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  1. Hi - I fired off a CCA to Arrow - Reston's had originally returned it to me saying it was unsigned, so I sent it again and they sent it back saying they were solicitors - anyway I got it back AGAIN from Arrow only it wasn't from Arrow it was from Friedrickson saying they were no longer responsible. WTF? And so I have sent it again to Arrow Global Relationship Manager. Presumably they will keep sending me my postal order and letter back until I am bankrupt from all the recorded delivery charges.
  2. I've not had a statement from them for years. They were always threatening default and I would phone and just keep paying and then it all stopped when I sent the CCA request. I will send them a SAR - should I let Reston's know I am sending them a SAR? Will that shut them up? Thank you so much for this, it's much appreciated.
  3. The card was from 1998. It all went pear-shaped around 2004 when I had my baby (baby great, debts less so). I successfully claimed charges back from them in 2007. Should I send them another SAR? What worries me is that in the time they take to reply Reston's will have started a court case, since they do seem fairly sharky. I was paying MBNA until I CCAd them and that was in July 2011
  4. Hi - it went to Arrow, then Rockwell, then Reston's in the blink of a bat's eye. I never received a full response from the CCA requests, I just got bumped along. Also, while it was in dispute I was under the impression I should not be paying and so stopped accordingly and it was then registered as a default. what is a NoA?
  5. It says I defaulted in 2011 to Arrow Global
  6. Hi Andy, thanks for the reply - I sent them the CCA because MBNA responded by setting Rockwell's onto me, I sent Rockwell's a CCA request and they responded saying they would deal with it with their client and then next letter was from Reston's. They don't seem to be listening (surprise surprise) and I don't know what to do. Do you know if I should call them and set up a payment or what? I wouldn't contact Rovkwell's but perhaps I should call these people. I don't dispute that I owe MBNA money but I was paying it back and got the debt down to £3k and then this.
  7. If you cannot see the attchment the letter says 'Your request is returned to you because we are not the creditor we are a firm of solicitors' ...'there is no longer an 'agreement' as thisd was terminated when you failed to comply with the terms of the default notice issued to you by the bank. We refer you to the judgement of His Honour Judge Simon Brown QC in Rankine v American Express Services Europe Ltd.'
  8. Hello all, I received a demand from Reston's Solicitors for a debt to be repaid. The creditor was Arrow Global. I had sent a CCA letter to Arrow because the debt, an MBNA debt was about £1k more than it was with MBNA and also I was actually paying MBNA back (very slowly) and was annoyed it's suddenly gone to this stage. Arrow ignored me and set Rockwell's on me, I sent them a CCA and then they set Reston's on me. Sound confusing? It was. now it's with Reston's so I sent them a CCA request letter using a template from here and they sent it back to me saying it wasn't signed and they needed to know who they were dealing with. I resent it with a cursory signature, slightly different from my own and they sent the whole thing back this morning, including my postal order. I've attached their letter. Could anyone advise? Thank you
  9. Thank you so much. I feel less mental now.
  10. Thanks for that, but my question is really regarding the fact that I sent the CCA, got an unsatisfactory response and now they've just called in the collectors. What I would like advice about is the CCA process.
  11. I have a debt with MBNA for £3000+ I was paying £65 per month and had got it down from about £8k over the years. The people who regularly pester me decided £65 was suddenly not enough when it actual fact it had become too much. So I sent them a CCA request and they sent back a copy of my initial application form. Same with Barclays, only Barclays just sent a piece of paper with my old address on from 12 years ago and a big wadge of terms and conditions. No signatures or anything really. I know things have changed since the Taylor case, but still, it didn't seem like enough, so I sent them both letters (from templates on here) saying it was inadequate and that the accounts were in dispute. that's when both of them sent letters - MBNA's was from Fredrickson and Barclays was from Mercers. Can someone enlighten me as to what to do next? I feel a bit stuck. Barclays, throughout all of this, call me between five and ten times a day, in spite of me asking them to just write. Thanks in advance
  12. Hi, no, I know that. I've claimed (successfully) through MCOL about five times now. The Natwest claim was so large I couldn't afford to go to court at the time so I inadvertently let them have their 56 days, after which they offered me everything I was claiming (bar the interest). However, it's complicated, as they froze my accounts two years ago and one of those accounts had in it £1500. This has not yet been cleared up as everyone at the natwest seems to be as confused about it as I am. I did, of course, ask for the defaults to be removed, but they have only agreed to one, thoughy both defaults are related to the charges. Sorry I can't be clearer but it would probably take about four hours to detail everything about this mess.
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