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  1. Hi I had exactly the same thing last year, strangely enough it was for the same amount of money ! I too was confident that no such debt existed so I immediately wrote to them under the SAR policy and stating that until the same was satisfied the alleged debt was in dispute. This makes sure that there can be no enforcement started until they prove a debt is in place. Under SAR they have the statuatory 28 days to respond with ALL paperwork proving that a debt exists. Being the low life pond dwellers that they are they could not even come up with a copy of the original bill. After the 28
  2. NO No No NO No !!!! What ever you do don't stop..... I had exactly the same scenario and ended up taking them to court, even though they were claiming all along that they had evidence and were "confident of winning".... they were so "confident" that they didn't even attend ! The SAR is the trigger, if they are not replying chances are they have nothing to send you, therefore unenforceable and a straight victory with costs to you for your time/inconvenience/stress etc etc Did you receive a pac code when you changed over suppliers ? if you did then case closed, mobile companies will
  3. Update Today was the day, the case was heard before the district judge and he immediately dismissed the case of Arrow Global/ Weightmans / Ever****s.. They did not even have the balls to attend and try to explain their behaviour to the judge, something he was none too pleased about. After all the matters were discussed I was awarded costs and recompense for my time and trouble..... so there we have it, another nail in these low lifes coffin. This site has proven invaluable for the knowledge it imparts and the way it endeavours to get a just result for everyone who's misfortune i
  4. What seems to be being missed here is the fact that we are taught to drive on the left at all times. The middle and outer lanes of a motorway are for OVERTAKING ONLY, so the fact that so many just sit in the middle lane is crazy. The congestion we all see everyday would disappear overnight if everyone kept to the principal of moving back to the left lane asap. Yes that does mean having to move backwards and forwards between lanes on a regular basis, but this action in itself encourages the driver to be more aware of his sarroundings and other road users. It's not the rise in traffic nu
  5. Ok It's paper trail time....... you will need an A4 ringbinder and dividers as your going to start accumalating lots of paer ( evidence) which will hopefully secure your exit from these issues... Right you have sent the account in dispute letters, good, that at least will hold off all enforcement untill proof is provided. Now send them another letter stating that they do not have your permission to contact you in any way unless it is in writing, this will then go into your shiny new file.... Next send out the SAR and do not sign them whatever you do, signatures can be cut/pasted th
  6. It can only be guessed that because of excellent advice sites such as this one, companies such as Cabot are finding it increasingly difficult to hit their margins each month. A well informed and clued up public are quickly getting wise to the tricks of this desperate trade, we can only hope that the regulators of this industry grow some balls soon and start taking firm action to protect the consumers. Overall, this site is invaluable, informative and gives clear defined advice which more importantly reduces the stress levels. It would be good to see this site develop further into an acta
  7. If you search these forums widely enough you will find many many people in your same situation. Crapquest are the parasites of the industry and settle at nothing to make you believe that you owe something. Their favourite trick of all....... cut and paste a logo onto a piece of paper and make up an old statement to make it look genuine, thus convincing you its real. Do not send them anything, never speak to them on the phone, they rely on phone calls to convince people they are right. Ok first things first.... SAR Vodaphone, this will confirm in writing that no debt exists or ever e
  8. What a shame, you have missed a golden opportunity here to hit them right where it hurts.... in the pocket. In essence what they are attempting to do is "obtain money under duress" while engaging in fraudulant and harrasing behaviour. Send one SAR to them without your signature (of course) demanding full disclosure. Keep a full log of all calls and communications with them however / whatever form that may be. After 28 days of not hearing anything (standard practice) walk into your local County Court and file for damages limited to no more than £5k. You are entitled to compensation f
  9. There are many different types of letter doing the rounds on this and other sites, all basically asking the same question, prove it or go away. In your position I would be inclined to send an SAR to both Orange and Freds and see what comes back. As i stated before check the documentation from Freds very carefully, if it looks strange in any way then you have more ammunition than you need to shoot them down. Don't forget one very important fact that overides this whole issue, as the law states very clearly, it is the responsibility of the debt collection company to PROVE beyond doubt t
  10. Check the statement very very carefully, they have a tendency to cut and paste a lot of their material to make it look authentic, when in fact its a complete forgery. Also check the date of the last transaction, if it's more than 6 years old then it's statute barred and unenforceable in law, a counterclaim should then be started by you to claim for intrusion and damages, liability set at no more than £5k There are thousands of alleged debts being chased off the back of bogus outstanding mobile phone contracts at the moment, you have to follow due dilligence and process to show that you hav
  11. UPDATE+++++ Ok as expected, received no less than 3 envelopes this morning, a little strange I thought so I was eager to see what was enclosed. Envelope 1) A copy of the rubbish they had already sent me, which only confirmed that they had broken the law and were involved in fraud by trying to obtain money by menaces! Envelope 2) Well this was the icing on the cake, a full and complete appology with a pathetic attempt at " we did not know" therefore were innocent.... The final line stating we will no longer be recovering this account. What a total bunch of +~!^** Envelop
  12. UPDATE... The loonies at arrow are really hitting new depths, let me enlighten. As we are all aware by now, it is wholly illegal to continue ANY recovery actions if an account is either A) IN DISPUTE B) SUBJECT TO PENDING COURT ACTION Being as my own case is now both of the above, ie i am counter suing them for being bloody idiots! but they have now tried (and failed) to threaten me with legal action if i don't pay up... (on a debt that does not exist !) Ok, so they clearly have no idea what they are doing, but does this not clearly s
  13. In the same boat here, Arrow are the biggest wasters so far. First and foremost, SAR them, even though its not covered under the usual credit regs you can still insist on everything they hold using the Consumer credit act and data protection act. Once you have all the info, which 9 ou of 10 times they will not be able to provide, you can make an educated decision on what action to take. If they can't provide any account info or prove debt, then your onto a winner. If the last interaction on the account was over 6yrs ago it will certainly be Statute barred and therefore unenforceable in
  14. Now this is really curious, I'm wondering if there is a pattern emerging here.... I too have recently been recieving offensive telephone calls from these tyrants at Global, after putting them squarely in their place they realised it was indeed a good idea to only communicate by letter. I immediately demanded the Statuatory SAR,CCA and everything else under the sun, relating to an alleged debt from 6yrs ago. To date they have supplied absolutely nothing in support of their claim. All went quiet for a few weeks then out of the blue came cort papers from Northampton county court bulk cen
  15. Ok, Hi Everyone..... It's been a little while since we all posted this thread, if like me its because the slime balls at CQ have crawled back under the rocks where they belong. However, an interesting thing has just started to occur yet again...... new persistent phone calls but from a different phone number ! The new number is starting with 0208 so coming now from London area. They are still in breach of SAR,CCA and other requests sent to them nearly a whole year ago now. I am just so glad that I found this invaluable site and the wealth of information and personalities within
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