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  1. yeah i think you are quite right "can do", we must certainly be making an impact and they are trying to scare us off but i am not going to give in that easily. "Can do" are you applying for basic accounts because with those you should not have any problems, whilst they are not ideal as you dont have switch an earlier post on my thread has provided a very useful link to a pre paid meastro or visa card you can obtain alongside these with no credit scoring etc (and no additional debt as you load it up with the amoutn of funds you want) see above? I really hope the ombudsman are able to assist and resolve this (in my favour!) so they know we are not going to take this nonsense and these tricks so easily!
  2. thanks for that juicy i will look into it. I am however going to try and challenge HSBC through the ombudsman, they have sent me the forms to give more info about the complaint and have said it is something they could help with. Certainly I know in relation to my basic bank account they cannot close that as i have never had any failed SO'd or DD's which is criteria in their terms and conditions for closing.. I have also never had any failed DDs or SOs on the current accounts although I have gone unauthorised overdrawn a few times in recent months. (hence my complaints aboput charges) I do not know how far i will get with the ombudsman but I intend to try as i think this is completely unacceptable and shows ineffective customer service if the minute people complain they are shutting down accounts. I dont think they should be able to get away with it!
  3. yeah CCCS do it all for me and it works brilliantly. I guess i am just going to have to sort this latest mess out myself (i really should learn!) because i dont want CCCS turning round and stopping the plan over this £900 when i have paid off so much over the past couple years and made a good hole in the ridiculous debt i had got myself into. I guess the only other way is to tell white lie to CCCS and see if i can somehow get it incorporated but that is probably not a very good idea! I know i can offer HSBC £100 myself to begin with from my overtime and then probably £50 a month after that because i do work a lot of overtime but depends how difficult they want to make my life which is probably quite a bit right now!!
  4. Thank for this, I am already in a debt plan with CCCS and unfo i dare not tell them about this £900 as i got this after o.draft after my debt plan came into play and they might stop my plan because i was not really suppose too:eek: !! (i was really stupid i know, but in my defence this is actually the only additional debt i have since i took out debt plan!) My plan has been absolutely brilliant and i have paid off 1000s since i started it 2 years ago and i dont want to risk losing it so i am just going to have to make my own arrangements to pay it off i think:(
  5. HI, Just seeking some advice, A recent copy of my credit report showed 2 defaults Egg and Vodaphone which are causing me considerable trouble! I cannot even open a new current account as a result! A couple of years ago i was forced to go into a debt management plan with the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) due to financial mess i was in and i have been in my debt plan now for over 2 years and it has been fantastic. I have however noted that Egg had put a default on my report even though for the last 18 months they have received high payments from me well above minumim levels (though in fairness i did for first couple months pay less than minimum by agreement with them through CCCS). When i called Egg about this last week they have very kindly agreed to now remove the default entirely so my report will show i have never defaulted because i am paying well now and the debt is half repaid.This was of course gret news for me..so optimistically i attempted to roll on and try to tackle the next one In relation to the second default, it was vodaphone (a mere £120!) and i had in fact settled this debt in full with the agency last year, vodaphone are however refusing to remove this default at all. Incidentally i do not even recall ever having a default notice from them, just a letter form their debt collectors! is there any resolution to this nightmare? I have read the helpful "how to remove default notice thread" and I am considering trying this with Vodaphone? Any thoughts most welcome. Incidentally does an "arrangement to pay" on a credit report presumably also cause difficulties which is what I have with Northern Rock lady of Limited Means Sarrah K x
  6. this is very helpful thank you, i will have a look into this!
  7. I have a £900 o/draft on the account so i am really worrying as it will take me a few months to pay off. They have not said to me yet that i have to pay it within 30 days notice but I know they will be starting to demand it straight after the closure which is going to obviously be another big battle for me!
  8. Sarrahk

    Juicy V HSBC

    Hey juicy, see my new post, I have just had same situation! I am having to opne a natwest step account so at least i can get a solo card which more places take as well as switch now x Real pain in butt though i gues it was bound to happen! I am getting ombudsman involved as i think it is a disgrace, they are just retaliating as it is only way they know how!
  9. Tell me about it! You can still get an account but it is only a basic type (solo with natwest) which doesn not give you cheque book/o draft (probably sensible for me!) or switch card.. not having switch is pain mind cos of online shopping etc
  10. Hi folks.. i am, back again to let you know what has been going on between HSBC & I recently! After I recovered my £198 charges from them unfortunately they sought to applied a further £50 in June and £100 in July to my accounts. I wrote in June asking for the £50 to be returned (before I received notification of the further £100 for July) and they wrote and agreed this. I then however realised the additional charge of £100 for July was coming out (as a result of the previosu £50 charge taking it over limits!) so I said i would accept the £50 provided they suspend the £100 pending charge... Their response on Saturday was to say they are closing my accounts (2 current account and 1 baisc account!) with 30 days notice. I understand this is a common situation? Is there anything we can do to stop this? I was initially in a panic but I managed straight away to set up a step account with NatWest which has given me some relief.. I have not signed the paperwork yet but are there any other suggestions for accounts before I do... My credit score is not good enough for another current account! I have since re-read my terms and conditions again with HSBC and according to them they CANNOT close my basic account (although they can of course my current accounts with 30 days notice) unless there has been 3 missed DD or SO's which there has not!! I am therefore going to battle over that I think.. I have also contacted Ombudsman today who have said they can help and are sending me a complaints form.. Thoughts welcome xx
  11. well another twist.. On Sat just received another offer letter (very overdue) of £270 which is obviously still short of the full amount, is the standard thing to write to say we accept this as an interim payment but will pursue you for the rest? or do we just straightforward decline, dont want to lose this money obviously??
  12. long time no post i know.. unfo i have been away holidaying in italy (poor me!) anyway, returned last week to note that NO reply received whatsoever from halifax to LBA sent! Shocking! They have had 4 weeks given we were away! Anyway my boyf is bit nervous about going straight for jugular and taking them to sheriffs court so i have agreed to put together a final harsh letter for them allowing further 14 days... (gives me enough time to put from together) before we go for it! Can someone point me in direction of correct forms to use for scottish proceedings and is there a template? thanks Sarrah
  13. LBA sent to Halifax yesterday as no satisfactory reply to letter of 18/05
  14. After my dramas with the bank last week.. saturday morning i received a leter from bank offering me my full £198 in final settlement !!! I sent back immediately by recorded delivery & have asked for it to be transferred straight to my account so just waiting now!! Am so delighted! Thanks guys.. a wee donation will be en route once the money hits!
  15. many thanks spiceskull! i hope you are right about getting my money back but the banks REALLY dont like me! Letter has gone off to M Bowden registered post today...
  16. no its having none of it, cant work out deletion.. far too technical! Anyway thanks stonelaughter i will send that off today special delivery for sure.. I better also prep this claim over the weekend before they take me to court first if i am not careful!!!.. .. aaahh what a stress :o I vow that if i ever get rich one day i intend never to use banks again but store my millions in biscuit tins under my bed !
  17. oops i posted twice.. can someone delete one?! I am such a numptey
  18. This is the letter i propose sending: I am in receipt of your letter regarding my overdraft being outside the limit agreed with the bank. The account is however in this state due to the unlawful charges levied by the bank and I am in the process of legally challenging these charges. I dispute that I owe the amount in excess of the limit as in fact HSBC owe me £104 on this account due to unlawful charges levied since the account was opened. Once this has been credited back, the account will of course be restored to within limits and I will be in a position to make further repayments to my overdraft. Therefore I would be grateful if you would immediately freeze any action you propose regarding this amount pending the result of my imminent court action. Take formal notice that as of the date of this letter, this excess amount is in dispute. Think its ok??
  19. thanks guys, i will send letter to M Bowden that stonelaughter is suggesting.. do you think i should also send a scathing letter about this to A Pretty and those jokers at leeds as well who i sent my LBA too ?
  20. Do i write back to M Bowden? i will try and find the template.. if anyone can pin point me i would be grateful.. what a nightmare!
  21. i AM SO MAD! HSBC have basically ignored my letters about charges but last night i got home to find a letter waiting for me from M Bowdon at Sheffield credit services telling me my overdraft was £46 over the limit (which is becuase of charges they applied last month!!!) and demanding that i repay this £46 back into the account in 7 days!! I am so shocked & panicked?! What shall i do? I feel like writing a VERY angry letter to Alan Pretty! Please help! Is this just a tactic??! I think i am going to have to put this claim in asap as suggested above.. I was really hoping it wuld not come to all this, am worried!
  22. Ha ok fantastic! I am thinking it just might be easier really, as it is so close to home, are the fees the same to file at court as they are on money claim? I am going to start preparing my claim soon as they only have one week left before i can file on 2nd and given they have virtually ignored me throughout i am not really expecting to hear from them! I am just bit concerned because i go on holiday on 8th for a couple of weeks and am unsure whether to start the claim on 2nd as it is unlikely to resolve itself before my holiday and so it means i wont be around to deal with any paperwork etc that comes through. Might it be best to write a "final" LBA just before i leave to give them further 2 weeks (whilst i am away) to resolve matter & then if not refunded file on my return from trip on 24th? thoughts please xx
  23. Sarrahk

    Juicy V HSBC

    fab news Juicy! Delighted for you! Well done!
  24. hey folks i am thinking about starting to prepare my county court claim as HSBC as only have until 2nd June to respond and so far I have just been persistently ignored by HSBC save for their standard complaints & leaflets letters (& i know they have got all my letters as i have sent everything recorded post) so not holding out for much... Is the template for completion of the claim form just in bank templates?? I think also i need to use the interest calculator too to calculate the interest on each and every charge is that correct?? I am also considering just filing at my local county court (which is across road from me), once my deadline expires.. what do people think, is there any advantages/disadvantages in doing it that way instead of money claim (save for fact that should it proceed to court it would at least be listed in local court to me)?
  25. Sarrahk

    loz Vs HSBC

    i think it may also be wise to enclose copies of their offer for the 1k along with the latest offer letter.. for their ease of reference (much as peeps dont want to be be nice to them it looks good from your point of view if does end up in court which i am sure it wont by sounds of it) but thats just my humble opinion
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