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  1. I was hoping someone on here would be able to help me. I recently (2months) renewed my annual car insurance with Post Office which I pay by direct debit. I have now bought a new ca and wish to cancel the policy to take up a cheaper quote on the new car elsewhere. PO seem to be under the impression that I will be subject to a £35 fee plus a further admin fee and then 40% of the total premium as well which is over £300. Im well and truly shocked by this as it seems extremely excessive and not at all reasonable. Has anyone else had any experiences of PO insurance?
  2. Hi guys, This has probably been asked 1000 times before so sorry to bore you!! I received my 1st ever Parking Charge Notice today from NCP car parks. It's a bit of a strange one as I did (and still have) have a valid ticket displayed on my dashboard. However, the registration box on the ticket has been incorrectly entered. To give you an example without using my own reg it should read AX56 but in fact reads AX55, clearly now there will be some difficulty in tracing my car anyway. But what are my rights here? Should I contact them and point it out and risk any possible 'smallprint' in the Terms & Conditions about typo's etc or should I leave it? Obvioulsy CCTV would show me buying the ticket but I'm slightly concerned that there is'nt any.
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