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  1. HI all. I am only now getting around to sending preliminary approach for repayment letter to creation. Has anybody got a template I can use please or is there a standard one. be greatfull for any help. Thanx.
  2. Hi rapstok. There is a letter in the templates library you can send them to stop harrassing you by phone. As for what you can claim I am claiming overlimit fees, late payment fees and the service charge, oh and i will charge them interest as they have done me. Sorry I can't be more helpful to you. If you start you're own thread I'm sure lots of people will be along to help you.
  3. just going through my statements now and to be honest im not sure wot i can claim back. There is service charge and purchase interest on there. Does anybody know if I can claim them? help please.
  4. Well got my statements back today, so out with the highlighting pens again
  5. HI. Sent S.A.R off to creation yesterday. Hope they are as easy as Cap 1.
  6. Thanx 120805. No I didn't get cci just the 8% interest. Good luck with your claim.
  7. Horray!! Received cheque this morning
  8. Well done on getting your cheque. still havn't had mine. Phoned legal department but only getting answerphone, have left message though.
  9. I have been ringing legal department as I have still not received cheque, but cant get through, have left messages though. Anybody know of another number i could try??
  10. I claimed that too. It would have bumped my claim up alot if I had got it. Thanx for advice
  11. Thanx jubaxt. Will let you know if i get any joy.
  12. Have u got the no for the legal dep, i will ring them too.
  13. Thank you GaryH. Will send donation asap. Could not have done it if it was not for this brilliant site and everybody's help. Thank you all again who helped me.
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