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  1. Hi, The ATEO has no interest details on it at all, I do not have any other paperwork from the court. I have got all SAR info from HFC. Can anyone advise if I should challenge the original judgement, it seems the debt was handed over at £4000 less than judgement was made against me, and I have been paying for 7 years. Surely I should be let off now for good behaviour?! lol.
  2. Hi all, Can someone help slightly update me or point me in the right direction - My case is still stayed in court and I have heard nothing from them, I didn't want to phone and push it in case we can take it further from here now? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?82807-Court-Date-Have-queries! this is my thread. I have had a difficult time, lost mum in March. Want to catch up, just need a little push, my head isn't where it should be. lol. Many thanks, Fzrkitten. x
  3. Hi Dx, Sorry it's been a few months, I was awaiting the SAR request stuff, which I have actually got, and trying to get my head round losing mum, so I'm back now, and hopefully uploading the info you wanted, sorry it's taken so long. I've found the SAR stuff very interesting, it looks like I actually had judgement made for over 4 grand more than I actually owed, thanks to nice solicitors and stuff on their behalf! The PPI was cancelled at some stage and I think I am well outside the 5 years for claiming it, but I don't see why I should still be paying this off, or at least as much of it, if they added that much on. Especially with all their charges etc. So I will look through the paperwork properly, having said that I know not what I am doing, so could use some help if anyone thinks I can challenge the original judgement. (I have the Attachment of earnings judgement, and all the SAR stuff now). http://i873.photobucket.com/albums/ab293/fzrkitten/Bank%20Stuff/scan0001-1.jpg http://i873.photobucket.com/albums/ab293/fzrkitten/backpage.jpg I'm hoping these links take you to the files, these were the original loan files back in 1999, I then obviously upped my loan, but now have all the paperwork and to me it doesn't add up. Best Regards, Fzrkitten
  4. Hi Dx, slightly ahead there then today, I have just completed the form they sent me back for SAR request, so will send it off tonight. Many thanks, Fzrk. . .
  5. Plus I guess what I'd been paying off of the loan before judgement anyway? Not that it had come down much. You can see from the statement I posted how much interest was added every month.
  6. From the ATEO date in Oct 2003? I made it about £3600 but maths is not a strong subject at all with me. (6 ish years x 12 months x £50?) Sorry.! Fzrk. . .
  7. Hi, I only have the ATEO, total is 11604.09 It mentions nothing about interest, and the claimant is HFC Bank PLC. So I take it I'm still paying the original people. Fzrk...
  8. Hey Night Owl, how's things? Have you done anything with your Lloyds claim or still waiting for guidance? I'm scared to even phone the court in case they want to chuck my case out, as with you it's a large amount. Have you written and amended your poc's or waiting to see what is suggested? BW, Fzrkitten. x
  9. Hi Dx, I've just found the original attachment of earnings judgement. It's a lot. It was back in 2003 and I've been paying £50 a month since then, and I'd still say it would take another 6/7/8 years to pay it off. I don't know how much my original loan ended up being for, that's the problem. I'm sure it was nowhere near this amount, and they also had ppi insurance on it. Any idea where to go from here? I haven't got the SAR details yet, HFC wanted a copy of my driving licence etc as ID, I understand I shouldn't do that? Can I go direct to the court, or am I risking ending up paying more do you think? Fzrkitten.
  10. Hi, I've never paid more, I didn't answer the solicitors and they didn't write again, but it's still now £50 a month out of my wages, and isn't set to stop for a long time still. I've got an email at work with more detail, I'm not even sure I know how much judgement was for, can I find that out still from the court? Fzrkitten. x
  11. Hi Scooby_Doo2, I took the first agreement out on 15.8.98. This was for the amount on the statement. I haven't had SAR stuff yet as they wanted copies of driving licence etc, and I'd seen not to send these, so I haven't done anything yet. I have the original agreement for this loan. I also have the court judgement, but not at hand right at this second, and a solicitors letter after judgement asking for a higher amount written in August 2005. I think this is at least 2 or 3 years after the judgement, and I am still paying £50 a month from my wages now. I don't recall whether I upped the original loan, or if they have just done me over royally. It did have ppi added. I have had no contact from the solicitors since 2005, but this is still an attachment of earnings on my wages. I wondered if I can challenge this, and who with? Many thanks, Fzrkitten.
  12. backpage.jpg picture by fzrkitten - Photobucket Back of statement. Sorry it's taken so long. Fzrkitten
  13. Lol, I'm not THAT bad an IT techy. Meant photobucket wouldn't actually open the registration page at work, think they may have barred it, we can't get on to a lot of things. I put the photo's on photobucket at home last night, but then it kept giving me invalid file messages when I tried to upload, and I was just tired, so gave up. Will try the other one. Thanks DX.
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