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  1. hello, im trying to get £700 back from nationwide, ive been offered half which was put straight into my account. i accpeted it as an interim payment but said i would be taking it further for the other half. they wrote back 4 weeks ago rejecting my request for the other half. what should one do now? im happy to take these mothers to court. steve
  2. im claiming back 728 pounds from nationwide, ive sent the 2nd letter asking for it and they've written to me stating that they've returned 360pounds into my account ( ive checked and they have ) . what to do next to get the rest? please advise. cheers
  3. i think ill accept in the light of your replies. i was under the misapprehension that i was entitled to the interest regardless. its only £475, maybe thats why they've made the full offer. cheers for the advice folks! nationwide next. steve
  4. hi thanks for the replies, the offer was made after i sent the letter requesting full payment. i had not registered any court action. surely if were entitled to the interest we should pursuing it no? they're sharp enough to charge us interest, 12% on a credit card etc. am i not giving in by accepting this? steve, lets ave em!
  5. hello, hsbc have offered me the fees but minus the 8% interest. i obviously dont want to accept this, but i cant find a template letter, does anyone have a template or alternatively, any advice on what content should be in a letter of my own composition? steve
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