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  1. Hang on a minute!! KT 13 postcode Same as Fredrickson International Ltd debt collection services. Sounds fishy to me.
  2. Hi all Funnily enough,out of the blue, I have got a letter from Fredricksons today, acting on behalf of EGG demanding over £6000, immediately. Capquest have returned the debt after I CCA'd them, and now these people have popped their nasty little head up. CCA for them I think, and see what they've got.
  3. Well it looks like Egg are playing silly buggers now. Have sent off my Letter Before Action requesting my charges back. In the mean time I CCA'd Capquest because they were hassling me, even though I was paying £75 a month by agreement. They have put the account on hold while dealing with this. Fair enough so far. Now I have been contacted by a DCA called Fredrickson International demanding payment in full of £6542.00p!! Contacted Capquest and they said the debt was passed back to Egg , and couldnt give an explanation. Now I am worried. I thought I had a grip on this. Shall I CCA Fredrickson now?? :(
  4. Have just put all the charges on one of vampiress spread sheets. But I am struggling with the interest part of it. :confused: Now I've aded it all up it actually comes to £1565, going back to April 2001. The interest should bump this up so I could nearly get rid of them. I really don't want to cock this up. How do I work out the daily rate if monthly rate is 2.0751% for example?? I know, I know, I'm a bit thick, but I can fit a new bathroom in a week!
  5. This lot are driving me nuts!!!! 21st April - Got a letter from Samantha Forest noting my charges dispute and recommending I contact the Debt Management Team rather than wait for the charges issue to be resolved. 23rd April - Got a letter from Alan Betts, Head of Unsecured Management, telling me that as I haven't come to a suitable payment arrangement ( even though its all my money!) all payment arrangements, direct debits and other banking services linked to this account are now cancelled. I will be charged interest at the unauthorised overdraft rate. Got to return all cheque books and cards etc. If I don't return within 7 days further action will be taken which may involve a field agent being sent to recover them. And they will charge me £45 +vat for the priviledge. I have phoned them, and they say that my dispute has been noted, but it will take up to 18 weeks to sort out and in the meantime I need to clear the overdraft. They say that at this stage they havent closed my account, although its not worth a light now anyway. On top of this I have still not had all my transactions yet. They have just sent me a spread sheet of charges from Jan04 to Dec 06 with the rest to follow. This spreadsheet is extremely skimpy and does not show interest that I have been charged. I can't see how I can work anything out. This is so frustrating. How do they get away with it?
  6. Docks? Stillettos? Blo**dy Hell. Conractual it is then. That should reduce it even more. Thanks, in anticipation.
  7. Got a list of all overlimit fees and late payment fees today back to 2001. Shame they weren't copy statements so I could note their interest rates.They add up to a nice little £1505. That's over half of what I owe them. I know I can go for 8% interest at the Court stage, but what can I claim back in interest? Bearing in mind I am a complete numpty when it comes to speadsheets. And do I submit this with my first letter asking for it all back? I don't expect MBNA to play ball, but I will keep chipping away at them!!And MR T D COLES, they have sent me your £10 S.A.R cheque!!
  8. Well, I have now been contacted by Alan Betts, Head of unsecured borrowing. They are boring me now!!! They say they haven't heard from me and the situation hasn't been resolved and what am i going to do about the unauthorised overdrawn balance. If I want the overdraft service that they provide to continue, I must clear the overdrawn balance. EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE TAKEN THE OVEDRAFT AWAY. He also says information goes to credit agencies, but no mention of putting me in default. I am now going to fire off a reply to the effect that I have contacted them on numerous occasions and one department doesn't seem to talk to another. I'm going to fax it and send recorded.
  9. Funnily enough I have had a similiar phone call this morning. I told them where to go in no uncertain terms. It appears that none of these departments talk to each other. I wouldn't worry. They know they owe you money. They know the account is in dispute. You have made it clear that the amount owed to you is more than the overdraft.This could even be construed as an offer to clear it, it's Abbey who are holding up the process. Part of your demands should include removal of default if they go ahead anyway. Don't be bullied.You are nearly there.
  10. Just had a phone call from Abbey demanding to know what I am going to do about repaying the overdraft they have withdrawn. I told them I have informed them the account is in dispute, they owe me charges, and haven't supplied full information yet. Without knowing what they owe me, I can't budget to settle the remainder. Snotty Sandra said my complaint hadn't been registered (despite being sent recorded delivery on the 30th March) and they would default the account. I said you can't, its in dispute. She said we can, because I admit that some of the overdraft is not made up of unlawful charges. She refused her second name saying"I don't have to tell you that". I told her that in that case I don't deal with anonymous people and in future only contact me by letter. I told her I'll see Abbey in Court with a record of this conversation. Fully expect closure of account now!! They have wound me up a treat first thing this morning, but they ain't gonna wear me down !!
  11. Absolutely, Checked on Royal Mail and its been delivered. I'll play the waiting game. The thing that really p****s me off is Wescot only contacted me by trawling the voters register. Apparently it's a common tactic to blanket mail everyone with the same name and see how many people own up t6o the debt!! Good job I am an honest bloke. Ha Ha.
  12. Well CCA sent to Wescot on 20th March and still no contact from them.Do I just sit tight? Goldfish ( a.k.a Lloyds Bank)say they passed the Goldfish business to Morgan Stanley . But: "As your account was closed prior to the acquisition date it was not included in the Morgan Stanley portfolio" and then advised to contact Lloyds TSB direct, which I have done. Credit Card run around or what?
  13. Or it could be called "You've been rumbled". Anyway I have recieved my transaction history, and about to send off my Prelim letter. I have seen about four different addresses. Anybody got the correct one??:?
  14. This sounds really daft, but I am actually enjoying this!! Used to be an E-Bay addict. This is far more rewarding. :)
  15. Well, well, A complete transaction history has been delivered, and the S.A.R cheque returned. I cant get home to look at it until Monday, when I do I will add up all the overlimit fees and penalty charges. I understand I can claim 8% at the Court stage, what else can I get back? Can I get the default removed because part of the amount defaulted comprises of unlawful fees?
  16. S.A.R sent with p.o. Don't Goldfish have a duty under Data Protection Act to hold my personal info for 8 years?
  17. Here goes, please bear with me. In late 2002, I maxed out my Goldfish card. I had a few problems, lost my wife, house and kids and had a breakdown. This is not a sob story or an attempt to wriggle out of my debt. I moved address and rebuilt my life. In September 2006, I was contacted by Wescot Credit Services, out of the blue, demanding full repayment of £6025, etc etc. I now realise this was a blanket letter sent to anyone with my name, using the voter's register or some other database. I contacted them and have agreed a repayment of £50.00 a month, even though money is very very tight. Since then I have found this site and realise that there a large amount of money owed to me ,in charges, which can ease the situation. I sent S.A.R to Goldfish on 20.03.2007 and cca to Wescot on 20.03.2007. So far no reply from Wescot. I have received this reply from Goldfish: Goldfish PO box 3598 Glasgow G68 9YG Dear Glennyboy I write further to your recent contact with our offices. I must advise you that on 17th February 2006, the ownership of the Goldfish business passed from LLoyds TSB plc to Morgan Stanley. As your account was closed prior to the acquisition date it was not included in the Morgan Stanley portfolio and as such we assume no such responsibility under the Data Protection Act or otherwise. I must therefore ask you to contact LLoyds TSB directly in order to address any concerns you may have. Lloyds TSB have accepted that they are the data controllers in these circumstances and therefore, responsible for dealing with inaccuracies or queries. The contact in Lloyds TSB is Mr David Bruce, Credit Risk, consumer lending, Lloyd TSB Bank plc, Third floor, Trafalgar House, Brighton, BN1 4FY. I hope this will be of assistance to you Andrea Monroe Customer Liaison officer My £10.00 S.A.R was sent back to me, in the form of a postal order made out to Goldfish!! Now , I am confused. Am I dealing with Lloyds bank, or have they sold it to Wescot? What if Wescot ignore my C.C.A? Sorry it's long winded, but I needed to get it all out.
  18. Sorry, didn't cut and paste that very well. But you get the drift.
  19. Thanks for that. I have sent the following. Should put them in a nice little catch 22 of no repayment of charges-no repayment of overdraft. Up to them!! Dear Mr/Ms Surname ACCOUNT Number ** ** ** ******** IN DISPUTE Thank you for your letter of **.**.07 I have noted the content of your letter and please be reminded that this account is in dispute. As soon as the outstanding issue of unlawful bank charges is resolved, I will revisit your concern. Yours sincerely Glennyboy vbrep_register("664016")
  20. Thanks Karish Don't want to rock the boat too much. Was thinking about going back to Abbey when I go for Nationwide, who are whacking me , large,for unlawful charges at present. This is all such a juggling game.
  21. Thanks folks. Good to know that I can rely on somebody who has been there. These b**gers really know how to play the game. Shame they don't look at how much they are throwing at legal firms just to settle at the eleventh hour. Well I like being there at the end!!!!!
  22. Anybody think I should tell them I am in dispute?
  23. Just started on Barclaycard and it's going exactly as I expected. S.A.R sent 05.03.07, with £10 fee. Received statements today as far back as March 2004.Mr Paul Dickinson of Customer Services states the rest are on Microfiche,they don't believe they are covered my the D.P.A, but will supply them as a "gesture of goodwill". Barclaycard have made this clear to the Data Protection Regulator,The Informaytion Commissioner.He also says that all requests are being dealt with in the order they are received and it may take up to 6 weeks. So he can have this and get on with it. Barclaycard Account Number: **** ***** ***** **** Dear Mr Thank you for your communication of 26th March 2007 , enclosing statements from June 2004 until present. You state that statements prior to this are kept on Microfiche, which may take up to six weeks to process. You also state that you do not believe that these Microfiche records come within the scope of the Data Protection Act, but you are happy to provide them as a gesture of goodwill. I consider this to be a prime example of delaying tactics employed by your company , as eminently displayed on The Consumer Action Group website. The evidence is there to see, in all your repetitive actions. I also note with interest your comments regarding the processing of applications in the order in which they are received. Quite frankly, in a well structured organisation I would not expect anything different. Once again I request a fully comprehensive list of all the default charges/over limit fees back to March 2001 . You have 40 days from 6th March 2007 to provide this information and you have been supplied with the appropriate £10.00p fee in the form of postal order No ****************** You have until 16th April 2007 to comply with my request. I will then seek remedy from the Information Commissioner. Sincerely, Glenny boy Funny how they never listen. This is going to be good sport.
  24. Well, ITS STARTED!!! S.A.R sent 05.03.2007 with fee. Thought I'd do a sneaky and order online as well , just in case it was purely automated. Got a reply from Antony Turbitt saying information no longer held on our systems, send £10 for multiple statements blah blah. Paid another £10 in branch on 21.03.2007. Started to use my parachute account at Nationwide (who owe me loads, but I know they will close me down in spite, so I'll leave that as a little savings account!). Abbey have now withdrawn my overdraft and want £3000 on the 1st April. Nice, after 15 years of loyal service. Got one years statements today , all in seperate envelopes,, with the usual rainforest of advertising. One years charges come to £745, so another five years will reduce the debt nicely. Do I need to state that I am in dispute over the account to avoid default when I cant repay the overdraft? Glennyboy
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