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  1. Hi HB, Might be the same people but this is the company https://www.examworks-is.co.uk/ Hi BF, Hoping he has protected no claims and you are right about us both losing. Wanted to try and find out if anyone had dealt with these particular investigators and their experience with them, couldn't find anything on here at all
  2. Hi BankFodder, My husband took photos etc so covered there but my suspicions are raised because he has a Land Rover and they had a very old - think is was a Peugeot 205 or similar and it seems odd that an investigator would be hired to pursue this as we wont be claiming for any damage. The only damage was a small dint to the hatchback on their car. Maybe I'm just being too suspisious?
  3. Hi There, Apologies if this is in the wrong place but wasn't sure where it should go. Has anyone heard of Examworks Investigation Service? My husband had a small bump with another car, they were stationary and he rolled into the back of the car in front, they swapped details but agreed that he would pay for the mild damage rather than go through the insurance company. We've now had a hand delivered letter saying that they are working on behalf of our insurers but we have had nothing from our insurance company and haven't called them to report the
  4. Thanks BB - shouldn't they just give me the info I've asked for, they managed to track me since 2002 and taken money without any of the info they're now asking for! Unbelievable!
  5. Hi, I've had a response to my SAR which is them asking me for more information to help them find my records! I'm going to upload them but any advice on completing them would be greatly appreciated - I don't want to mess up. Thanks in advance.
  6. I can't find anything about timescales or rules which is probably to be expected but did find a business review which stated the gov should find an effective way to recover the 22 billion pounds in outstanding debt from SS, followed by legislation stating how it could be collected, including deduction from salary directly! So they can collect willy and indeed nilly without checking the facts and put the onus on the employer to get the money to them. Not surprised at all about the actions of this gov to claw back any penny they can for their over paid expenses but really this has serious repe
  7. Thanks Andy. So, I've spoken to the DWP and they say it was for a budgeting taken out 24/05 2001, which was originally for £371.06 and there was £114.02 remaining. I have no recollection of this and not even sure I was signing on at that time, I'll wait for the SAR to come back and contact my MP shortly. Thanks for the replies.
  8. Thanks for all the replies, I'll make a call on Tuesday and let my MP know whilst I'm waiting for the SAR. UncleB - the only state benefit I've ever had was the stint in 1999, no tax credits or child benefits, so really at a loss what this could be for. It's quite shocking that they just do this, looking around it seems they are doing quite a lot of this. Thanks again
  9. Hi, Can anyone help me with a DWP query. I had an email from payroll saying that they'd had a DEA from DWP and would be taking £114.02 out of my wages. This is the first visibility I've had to this, I signed on briefly in 1999 and the DEA gave an address I've not lived at for 3 1/2 years. I've sent an SAR, but can they do this? After I get the SAR back, would anyone know how I go about getting my money back and should they be reported? Many thanks in advance Very angry!
  10. Seen this on the news today, is there an update, how did Bradford and Bingley change the mortgage, this needs to be heard on a forum like this. It has been so supported in Nottingham that it should be highlighted here, please post
  11. I've headed your earlier advice, for any further benefit to come out of this, it has to be carefully planned. Thanks BF
  12. Thanks for all the kind words. I have a call on Monday with a reporter who has expressed an interest and will also make a claim against Npower. Hopefully I will be have some more good news soon.
  13. Hi Sali, You are right, they are bullies but also very incompetant I didnt take Npower to court, they took me to court for not paying the final bill and I didnt make a counter claim so the Judge was only able to award me expenses hence the £90. I didnt go though the Ombudsman, I just let them take me to court when I saw so many errors in their paperwork. Good luck with your case, Jane
  14. Look what arrived today! Eversir - thanks for your offer of help, I will PM you later if that's Ok and take some advice from you.
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