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  1. great thank you! That is very helpful.. i will get that done asap!
  2. thanks for the links can do, i might pop into natwest and talk to them at lunch and see what score is, i was going to write but i dont know if i want the hassle! I will just have to try and apply elsewhere i think.. I am going to get up to date copy of my credit report, i did have 2 defaults but one has since been removed so it is probably worth me checking that.. one remaining is bloody vodaphone of all people but i am trying to argue about that (have separate thread going on "default hell") where some useful tips are going up on there about removing them if anyone is interested.. I am also calling ombudsman and banking code standards board today so will post up replies.
  3. on the web searches it seems to cost more.. i only want a simple £2 report can you order that online?
  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i got refused by natwest for a solo account today! I am stressing as HSBC are suppose to be shutting everything down on 27th! Despite initial acceptance over the telephone i have had a letter through saying since i sent the signed forms back they have performed checks and they cannot accept me! I dont know what on earth is going on, i thought for a solo account (i was told by CCCS) you can only get refused for bankruptcy or fraud and i have neither of these things and they dont credit score in same way! I really wanted the solo cos of the debit card you can use in quite a few places. I spoke to natwest this morning and they said they "cannot tell me" why i was refused which i think is absolute rubbish!! I did have an old current account a few years back with natwest which i settled an o/draft on through CCCS so maybe i have been blacklisted by them cos of that?? if so it seems madness as this is just a basic solo account! I can only i guess try and get my up to date credit report from equifax or experian, does anyone have their number??! Stressed Sarrah x
  5. OK i am probably being a bit thick but i am a bit confused by all of this... Is the first thing i do write to the credit agencies and tell them i do not want to be included in the automated process??? If i do this so what exactly does that mean? Does it remove the defaults or does it simply prevent new potential etc from finding out about them?? Secondly would the contractual letter you sent to Orange help in my case?? In my case Vodaphone said that even though i settled tehir debt in full they are still not removing the default by virtue of the fact that they sent the debt to collection agency and i only paid at that point and therefore they are leaving the default on for 6 years?? Sorry if i am being really stupid..
  6. ok this sounds very clever but i am very confused... does this mean that defaults can be removed altogether or just that no one can find out about them??!! good question.. what response would be bank etc have when they tried to do a search of your credit file??
  7. sounds good.. any mods out there take heed!!
  8. i think we should email them and see if we get a special rate for referrals!
  9. ombudsman wrote to me today and have said i have to wait 8 weeks for HSBC to look into my complaint about the bank closure! They said they accept that i have been tackling the bank charges issue for some time (since April) and i was referred to the ombudsman on that, but the complaint i have now about the bank closure is a new matter & i have to wait for HSBC to investigate it first for 8 weeks before i can refer back to them! This seems like madness to me as as far as i am concerned it is all part of the same thing and in less that 2 weeks the account will be closed by HSBC! I am goin to speak to the ombudsman again today..
  10. welcome hijacker! hmmm.. this is interesting.. i wonder if they are just trying to scare us... I am annoyed they say it is because of going o/drawn again, only reason i did that was because of fees they put on previous month and time they took to reimburse!! as for the fact you can "always" get an account elsewhere... not quite that easy with my credit score now and you are of course restricted to a basic account!
  11. hey who is talking about free money???!!! who wants to recommend me and earn us both a fiver then as i was planning on taking mine out next week (post pay day!) but having said that i particularly want to go with this one.. https://www.extremecred.com/index.php reason being there are no monthly fees for it and also costs less to draw £ out then some of the others and its maestro which means no extra charges on online shopping like you sometimes get with visa...
  12. This is the email i received from the BBA. basically they just refer me onto ombudsman and the banking code standards board who have both already agreed to assist and look into my case. There links to the banking code are quite useful though. Thank you for your e-mail. As a trade association working on issues on behalf of our members in the UK financial services industry, we do not have a regulatory role and therefore cannot assist in pursuing your complaint. However, I attach links to a copy of the Banking Code and to a bankfact that we have produced entitled complaining to/about your bank. http://www.bba.org.uk/bba/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=347 http://www.bba.org.uk/bba/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=262&a=390 Kind regards.
  13. do i need to amend the wording of this letter to reflect the fact thta I have settled the account in full do you think?
  14. Hi folks... well not much new to report at the moment. I have not heard anymore from Jane Mckew at the Banking code standards board as yet. Last I heard the assistant chief exec was looking into my case & would be contacting HSBC (this was fri) so i think i will leave it a couple of days and then chase mid week. Nothing more as yet from the ombudsman.. I spoke to head office complaints at HSBC on Fri and warned them of all steps i have taken and someone is apparently looking into matters there and suppose to be calling me within 5 working days.... we will see but i am not holding out!! Interestingly, apparently there are no notes on their system to say they are closing my accounts despite the letter i received??!!! My accounts are not due to be closed until 27th August and as yet they have not written to me to make arrangements about repayment of my o/draft. I have however put in writing to them that if the account is closed i will be repaying in installments and realistically i dont think i can afford more that £50 a month so I just intend to start making those payments once my salary comes in (i have also written to make clear they cannot offset the debt against my salary). Will keep you all posted, i intend to fight this as far as i can as i think it is a disgrace!
  15. VERY INTERESTING DEVLEOPMENT... I SPOKE TO THE BANKING CODES REGULATORY BOARD (WEBSITE ADDRESS ON MY ABOVE POST)AND THEY WERE VERY HELPFUL! I spoke to a lady called Jane Mckew who said that they cannot deal with individual cases & just referred me back to ombudsman. She then went on to tell however that her chief executive has been very concerned about the recent developments with banks now seeking to close accounts after complaints are made about charges as it affects the people struggling most of all and she asked me if i would mind if my case was flagged up to the chief exec! I of course said I dont mind that at all and would be grateful in fact if she did flag it up... 5 mins later i have had a call back from Jane, saying she has just spoken to chief excecs assistant (cheif exec is on holiday) and they are interested in making an exception to investigate the matter further, given the concerns they have at this new tactic banks are using & they are going to speak to HSBC for me.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She explained they deal with compliance of the codes and i should still follow up my complaint with the bank and ombudsman. She has also advised me to write immediately to HSBC to ensure they do not offset my salary aginst my £900 o/draft when it comes into my account (just make it clear i am willing to make installment payments to them) as they can do this so i am firing that letter off straight away
  16. hi thanks for that, i had a look on their website but i am unsure as to whether they will take a complaint of this nature. I have however found the regulatory banking code body which is http://www.bankingcode.org.uk/ whom i have left a message with so lets see what happens...
  17. thanks thats great, I tried to give you a reputation comment Neo but it wont let me!
  18. That would be fantastic if you could Neo, thank you. i thnk I may have a chance with Vodaphone as when I spoke to them on the telephone, they could not provide me with the account history as they recently took over Singlepoint whom my original account was through and so have lost the info... i am hopeful..
  19. oooohhh i dont know. I was just going to use the template letter on site.. can anyone help me on that???
  20. yes, i am in a debt plan with the CCCS too, they are fantastic and far better to go through them then take out more debt, have a look at their website CCCS -
  21. absolutely, its pretty good, you only get turned down if your bankrupt or fraudulent! They say if you run well for 3 to 6 months they can look into upgrading to a current account (which then if you have no o.draft requires less of high credit score). Pre paid maestro or visa is also great idea to give you bit more flexibility in buying goods this link is great for the pre paid cards as rates much better than other providers https://www.extremecred.com/index.php. I will be getting one of these along with my solo account for natwest.
  22. i have completed my ombudsman complaint forms and sent all correspondence to them to try to tackle the proposed account closures... I have also sent reply to HSBC stating my views on their letter saying they are closing my accounts, this includes a paragraph stating that to close my basic account (which has never been the subject of any dispute) would be breach of the terms and conditions as it has never been overdrawn nor any DDs or SOs missed. I am also arguing the current accounts should be kept open as only unauthorised o/drawn cos of repeated charging regime & no DDs and SO's ever missed. Its clearly all just a reaction to complaints i have made over their charges. i will keep you posted on any new developments. Forms have now come through for NatWest step account in mean time and think i will go with that along with a pre paid maestro card so i can still do my online shopping & switching! Can any administrator out there re-name my thread "Ombudsman complaint against account closure" please??
  23. thannks i have had a look at this and may try it with vodaphone
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