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  1. Hi Guys, Can i claim back from Cards i no longer hold an account with? Also Anyone had anyluck with Egg? I've included £10 fee for my statments for Barclaycard, Egg, and Capital One? Thanks Adam Stillwell
  2. Ill give you a little history on my topic! about a 6 weeks ago mine and my girlfriends cards were charged by NCP for weird amounts like £5 and 3 lots of £1.80. We contacted them and they said their computers basically went crazy with people's card details and charged them but if we send them statments they would refund? After 3/4 letters and so many phone calls where they either said "were call you back" or didnt even get through to the line after being hold for 30 mins. I've also tried email which got sent back Not sure what to do now? I think it's a shambles that their so so bad an
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