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  1. I've just been hit with a charge of which £25 was "admin" fee for changing my address, it's funny I've just moved and obviously I've called many companies to change my address for free. I can't see how a couple of dozen characters in a database can possibly cost Hastings this much, they really aught to get their IT seen to! The lady I spoke to on the phone told me this is how they keep their prices low, by not charging customers these types of fees up front.... so wait I'm paying a share of all what would be all of their new customers fees? That surely can't be legal? The fee to ca
  2. I'm not received anything further from the courts yet, hopefully soon!
  3. Yup that's the one Swimming in half truths and it makes me want to spit
  4. Well after the depressing outcome of the supreme court case, it was bound to happen.. I received a letter today from HSBC stating that 'If we do not hear from you within 8 weeks of the date of this letter we will consider your complaint closed'. Not really sure where to go from here, as I understand it we are waiting to see if the OFT are going to pursue the matter down a legal avenue?
  5. I had a reply from Joan Ryan MP for Enfield saying (name removed to protect the innocent i.e. me) " Thanks you for contacting me regarding bank charges. I have written to the Rt Hon John Hutton MP, Minister for Business & Enterprise, on your behalf raising your concerns and will contact you again when I receive a reply. Thanks you for taking the time to bring this matter to my attention."
  6. Well my court case date was cancelled due to this OFT case (When exactly is that due to happen anyway?)... I've written to my MP about it but I'm running out of hope, and time. I'm hovering on the brink of bankrupcy and this money would help so much I just don't know what to do. I dispair , I'm totally disgusted with the judicial system I've paid hundreds of pounds that I can ill afford only to have my court date cancelled.
  7. I have emailed Joan Ryan for Enfield
  8. That sound brilliant, thanks very much
  9. Well I recieved a letter asking for a 100.00 allocation fee, which I've paid (begrudgingly, it's expensive getting justice!). I've just recieved a letter with my court date in October. It says in the letter that no later than two weeks before the hearing I need to supply the court and bank a copy of the documents on which I intend to rely upon at the hearing. Should I be sending this stuff back right away? Is there a recommended list of documents to send (I had a look about but couldn't see one). I'm starting to loose patience with all this, I really hope they cough up soon and
  10. Ah on MCOL it shows the status of my claim is "Defense" so I guess I've just not yet recieved it in the post yet. I'll go ahead and send a copy of my breakdown to dg anyway. Thanks for the advice.
  11. Statements requested 13th February 07 Initial request for repayment 8th March 07 Final demand for repayment sent 23rd March 07 Claim issued 13th April 07 ...and that's where I currently am, I've not heard back from them within the 28 days so tomorrow will call the court to find out what happens next. In total (including 8% interest) I'm claiming 3,055.05. Plus what the court case cost me to issue of course.
  12. Against HSBC, will give the court a call next week and see what they have to say then I guess.
  13. I just read about this, I hope he nails 'em to the f'ing wall.
  14. I'm a bit stuck on how to proceed, I recieved my acknowledgement of service on the 13th April. Any advice would be much appriciated. Thanks
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