they are entitled to levy charges but they will not provide us with a breakdown of costs! Anyway do we write and accept this as an interim payment and state that we will pursue for the rest still or do we just point blank refuse such a shocking amount!! HELP PLEASE! :-|
  6. deadline up for my preliminary letter today and having received no further communication from HSBC since their standard rubbish was sent through to me i intend to start the REAL action now and send off my LBA.. is it my imagination or does the latest tactic from HSBC seem to be to just ignore letters being sent in??
  7. well i seem to be going backwards not forwards with my claim! I sent my letter of 5th May declining Mr Pretty's £63 measley offer and reminding him of the contents of my prelim asking for full payment £198.. in response i received their standard letter and crappy leaflets on how to complain !!!! Its ridiculous!! |My prelim deadline is thurs 18th so looks like i will be sending my LBA out on then!!
  8. Received a standard letter from Halifax in response to prelim.. saying it may take 4 weeks to investigate! I presume i just stick to my timetable as usual, i dont have to wait 4 weeks do i before i can send the LBA?!
  9. Thanks Juicy, i have just apllied for free credit trial so intend to check it agian, i did it last year & spotted a couple of errors which i sorted out so i intend to explore and see what new problems there are for me to tackle no doubt! :-| Not that i want any more credit at mo!! But there will come a time i want a mortgage and it will prove a nightmare at this rate! I am not sure about complaint.. hopefully one of the more experiences peeps will come back to you on that one, afraid am a bit of a novice too! I have not heard another word from Mr Pretty yet but he still has another week before my LBA goes out.. we will see!!
  10. does anyone have hard figures for what the cost of this manual intervention is suppose to be anyway?? Load of old bollacks if you ask me! Your right it all has to be computerised & automated anyway (thats what they tell you when you try to call up & challenge it in any event!) I find they seem to charge you almost £ for £ now of what you go over.. is that right? i have never had less than a £19 charge mind..
  11. thanks! i think you make a fair point, i was just bit worried having not gone via DPA route! will keep all posted as to any new developments!
  12. By way i did not do a DPA request as i was able to get all my statements online. I am bit worried as because i did not do this i have not requested details of manual intervention on the account? Although of course in the prelim i left in the standard paragraph asking them to justify the cost if they can. Does anyone think this is problem i havent got manual intervention details?
  13. here here, i totally agree i tried to spell this out to Halifax in my prelimin letter to them that if they settled in full now "as a gesture of good will" i would not add any interest or legal costs but be assured i would if it proceeded to court!
  14. well good luck neil! Fingers crossed they cave in soon.. !!!
  15. crikey thats unusual, for consumer to be sued! sounds like you did good. The preliminary is going off today for halifax.
  16. Great and can you 8% interest in sheriffs court as you can in county court? I can see looks like you recovered charges + interest??? It is not very clear in guidance notes! Did you have to go all way through to court hearing stage or did they pay up once you issued paperwork?
  17. Sarrahk

    loz Vs HSBC

    ooohh difficult one, thats a pretty good offer..
  18. Yeah any up date on this, did they pay up or are you still going to court? Is it rude to ask how much your claim is for? I am just wondering whether size of claim you make makes difference as to how hard they fight it out, someone was suggesting on another thread that if it is under £1k they pay up more easily or are more likely to make offers (which i am hoping is case!) or maybe his is an urban myth!
  19. Thanks for all your help, do you have a good contact for Halifax Bank of Scotland? I am going to try to send my prelim out today. can you also claim the 8% interest in the scottish small claims court?
  20. Thanks guys.. i am not entirely sure re: defaults, i know they keep refusing to extend my overdraft and as my credit report automatically refuses it which it never used too before i was with HSBC so i am just wanting to cover every angle.. Alan Pretty offered me way less than half so i hope he increases his offer the cheeky get!
  21. any help with my situtation.. anyone.. please notice me!!
  22. Sarrahk

    Juicy V HSBC

    Looks like you are getting some movement juicy, thats good! I have had some communication but a little messy! have a look oon my thread if you get chance x
  23. Ok my queries have now been moved onto scottish forum anyway so hopefully get resolved! thanks!
  24. Thanks. I am confused though, sorry if i am being dumb, if the account was opened & held in Edinburgh at Halifax BOS, doesnt the claim need to be filed through sheriffs small claims court or could it be done thorugh money claim in England?? Very confusing!
  25. please can someone assist with my queries, see my thread on halifax forum as i am in UK trying to bring claim against Halifax BOS for my scottish boyfriend! Thanks
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