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  1. Having read many threads regarding successful PPI claims, has anyone been successful in reclaiming Repayment option plan monies from vanquis credit card.
  2. LAST POSTING Just to complete this circle. Posted acceptance Friday 27th recorded, maybe not a good idea over the weekend but did any away. Checked they received it Monday 30th. Account credited with £3375 today Thursday 3rd. Many thanks to all, especially T4FF the honorary scotsman . Watch out for Dangler8 Pt2 "The Revenge"
  3. I agree with sparkie, I was also shift the £1500 into another account.
  4. T4FF sometimes the Scots and Welsh do agree, its at rugby we tend to differ
  5. The choice is up to you lornac, if you wait it out you will get a full refund of charges, many many people have gone this route to prove it. If you go for summary court action you will gain 8%, but the time scale may be considerably longer, more stressful and you will have the legal paperwork to attend to. In saying that there are plenty of experienced people in the forum who will help and guide you along. I keep saying this, the choice is yours and yours alone to make, go the route that suits you best. Either way you will get your charges refunded
  6. Point I forgot rocker, send your letter back in the their envelope, I know its 2nd class but send it 1st class recorded, costs £1.04 but at least you can track delivery on Royal Mail site.
  7. Congratulations on getting an offer, its fair to say if you sign the acceptance letter as is they will have you by the b---s in the future. Many advise accepting by composing your own letter of acceptance on your terms. Whether this delays payment I dont know. Many others accept the letter as stands. Its a grey area and your choice. Do the thing you feel is right for you.
  8. Why not give them a call NOW and establish that both letters are on their system.
  9. The basis of your claim must reflect the accuracy of your schedule of charges. I agree with alibobsy to wait for written offer. In the meantime you should re-check your schedule, as you say you may have claimed for charges which are not recoverable. If their offer is correct you will have no grounds for refusal. Patience is a virtue
  10. Hi rocker, maybe Ive missed something in your thread but you dont say if your in Scotland or England, small claims limits in each differ drastically. Also you said your charges were £3727, is that basic charges or plus interest. Many of us have had full basic charges paid out at about the 8 week period. It is always up to each individual to decide if an offer meets their goals and not be swayed by advice. My own decision to go for basic charges was based on financial needs, time scale involved and lack of confidence to pursue what could have been a long drawn out legal scenario bcause of Scottsh claims limits. Good Luck
  11. Its just a chance, but you have to allow for the fact they may not have received your first letter. That would make your next recorded del letter their first, and that was only three weeks ago. I would send an LBA recorded delivery now and start the countdown.
  12. Serable, thats crap the 8 weeks is from the date they signed for prelim 16/03/07. You are entitled to take your complaint to the FSO if you dont want to hang on waiting.
  13. Congtratulations superward "Braveheart victorious again" :D
  14. Good luck Kitkat83, but you wont need it.
  15. Hi tallguy79, I sincerely wish you all the best with your claim, which will no doubt be successful, especially with the help of the help of the experienced members in the forum. Just a point in general, when anyone is starting a thread would it not be more beneficial if more detail was given, ie whether a claim is in Egland or Scotland, basic charges £xxxx, and calculated interest £xxxx giving claim total £xxxx. This would help members follow threads more easily, ensuring the best advice is given. Also help newbies starting out to understand the claim system.
  16. I agree with T4FF, it is wiser to compose your own acceptance letter without the reference to future charges. That said I would presume many have signed the banks version and It will be down to interpretation if a fresh claim for historic fees violates the agreement. For anyone who has claimed charges on a closed account and won, I would say give it a try.
  17. Sort of asking this question myself. Noted that wording of acceptance letter refers to "this comlaint and future charges" so would a separate claim-complaint for pre 5/6 year limit be valid.
  18. At least you got a reply Alpha, it would appear many people dont. Just hang in there and it will work out. If you dont receive anything by about the 7th week from date of prelim, then phone and e-mail them.
  19. Thats good to hear, many people dont even get the bog standard " investigating you complaint" blurb. I keep saying, if your claiming basic charges without interest you will get the full amount, many many people have.
  20. Hi ayrshirelass I assume by reply you mean the " investigating your compaint" generic letter
  21. If your are in Scotland you can go back 5 years, if in England its 6. so if you closed your account within the period appropriate to your location you can claim. Its advisable to provide bank with sort code, account number, and address you were at when the account was closed (If different from present) saves a lot of time.
  22. Personaly I would have stuck to basic charges only, but its your decision. Read the mcuth thread to see the many problems you will be faced with claiming C.I. I think you will find that firms offering to take on your claim may only go for basic charges, with 8% if it goes to court. I reckon options 3 & 4 are no go. Try phoning or e-mailing bank
  23. Hi serable, Thanks, Im sure if youve claimed for basic charges you will get an offer of full refund, phone them, e-mail them just before the 8 week deadline is up, should be Mon/Tues comming. Good Luck
  24. Stick with it, they will pay basic charges in full. If necessary be prepared to phone the day before deadline. Im sure there is a mailing problem at CRU. Best of luck
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