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  1. Hi Folks, Hope someone can help!I've posted the first letter to Lloyds requesting payment and after 2 weeks was sent the usual standard dross back.I then sent another letter threatening court action.I've heard nothing this time.I am owed nearly 3 grand in charges.I realise this is too much for the small claims court.I was thinking of going straight to the financial ombudsman? Is there anyone who can advise?
  2. I've read quite a bit on how to go about claiming in Scotland but I'm still confused!I'm owed £2000...(£2800 with interest) Small claims seems no use as it's over the £750.Ordinary Action (I'm not to sure what it is) is for up to £1500.What's next...The Ombudsman????
  3. Thanks.Just had a browse through it all.Soooo confusing!I'm tempted to get a firm involved.....Whats an OA?
  4. Hi.This is my first posting so hello to all! Can someone tell me how to claim more than £750 as in Scotland this seems to be the max?
  5. Hi.I'm about to send the second letter off to Lloyds and need to let them know which court I'll be taking them to.My claim is for nearly 3grand but for what I can make out, the small claims court in Scotland only handles claims up to £750? help?!
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