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  1. Hi Pompey I have had all my dogs in the past insured with Pet Plan. They were always willing to deal with the vet directly and then the vet me billed me for whatever the excess was. I think it is your vet who wants the money more quickly from you- although Pet Plan always paid out within a week or two. Cassie x
  2. Thanks Jan You never know, he might be just what someone is looking for:p
  3. SPECIAL APPEAL Can anybody help? (Hope this is allowed:))
  4. Elsa, he was so beautiful, they both are. This is so sad - my heart breaks this time of year for all animals. Miss Molly died 4 years ago and used to nearly have a heart attack over the fireworks. Cassie died in June and she was the same. I got sedation for them from my vet but it was so pitiful to see them "a bit out of it" but still crying. Unfortunately I didn't have the time with Missy to find out how she would have reacted. Last night I think I came nearer to understanding what the blitz was like. In my area it goes on for weeks and then they start again at Christmas and New Year:mad: I wonder if all GSDs are all like this. I feed the foxes most nights but last night they didn't come for the food until early this morning. I think they were frightened to death. Cassie xx
  5. Glad you're OK T. You will feel so much better in a few weeks. I had this done when I was 28 (24 years ago:eek:) when it wasn't key hole surgery. Had to spend 10 days in hospital - 10 inch scar across my upper belly. Still, it was worth it when I didn't get the excruciating (is that the correct spelling!) pain afterwards. Still suffer with acute indigestion (have to take Lanzaprozole every day). Take Care of yourself. Speak soon Liz xx
  6. Elsa That is just............................so true. Says it all really. Cassiexx
  7. Hi Elsa Good news about the forum:) I'm OK. It's 2 weeks today, can you believe it. I'm expecting Missy's ashes back today. It's been really hard.............. I just wish she had a bit longer with me to know she was loved and very much wanted. Never mind:( Her foster carer emailed me yesterday - she had just found out what happened. They took 2 weeks to let her know:-? Makes me think that if there was more communication between them regarding Missy's health then things may have been very different. We'll never know. Thank you for your help and support at the time, I really appreciated and needed it. Cassie x
  8. Thanks You all for your kind messages. I really appreciate them. Thank You. I've read Rainbow Bridge so many times over the past few years, I know it by heart. I took Missy to my vet yesterday morning and she is arranging her cremation. I've asked for her to be cremated seperately so I can have her ashes back - as I have done for my last two dogs. Just because I had her for such a short time doesn't make her less mine. Had a bad few days, only to be expected I suppose. Again, Thank You all for your kind words and thoughts, they really comforted me. T - please call me xxxxx Liz xxxxxMissy
  9. Thank you. It's comforting to know that someone else is crying for her. I feel sad, guilty and angry. At the moment the strongest is sheer sadness.......................:(:( I knew as soon as I got her home that I had been a bit mislead........maybe innocently.................but I thought with a lot of TLC I could fix her........................ xxx
  10. She started to try to "vomit" (or so I thought) at 6.20 this evening. I triied to placate her but she started gasping. I got a bit hysterical and started calling her to "wake up" and I started massaging her chest. I thought it wwas just a worse "seizure". I tried and tried and tried to keep her alive..................... she died in my arms at 6.30. Her name was Missy:cry::cry::cry:
  11. OMG. I think I've been overdosing her with Tramadol. They told me she could have 1 capsule up 3 times a day for pain or when required. I didn't want her to be in pain and as I didn't know this little girl I thought I'd give her what it said on the box -"1 tablet 3 times a day". I now don't think she has been given this dose so after reading Elsa's post regarding overdose symptoms - "siezures" - this now makes sense!! If only the the foster carer told someone instead of saying "Oh yeah that's happened a few times" when she had these "faints", then the common denominator could have been recognised to when she was given more than one (or 2) of these tablets a day!!!!! I'm not giving her anymore for the time being (I'll ask vet in the morning). I may be just clutching at straws, but it's at least a start to understanding why she has deteriorated in the week. OMG
  12. I've got an appointment with my vet tomorrow morning. She weighs 33 Kg. At 1-2mg/kg she shouldn't have more than 132mg a day at the most........?? Am I right?
  13. Thanks Elsa. I have got her a risen feeder. Her bowls fit into this so she doesn't have to reach down. Ergo Grey Raised Dog Feeder by Savic-Stainless steel-Pets at Home: Buy Pet Supplies from our Online UK Pet Shop
  14. Thanks Elsa Sorry, should have said - she is on Furosemide for the fluid retention 20mg twice a day - also Tramadol for her arthritis 50mg up to 3 times a day as required. I would love to know why she has deteriorated..................were they not being honest with me regarding her health..................?
  15. Thanks Elsa. The heart tablets are FORTEKOR 20mg. she has half a tablet once a day. It seems she's been on these since june but these symptoms are getting worse.She has a cough (very whistly) and her breaths are 42 per minute (I know in a healthy dog it is 20 per min.) xx
  16. Hi Charley and Angels Can you have a look at my post on this forum please - in need sof some advice:cry: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/consumer-forums-website-questions/201037-pets-vets-forum.html
  17. The only problem is that the sanctuary haven't got kennels - so it would mean her going to another foster home - I couldn't live with that, she's not well enough to be passed around. I'm the 3rd person she's been with since they rescued her in June.
  18. Here goes:cry: (apologies for such a long post) Lost my beautiful dog, Cassie, in june. Home seems so lonely. Decided to adopt an older dog. Some of these dogs are overlooked because of nothing more than their age. Looked on Golden Oldies Dog website and found a beautiful GSD. There was a link to the website of the sanctuary where she was. I looked on that and liked what I was reading. She had been seriously overweight with breathing problems and no leg muscle due to her size and lack of exercise. They had her with a foster carer and she was back to her normal weight with a slight arthritic problem in her legs. "All she's looking for is a home where she can potter about and gets lots of loving". I spoke to the lady who runs the sanctuary and also the foster carer. Everything seemed just what I wanted. Anyway, went on a 7 hour round trip (got lost) to get her. I did think she was a little bit older (or more out of condition) than I was expecting. I thought with a lot of gentle exercise and good diet she would be fine. I was told that she went for 1.5 mile walk every evening. That was 11 days ago. Last Saturday I noticed she was swaying in the garden - she then slowly lay down as if in a daze (like a semi-conscious faint).It happened again on sunday and has progressively got worse ever since. She can hardly stand to eat her food before this swaying happens and "faints". I was also told she would be alright with a few steps as my garden has 4 steps down to it. She Isn't - it's a real struggle, so much so that I now just let her out the front garden to do her business.Tried to take her for a walk sunday morning (just down the road). We had only gone 200 yards when the same thing happened. I had to sit on the pavement with her until she was able to get back home. I took her to see my vet last Wed and she thought her didn't sound too bad. She is on heart tablets which I was told wouldn't be forever. I've spoken to my vet this week explaining the "faints" and she has been in touch with the sanctuary. I have also spoken to the Foster lady and when I asked her if the dog had these "episodes" with her she said "Oh yeah, a couple of times" WHY wasn't I told this!!!! I've got an appointment for tomorrow morning with the vet. I don't know if she's going to take some bloods to see what her blood count is - when she has these episodes her gums go grey - I know from experience that is a low blood count - but when she's lying down her gums go pink again. All this poor dog can do is sleep and eat - anything else is so much effort for her. I'm heartbroken, as I've already fallen in love with her, but I do wonder sometimes if it's worth putting some dogs through a lot of stress just to "save" them. I'm a dog lover and once spent over 6K trying to keep my dog alive so I wouldn't condone putting a dog to sleep without very good reason. Also, she has a cataract in one eye and she is about 80% deaf. I wasn't told this. They called me to see how things were and I told them she was deaf they just said she had "selective hearing". I don't think so........... the postman delivered a heavy book and she didn't move, blink or flinch, even though she was laying in the hall. Im sorry, I just needed to tell someone:cry:
  19. Has this forum been set up? I'm in need of some urgent advice concerning a dog I have just adopted from an animal sanctuary:cry: thanks Cassie
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