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  1. I have received court date 17th September at my local court. Did not have to send allocation questionnaire. What now? Please help.
  2. Why don't you try and contact Barclays. I have got an e-mail address of a guy that just deals with default judgements. Try: [email protected] He was very good with me and responded to my e-mail straight away. Good Luck!
  3. I think I won this one. Received e-mail this morning from Dino @ Barclays saying that he has sent the money to my Barclaycard account. Let's hope!!!
  4. I have last week received paperwork from court allocating it to my local court. No AQ needed, so now I will need some guidance on what to do next. Meanwhile, I have contacted Barclays by e-mail and I had a reply from Thomas Hickey who was very polite and explained that due to the heavy workload he would not be able to look into my claim at present and that I should contact him in a month's time to get what is the progress. Maybe by then I will have a court date, no?
  5. Thanks Peter. I have e-mail Emma and she has forwarded my e-mail to a guy called Dino who deals with default jugdements and he said they will be apying the money into my account tomorrow...!!!! Isn't this great? Thanks for your help>.......
  6. I think i will issue warrant today and pay the £55.00 and see what will happen. Good luck!
  7. Shall I? What are the chances I will get my money back?
  8. I am in the same situation. I have asked for judgement as they havenot acknowledged my claim and I am now given the chioce of issuing a warrant, which I do not know if I should as I have to pay another £55.00 and i don't know even if I will get my money back!!!
  9. Please I need urgent help. Bank has not acknowledged my claim. I have requested online for a judgement and now it gives me an option of issuing a warrant, but I have to pay £55.00. What are my chances to get this money back??? I am really very confused of what to do now as I have tried to phone the bank and only answering machine. I have left messages and nothing. Please someone help!!!
  10. I have received court allocation to my lovcal court and it says AQ not required. What next? Do i have to do anything now? Pay anything???
  11. I don't know what to do really, I am really confused. if someone out there has gone through this stage please let me know!!!
  12. Thanks Peter for all the advice, but I am still not clear what is the right thing to do! I am scared to apy this £55.00 and then Barclaycard asks to put judgement aside and then what??? I would very much appreciate if someone who has been through all this would give some guidance PLEASE!!!!!! Many thanks
  13. Thanks for that Peter. I don't know if Judge has filed in my favour, but online it gives me the option to send the bailiffs, does that mean that he filed on my side? I will try and phone Barclaycard a bit later today. Would you be able to tell me which number to ring?
  14. I have filed MCOL against the bank and they have not acknowledged the claim. I have applied for a judgement by default which has been issued yesterday. I am now having to issue a warrant and pay £55.00. Is it woth doing it? It says that I might not get my £55.00 back if the warrant is not successful. The claim is not for a lot of maoney just over £150.00. Is it worth going all the way? Is there any signes of bank paying it before? Please help????
  15. Please help, somebody.... I have requested the judgement and they have issued yesterday. Now I have to file warrant and pay £55.00. Is it worth doing and paying for it? They say in the website if the warrant is not successful, I cannot get my £55.00 back. Waht shall I do now?????? Please????
  16. Managed to go online with MCOL, Barclaycard has not acknowledged my claim on time, so I have been able to request judgement by default. What happens next? Anyone knows?
  17. I ahve been posting for my Hubby's x 2 Barclaycard, but have not posted for my claim against them. I have requested statements, wrote the 2 letters and got nowhere, so have decided to file a claim through Moneyclaim Online on 10th July 2007. They had until yesterday to acknowledge, which they did not. What happens next. I never experienced that before!:? I have tried to apply for Default judgement through the website, but something is wrong with it and it takes so long to load that it times out!!
  18. I managed to go online but once I type my ID and passowrd it stays there forever and it times out!
  19. Can't log in either. have been trying for a couple of days now!
  20. I have been trying since yesterday to go to their website to check my claim as bank had only until yesterday to acknowledge it and I cannot even go to thei main page. That is really starnge. Anmyone else out there??? Does anyone know why???:?
  21. I cannot get through to Moneyclaim Online, anyone else having this problem??????
  22. Yes I did. They credited into my credit card account maybe 2 weeks ago!!! I was very happy! Thanks for asking anyway.
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