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  1. Yeah but in most cases they tell you what you want to hear to get rid of you. This fine, was it for your husband?
  2. Yes they can get into your house even if you are not there. Irs a MAGISTRATE COURT WARRANT. If you have paid your fine direct to the court after the distress warrant was issued then the court will allow the bailiff company to collect their fees. This is happening all the time where people are getting a bailiff letter and deciding to pay the court direct. To be honest the court should not accept the money but then you can pay at the counter at most courts.
  3. Excellent. I know someone in the same circumstance. Newlyn claimed to have levied on two cars in the car park near where they live. They even provided details of the registration of the cars. When they were challanged as to why they had levied on these cars, they stated the car was the same make as they were looking for. Surely an illegal levy. They can only charge £24.50 for a first visit and £18 for the 2nd visit. They are not allowed to send and charge for letters.
  4. Yes and have done for quite a while. Rundells bought out CCS some 6-9 months ago.
  5. CCS are obliged to inform Tfl that you are living at a new address. CCS under their contract with Tfl have to send you a letter to your new address and can not put any fees on for at least 17days. This means you will have the opportunity to pay the fine at £168.16 or £198.16. You could also make a stat dec stating you have never recieved the NTO as you have moved address. If you are successful the original fine will be £50 or £60. The four bailiff companies wit the Tfl contract are having to be very careful at the moment as the contract is currently under tender and there are at least 7 companies wishing to try and win this contract.
  6. I'm intrigued by this information as most companies have to submit their requests for DVLA information and i believe it takes 24-48 for the information to feed back to them. Apparently the only companies who have direct access through the magistrates court are the companies who have the contract with HMCS. Not all HMCS Courts are able to request a PCN on a vehicle
  7. Looking at the seizure notice and fee scale, it seems the bailiff has charged you a first visit, attendance to remove and a van fee. This adds up to the amount of £544. After securing your goods it looks like a 2nd visit may have been added. Was this all on the same day?
  8. So who were the bailiff company involved? Westminster are only using Phillips bailiffs now, a lot could be said about them.
  9. Can i ask how much they charged in total. The visit fee should have been £29.74. A second visit fee would be £38.06. Was there not a fee for Clamp?
  10. Looks like the bailiff has not calculated his VAT and final amount correctly. As for knocking on your door and calling a tow truck straight away just makes me laugh. Was it a boxing glove knock on the door?
  11. If the distress warrant has been issued to the bailiff company then the bailiff company is entitled to collect the fine fee from court and any bailiff fees. If you pay direct to the court after the distress warrant has been issued then they court will either:- i) refund payment to defendant and let bailiff company continue enforcement. ii) accept payment but still allow bailiff company to enforce and collect their fees.
  12. CAn i ask you who the council who issued the ticket was? By the look of it, they have charged you a 2nd visit with ATR, Van Fee and Clamp.
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