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  1. Thanks for the help. I'll get straight on to it.
  2. Hi. I'm trying to help my brother sort out the massive debts he's ended up with after not being able to keep up with paying charges levyed on his accounts. We've received his Monument statements today and on each of his statements is a charge of between £15 and £20 for Payment Break Plan. As far as I can see he's not had a break and has been paying monthly (although sometimes late). Has anyone any idea what this refers to - and if I can claim it back for him? It seems a massive amount to pay a month (plus interest and an annual charge). Any help would be much appreciated. Julie
  3. Thanks very much. I was a bit worried there. I'll keep on with my timetable and will let you know how I get on. Julie
  4. Hi I've been following the proceedure for getting my money back from HSBC Card Services. The last letter I sent was on the 14/9/06 - the letter before action -for £194 This morning I received a reply as follows: Thank you for your letter of 14 September, regarding the defalut charges that have been applied to your account. Default charges are payable if customers do not make the required minimum payment by the due date, if they exceed the credit limit or if a payment to their credit card account is returned unpaid. The amount of these charges and the circumstances in which they are applied is set out clearly in HSBC's credit card agreements We believe that HSBC's charges to customers are fair and reasonable. The OFT has recently published the findings from its enquiry into defaul charges on credit card. HSBC has carefully considered the OFT's publication and does not accept its findings. However teh OFT's investigation has led to a change in market practices and HSBC has therefore decided for commercial reasons and in the interests of customers to reduce its card default charges for the future. These changes do not affect charges that have already been applied. Accordingly I regret that we are not prepared to agree any refunds or default charges or provide any compensation payments. I hope I have been able to clarify HSBC's position on credit card charges. Has any one else received this letter? What do I do now? Do I carry on to Moneyclaim? Can they just not accept the OFT's findings??? Julie
  5. Got a cheque this morning from Yorkshire Bank Card Services! Can't believe it! It feels so good to have them giving us our money back. For reference this was what happened: DPA letter sent 11/04/06 Statements received 19/5/06 Request for payment sent 4/8/06 (I'd been away) £466 Offered £233 as settlement 18/8/06 Accepted the £233 but carried on pursuing the rest Moneyclaim form submitted 11/9/06 Received letter from their solicitor asking for more details 18/9/06 Received cheque for rest of what was owed inc. 8% and costs 22/9/06! Contact details: Neil McKirdy Customer Relations Manager Customer Relations Clydesdale Bank Exchange 20 Waterloo Street Glasgow G2 6DB Good luck to the rest of you xx
  6. Hi. Quite scared now! I've sent the letter (using the template in the library) stating that I accept the £233 only as part settlement and am pursuing the rest. I've since completed a moneyclaim form which was submitted to court on the 11/9. On Saturday we received an acknowledgement of service saying that the Yorkshire (Clydesdale) intend to defend the claim. I think they now have 28 days to do this. Do I now just have to wait and see what they say next?
  7. Hi I've not posted here before but have been going through the process advised to claim back costs charged againast my husband - totalling £360. I sent a Request for Payment on 6/9/06. We've received a letter this morning from Angela McDade (Complaints and Customer Guidance) offering £100 "representing half the charges applied to your account last year". I've sent a Response to Settlement Offer from the templates provided so hopefully they'll move their offer in the right direction!
  8. Hi. This is my first posting but I've been working through the process to claim money back for my husband from Yorkshire Bank Cards. His claim amounts to £465. We've just this morning received a letter offering £233 with a cheque enclosed (from Neil McKirdy - Customer Relations Manager. I have replied using letter template Response to Settlement offer. But should we cash the cheque as part settlement or wait to see what the response is? Many thanks for any advise. :?
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