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  1. Hi bitingback I didn't sent attach the schedule of charges to the claim as I didn't know how to!!!! I thought I would be able to take/send them at a later date - although I have sent them to Abbey twice (enclosed with the original letter asking for my money back and then again with the letter threatening court action). It was at that point when they didn't respond at all that I went online and started the claim. Have I been too hasty:confused: Will this jeapordise my claim??
  2. Anyone help? :confused: My clain hasn't changed since I filed it online. It just says "Issued 28/2/07" Should anything be happening. I keep hearing the phrase "Served" - when will/should this happen? I'm in "no-mans land" at the moment - should I be doing something...........??? Good Luck to Everyone:)
  3. Sev I'm so so so sorry. :( :( I haven't got any advice to give, just wanted you show support. HOPE there is a way round it. I'm new to this forum and I've started court proceedings - don't know anything about bundles but I'll make sure I find out now!
  4. Congratulations - wonderful news:grin: :grin: :grin: Gives me confidence to keep going!!
  5. Hi charleyfarley Seems we're on the same time scale - I'm waiting with bated breath! Glad you found me bitingback. I've read so many forums my mind has gone fuzzy! How do I get on the live chat? Pity we can only go back 6 years.................. I raised 2 children on my own, always worked and life was/is a struggle - thanks to the banks my struggle was, somtimes, unbearable. I know I should have "kept track of things" as I've been told a million times by well meaning relatives:roll: but as we all know it's not always that easy. Anyway, now's is my chance to fight back:mad: Good Luck to everybody
  6. Hi Just staring this thread as advised by bitingback and happyolddog. Thanks guys - don't feel so lonely anymore. Still waiting for something (or nothing) to happen. As I said I have started court proceedings and the sattus is "issued". I've heard it takes 5 days for it to be served - the issued date is 28th Feb. So I presume the "served" date is 5th March? How long then do they have to respond? I'm thinking 14 days can someone confirm please. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Good luck to EVERYONE Cassie2006
  7. Hello everybody Been feeling very lonely so here goes I am taking on the Abbey!! This has been going on since before Christmas. 1. Sent off letter for statements etc., 2. letter asking for refund (5100 incl. interest) - received good will £303 offer.3, Replied threatening court action - no response. So here I am............. Started court proceedings last week - on the site it states my claim as "issued" 28/2/07. What now.................... Many thanks in anticpation for any info, tips or just support.
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