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  1. Hi, My Premium Account is being scrapped and I rely on the following features of it: 1.) The fee-free overdraft 2.) The mobile phone insurance 3.) The breakdown cover 4.) The travel insurance Now they are closing the account, I will be switched to the every day account which means I'll be charged £1/day for being in my authorised overdraft up to a maximum 20 days in any one month. Due to the way I'm currently running my account, this means I'll end up being charged £20/month for my overdraft, but get none of the "perks" For this reason I'm looking to move my account elsewhere, however due to my credit rating, I'm unable to get the overdraft matched elsewhere. I'm interested to find out if it is possible to ask Santander to freeze the charges on my overdraft while I pay it off? I'll instead have to pay another bank £10/month for similar features, but I begrudge paying Santander £20/month for nothing. I would accept paying up to £10/month until the overdraft is cleared - do you think this is something they would accept?
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