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  1. Have been on for the last 2 months don't know what they are doing but keep telling me my account is up to date and ok. Today noticed my installment plan payments are not going down. I am sick of trying to get a sensible resolution from them.
  2. I am paying PayPal from my Santander account but is showing on PayPal as payment rejected. Yet all other payments are going through
  3. Have had a credit account for a few years now, and have used it quite a lot. Since October 2019 they have sent me a notice of default and a demand for payment of over £200. I had already paid that month manually from my bank account. Their messaging robot is useless, eventually got in contact with some person, who said that my account was fine and I had paid, so just to be on the safe side I cancelled my direct debit. For the last two months every time I make a payment, it is rejected and refunded to my Paypal as a negative. Santander my bank assures me that they are not rejecting payments. Paypal are blaming my bank and the bank are blaming Paypal. I got a several emails from Paypal today informing me that my payments had been rejected, and yet they are saying that my account is still in order. Really getting fed up with this, as cannot understand what is happening. I cannot use the phone, as I am hard of hearing, and cannot make out what people are saying, also like to keep everything they say so I can keep track of it. thanks for any help, as for nearly 3 months now, I have been trying to sort this out.
  4. The garage is going ahead with the repair, as we need the car. Interest free credit, but will be following this up with trading standards etc, garage that it was bought from. will updat
  5. Just been informed that it probably was dirty diesel fro a local garage which was closed down because of illegal fuel
  6. I received all my information from Idem under a SAR, and guess what all my papers were strewn all over the place. My medical information in that I was a vulnerable person etc etc, and all documentation relating to a Tesco account HBOS. I immediately sent off a complaint, as my DATA has been open to the public for god knows how long. I was very upset and took pictures of the very badly torn envelope which was not in my opinion something I would send private information in. they have a month to come back to me, until I can report it back to the ICO. Very upsetting that my whole of the post office could have access to my personal information.
  7. Bought a 2014 Nissan Juke diesel last May 2018. Broke down last week, and after my mechanic couldn't find what was wrong, paid to get her towed to a Nissan dealer. Result is 3 fuel injectors which are leaking, cost of replacement £1600 plus labour cost. Can I go back to Nissan or garage where I bought it, and say I only have bought this car, and I cannot afford to get it fixed. Any advice?
  8. I open everything that is in the post and this only appeared after I finished with Payplan, after 14 years and no reduction in debts. Idem kept writing to me to get in touch, and as I have no idea what it is about, I am not about to get in touch. I have asked Payplan for all my debt information so I can try and identify this supposed debt. Payplan have closed my account and only they can see my information re debts. Resolvecall banged on my glass door and two men rang bell etc, very aggressive, told them to get off my property and they left. Police are not at all interested in protecting honest people from this harassment, now I am afraid to go near the front door,and what if they wait outside for me.
  9. I did call the police and they said that Resolvecall were a legitimate company, and they were allowed to doorstep call. Police said to ring Resolvecall to find out. No way was I phoning them, as I want everything in writing. Police are uselesss
  10. I have been on here many times and have always got great advice, so here I am again. I was with Payplan since 2006 and with my debts appearing to get bigger with them, and my ill health, I decided to leave them. Several of the creditors wrote off my debts, which was a relief, but after a year or so of peace, I have had a couple of characters calling at my door from Resolvecall my sister told them to get off our property and don't come back. I have phoned the police as I work in a government agency with a high security level. I rang the police who rang back to tell me Resolvecall are a legitimate company and can call at your door twice in the last couple of days. I said they rang the bell and then started banging on my glass door,, police just said that I should phone Resolvecall, and ended the call. I am very frightened of these callers as there is one of me and two of them. I have no knowledge of any debt owed and they will not give me any information but want me to ring someone on their mobile. I contacted Payplan and they have no record of any debt with the reference number Resolvecall gave me. I have nowhere to turn and even the police are not interested and said it wasn't a police matter.
  11. They told me that the interest would be frozen after the default
  12. Ok it must have. Couldn't remember but that means it has been defaulted twice and they added interest
  13. No I defaulted when I was unable to pay, but no default ever appeared on my credit report
  14. Yes and they dated it 2014. But it has only appeared since I asked for paperwork. I have asked them to take it off as yes there was a default but it was way back in 2012
  15. I used to bank with Nationwide, had a credit card and flex account. I became very ill after things happened and were beyond my control. Eventually the credit card debt ended up in a CCJ, and my tax credits were taken by Nationwide to pay off my overdraft. They would not give me my tax credits which were to pay my mortgage and household bills until I was well enough to get back to work. I could not gain access to my bank account, so therefore the overdraft had disappeared. I decided last year, after nearly 6 years of not seeing what my balance was on my overdraft. Nationwide then put my account into default and into a debt collectors hands. The nationwide overdraft had over 1200 in charges, and they said they had contacted me and sent me letters/statements over the last 5 years. I have received no phone calls or letters or I would have tackled the charges when they started putting them on. I have requested the records of phone calls and copies of the letters they sent, but they said it would take months, that is because I didn't receive them. Now it is with Arrow Global and another default on my credit report. I am going to make a complaint to the FCA, as these charges are staggering. Any advice?
  16. homeprotect no go,as the quote is over times what I currently have
  17. Yes I had to pay in full for my car insurance,which I was able to do, but the house insurance is a joint policy. thanks for the replies
  18. I have been trying to get house insurance but because I have a CCJ nearly 3 years ago, nobody seems to want anything to do with me. Tesco asks about CCJ's at the very end of the online application. Has anyone else had this problem and why penalise people when they are trying to get back to financial normality. We both work full time, and the CCJ from Nationwide is being paid off, and it was from when I was off work for a year, and for 6 months couldn't pay anyone. Two burglaries also, and lost two cars within six months. any suggestions as to how an honest person can get insurance. thank you in advance
  19. Why does my insurance company who gave me a quote, not allow me to pay monthly because I was truthful and said I had a CCJ,they didn't even do a credit search. My sister who is financially connected to me, got insurance from the same company, and got monthly payments. Surely if I didn't pay they could just cancel the insurance? Very frustrating
  20. It was actually paid off, and was never even disputed...
  21. emailed the CEO, and yes they were quick at emailing me back, but wanted me to go through all the steps that I have went through 20 times before. Emailed them back to say they had not kept their terms and conditions and I wanted to leave, but they want to talk me through my complaint. Can I just stop payment and get another provider as I said in my email that I would give them 14 days to sort it.
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