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  1. Hi sorry this is quite a long story it started early at the beginning of april . i am a sole trader of property maintenance so really need my van and tools . I have a vauxhall vivaro van that developed a fault , i used to be a mechanic so i diagnosed it to the number one injector. I called a local garage who claim to to be diesel injector specialists . I called up and checked with guy on the phone that they had an hydraulic puller as this is the only way to get them out , he said yes they have and if i dropped it in on tue 9th april they would have it done in a couple of hours at £55 an hour plus £195 for the injector which i thought was fair. At 5.30 on that day a chap called me to say it was not coming out and they are gonna leave it soaking overnight . The next day (wed 10 th) i called at about 4.30 after hearing nothing and was told the same again .On thursday the 11th the boss called me telling me that the hydraulic puller is only a 10 ton puller and not shifting the injector and that they need a 20 ton puller (investigation online shows these injectors break at 8 -9 ton ) but he could not get one till the following tuesday which i said was no good and i would take it elsewhere. On the friday i went in in the morning and they had the other puller there already so i left them to it . I called sat 13th and was told the injector was out . I called monday 15th and was told they have made a mistake and dropped some carbon down the piston bore and would call me back when it was out. I called tuesday 16th and was told they have just removed the sump and was ready to take out the crankshaft to remove the piston which i was shocked to hear . This is exactly what i was told after calling back wed 17th and thursday 18th.. they gave me a courtesy car on friday 19th which was a really old corsa and i could only put a tiny amount of tools in . My van was on a ramp with the gearbox ,sump and crankshaft removed . I asked the mechanic there what was dropped in the bore and he said something metal and that the piston cant be removed from the bottom. I went in saturday 20th and spoke to a mechanic and asked if they own a hydraulic puller which he stated that they have never had one and had to hire one to pull mine out . The boss made me wait 30 mins in reception and when we spoke i told him that if i knew he had no hydraulic puller i would have never come to him . He was very rude but admited it was his mistake , when i told him i have lost loads in lost work his reply was you and me both . i asked why he lied about the hydraulic puller but he just said he had one but lost some parts of it. Next they took the head off which required pulling the other 3 injectors . I called day after day with no answers but i had to go and get something from the van on the morning of monday 29th to see the head of the van on the bench with injector number 3 broken inside , the boss wasnt about but the mechanic there said they had a trainee with a dremel trying to remove the broken one . I have rung daily mostly with no reply or no answers than today the 9th may 29 days after dropping it in and many many days lost work the boss called me and said it was ready but i need to pay 6 hours labour plus the injector costing about £600 . After explaining that my loss of work is in the thousands he said no payment no van and hung up . Can anyone give me advice on the situation thanks. Rick
  2. I got a letter on the 25/7 and bailiffs letter on the 7/8 adding 2k in charges. If the letter says pay pd kitchens by cheque could I post them one ? But the issue is they are in liquidation so they won’t be able to bank it. I want it changed name as there is money missed and their accountant keeps missing payments I have made this is why I want it correct and then I need to resolve it.
  3. Once a CCJ has been filed can the claimant change there company name and address? I have been sent a CCJ from a company called PD kitchens ltd, they are liquidated now. I called the claimant and said I have never had dealings with pd kitchens Ltd. He said I know we have filled out the CCJ paperwork incorrectly. He said it was meant to say horsham cabinet company ltd. He said he will call the court and change it??? Is that possible for him to do that?? I have been on holiday and missed the court date to prove I have never had dealings with that company. What do I do now? He text me saying This. Hi Lee.. One of the payments you made were taken on the pd card reader. Lisa saw this and then completed the paperwork out incorrectly. We’ve looked into having the paperwork changed to the correct company name but it would cost me again, I will of course if you’d prefer. I liquidated pd kitchens this year and we now just operate as Horsham Cabinets from the same premises. Does this help clear things up ? My reply is this to his text. Hi Andy I have spoken to my solicitor and they have informed me that the CCJ has been filed in the incorrect company name and there for it needs changing and court needs informing Monday as it’s illegal to do what’s been done and they need informing Monday. I have been advised not to by pay Horsham cabinets for a CCJ that’s been filed under pd kitchens as there is no invoices I own with that name on them. Once it’s been changed I’m happy to move forward on this matter in or out of court. I’m also going to my bank Monday to get all payments that’s been made as proof. Once I receive a letter from the court saying this has been removed I’ll call you and sort this out.. His reply Yes. We’ve requested they correct the details Can he do this or not And what should I do now as bailiffs have added £2000 on a letter they posted. Because I have missed he date what’s next. I have looked at setting it aside but they want £225 for doing this but I don’t think you need to do this if it’s incorrect details from the claimant ?
  4. Right so what’s happened is from the start I have been been dealing with a company called horsham cabinets company and was buying products from them for about 1 year. And this was all done on a hand shake I never filled in a credit account form or nothing of that sort. Towards the end of that year I had on going arguments about what jobs I had and hadn’t paid for. I told them that I didn’t owe over £3000 and had proff of the payments but they never took them off my statement. What’s ended up happening is they have filed a CCJ in my name but submitted it in a totally different company name and that they’re accounts lady messed up. I have been given a CCJ from a company called pd kitchen ltd and I have no invoices from that company. I was dealing with a company called horsham cabinets Ltd NOT pd kitchens. I have spoken to the owner and he sent this in a text msg last night Hi Lee.. One of the payments you made were taken on the pd card reader. Lisa saw this and then completed the paperwork out incorrectly. We’ve looked into having the paperwork changed to the correct company name but it would cost me again, I will of course if you’d prefer. I liquidated pd kitchens this year and we now just operate as Horsham Cabinets from the same premises. Does this help clear things up ? Hi liquidated it on 7th this month after CCJ was filed. So I wanted to sort this out with him directly but now the liquidator has closed that company I don’t think I should deal with him direct? So what I’m getting to is he has filed a CCJ in the wrong company name I was away when all this has come about. And missed the date to go to court. Shall I get him to re do the paper work in the correct name and then take my evidence to court as my paper work won’t match pd kitchens its for horsham cabinets.
  5. No the company that has put a CCJ in my name I have never dealt with. He admitted they filed the wrong name in their paper work to the court. And because I was on holiday I have missed the 14 day deadline
  6. I had a CCJ issued while on holiday the company on the CCJ isn’t the company name I owe money to but the CCJ company name that has is now in liquidation we’re do I stand? I have had a text msg from the owner and he said they have filed the CCJ in the wrong name and it will be more expense change it to the company I owe. I have now had a bailiff letter adding on an additional £2000 This is an ongoing issue due to faulty products
  7. HI not sure if I'm posting in the right place . A friend of mine who has had a hard time with gambling took a signed opt out form with a photo to all the high street bookies 2 years ago asking them not to allow him to gamble in their shops for 5 years so far this year he has spent £71k in William hill the same shop he took his opt out . Is there anything he can do about this , I know the problem is his but they have let him down as well ?.
  8. not been notified what for but im assuming its for a drill that i pay £10 a week for
  9. Received payment from my employer today but they have taken deductions from them is this legal as its a court order ? Thanks
  10. I won the fact that my employers cut my wages illegally .the solicitors for my company did not submit anything they just bought the witness statements and paperwork to the court ! . many thanks for the help of everyone
  11. sent the paperwork to other party solicitor and to the tribunal first thing with no reply's , spent from 9 till 5 calling the tribunal department and never got through .
  12. Im guessing they wont be taking any documents , the only communications with them was ET3 sent from the courts .
  13. Oh dear this is certainly looking like a proper screw up by me and seems like very little chance of success
  14. Does this mean i cannot rely on any evidence at all on friday ??
  15. yes that right basically an underpayment by my employers and what i wrote down in the ET1 . Can i send the documentation by email . And also my ex manager is prepared to email me confirming that i did not agree to the new work changes and it was agreed that i could continue on the same work structure at the same pay . Do you think this would help ?. once again many thanks i really appreciate your help
  16. It says notice of hearing , and says half way down 1 hour has been allocated to hear the evidence and decide the claim .
  17. Its a tribunal for an hour with decision at the end . I have filled an ET1 and received an email containing an ET3 . Acas were involved but 2 weeks ago my employers just told them they want to go to tribunal . I have the tribunal appointment on friday. I have had no contact whatsoever with my employers or their solicitors apart from the copy of the ET3 . Thanks for your reply
  18. i Thought tribunals were very straightforward but no i realize im very wrong . During the months running up to this until now i had no idea about disclosure and after reading up on it i guess i can use no evidence documents at tribunal at all now .During this tribunal procedure i have received nothing from my employer about disclosure and bundles and im guessing thats why all of a sudden they are confident .
  19. I really would just appreciate advice on the Tribunal front as its a few days because i miss read the paper work . I have not forwarded any documents to any parties does this mean i cannot use any document evidence at the hearing ? thanks
  20. i was a two man tech before the imposed changed and after refusing the changes continued as a two man crew (the only one ) therefore when they started paying me the new reduced rate after a year and half i raised the original grievance.
  21. lol I am the longest serving and most experienced tech in my area also the fastest with the best figures . Its not quite what it sounds , on average it takes about 2 hours to for a 2 man crew to install a job . With the new process it takes the new contractors from 1 to 15 minutes to get the cable to the property and then the 1 man tech 4 hours to install but looses between 30-50+percent of the install price . And yes the company i work for are the worst after 3 month grievance process they never once came back to me with any feedback or answers !.
  22. new installs were done by 2 man crews , existing properties were done by 1 man crews . My job is installing cable tv which as a 2 man tech meant taking the cable from the pavement across the customers garden to their property then completing the install .The new process involves another contractor talking the cable to the customers home thus apparently making it able to be installed by 1 tech . The price change varies by about 30% to over 50% less . My argument at time was A. Lots of property are streets with no front gardens to go across (they said thats just the way it is ) B. could be a 3 hour job and after the other contractor spends 5 mins chucking a cable across a garden how does this make it capable for a 1 man tech to do 3. Bad weathers means 1 man tech would get soaked outside then couldnt enter property ,
  23. A,All installers were affected about 20 in sussex but lots nationwide B,No trade union involved C,No notice just rolled it out , did even care if everyone agreed or not D,£160 per week on average Surely because the new price structure was designed for single techs , being kept as the only 2 man crew shows that they were very aware .
  24. No employment with a previous employer counts as paft of your continuous period of employment unless you have been transferred to us under the TUPE regulations. If this is the case, this will have been previously confirmed in writing to you. 2, Job Title and Place of Work You are employed with us as a -------------- within the Communications business stream. You will be allocated a primary geographical location from which you will operate day to day, however will be required from time to time to work in other locations as necessary to meet our client workload requirements. As our contract requirements change, move and come to an end we reserve the right to change your place of work to any site within the United Kingdom with reasonable notice. If you transfer during your employment to a different business stream where different terms relating to Holiday and Overtime apply we may transfer you automatically to the terms of the new business unit, this will be confirmed in writing to you prior to the transfer. You warrant that you are entitled to work in the UK without any additional approvals and will notify us immediately if you cease to be so entitled at any time during your employment with us. As paft of your role you may be required to work in areas or in Government propefi that insist on security clearance. Therefore you may be requested to apply, through the company, for the necessary clearances. 3. Ey You will be paid at a 'rate per task'. Each task will have a points value and each point you earn will be paid at the rates detailed in the piece rates appendix. You will be guaranteed to earn either the hourly rate of 86.4t per hour for your working time in any week (Monday to Sunday) or the value of the tasks you complete that week, whichever is the greater. Separate arrangements apply in respect of holiday pay and are detailed in section 7 below. You are paid weekly, two weeks in arrears by bank credit transfer, SAVE THAT on 6 weeks' notice we can move you to be paid monthly/4 weekly. Should we do so, your earnings will continue to be calculated on a weekly basis. No overtime payments will be made unless the overtime worked has been authorised in advance by your Manager and takes place on a Sunday. Overtime is not guaranteed. Rates of overtime pay are determined by the project to which you are assigned. Your pay will be reviewed annually and may be increased from time to time at our discretion without affecting the other terms of your employment. There is no obligation to award an increase. There will be no review of pay after notice has been given by you or us to terminate your employment.
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