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  1. yes she loaned me the money to pay off some credit card debts i dont have a contract with her and was wondering how i stand putting it on the income and expenditure sheet -thanks for replying
  2. Hi I need to respond to a ccj and send off a balance sheet to prove i cant pay the full amount and make a monthly offer. What i need to know is how do i stand with a family debt. I currently pay my mother 400 per month as she has loaned me 6000 pound to help me with my debts . I dont have a written contract but i need to put it on the balance sheet to give the true picture of my monthly expenditure -where do i stand Thank you
  3. Hi, Wonder if anyone can give me some advice. I have just received a request from Weightmans re Arrow Global asking for an increase in payments for a debt of 3950 and with a form which i have to consent to a voluntary charge on my property to be filled in or they would take me to court. I wrote to Weightmans in 2007 requesting a copy of my CCA as per advice from the good people on this forum as they were going to bankrupt me they said they werent able to provide it as it was arrow global owned the debt. I am still waiting for the CCA (Card was taken out wi
  4. Hi i recently sent barclays a cca plus 1 pound as advised on this great website. All i got back was a letter and some printed terms and conditions with 1992 on. the letter says i write further your letter requesting a copy of your executed agreeent for the above account.The information we ust provide to you under the ters of s78 is perscribed by the cca1974 and by the cc(cancelation notices and copies of docuents)regulations 1983. under s78 we ust supply you with a copy of your executed agreeent and a stateent of account which is practicable to refer.please find enclosed a copy of your
  5. My parents have been able to raise 25% of my credit card debts and i have sent letters to my creditors offering this as a full and final settlement. A couple have accepted but the ones with the dcas have said they would only accept 75% and have threatened me with bankruptcy and sent stat demands etc etc. As advised on this fantastic website I have since requested ccas from them and it is now 6 weeks and i have heard nothing. (My cards were taken out in 1998). What would be your advice. Should i resubmit my offer of 25% as i havent had my ccas or should i offer no
  6. gordon26

    All out vs MBNA

    as a matter of interest what year did you open your account
  7. i recently received an sd off weightmans on the same day they offered to reduce my debt by up to 70%. i made them an offer of 21% of my balance as a full and final settlement. They turned it down saying 85% was the minimum they would take !!. I asked for my cca and they responded saying they didnt have it but arrow would have it. I took the card out with MBNA IN 1998. Should i submit my offer of 21% again or wait for the cca. I am able to raise the 21% due to my parents. Thanks again for your help
  8. Has any body come across this one. Letter from weightmans offering to wipe off up to 70% of debt. With the help of my parents i make an offer of 20% of my balance. In meantime i get a hand delivered letter saying i am going to get a statutory demand served on me and on the same day a letter from weightmans saying they will accept 75% of my balance as full and final. Whats there game. I OWE OVER 50,000 SO MAKING ME BANKRUPT THEY WOULD HARDLY GET A PENNY AS MY EQUITY IN HOUSE IS LESS THAn 18000.any advice would be greatly appreciated
  9. i was offered a short settlement by mbna which was 35% of the oustanding balance. i couldnt pay this and it was sold on to a dca. My parents are willing to help me i offered a short settlement to the dca(25%). The minimum they would accept was 80%. Why is that when i know from a discussion with mbna that the debt was only sold for approx 20% of my balance. Has any body come up against this. what should i offer and what is likely to be accepted Thanks
  10. My parents have offered to loan me some money to pay of my debts.About 15% of what i owe.Most my debts have been sold on to debt collectors.Does any one know what percentage of the debt they would accept -ie what did they pay for it - i have read from 3-20% Thanks for your help
  11. I havent sent off for my agreement and there probably will be a lot of charges on the card was taken out in the ninetees i beleieve thanks for your help
  12. hI ALL THIS IS MY FIRST TIME AND WOULD APPRECIATE SOME HELP. mbna have threatened to make me bankrupt over a 4500 credit card debt. despite the cccs and debtline saying a ccj was the worst possible scenario mbna or the solicitor has said they want 130 per month or they will take court action. Has anyone else had this how did they deal with it and what are the consequences Thanks m
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