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  1. thanx again barty,thought i was on my own for a while there
  2. it's ok now,i've sorted it i wasnt saving the file,i was just trying to open it can i just clarify that i send my prelim letter to the following address? customer care lloyds tsb 125 colmore row birmingham b3 3sf
  3. anyone help,i have tried to open both the statement of charges simple works speadsheet and the advanced one but they wont open? is there another one i could use?
  4. i'm trying to open the schedule of charges spreadsheet,but its not working can anyone help?
  5. hi again everyone,i recieved my copy of charges today now this might be a silly question,but,do i add up EVERYTHING on the sheets or are there certain things i am supposed to leave off the calculation? i have on the sheets: o/draft interest unpaid d/d account charge o/draft excess fee unpaid s/o
  6. cheers barty,i will keep the thread updated as time goes on
  7. HA HA,and theres me thinking i had boobed!! lol can i hand my request in at my local branch and they send it away?
  8. thanks lively,but i thought this was the lloyds forum?
  9. And so it begins!! i am right at the beginning of sorting this claim,so my first question is... Do i send the letter requesting a copy of my charges to my local branch or somebody else? After reading several of the other threads it looks like i could be in for quite a wait before all this gets sorted,any idea's on the average length of time its taking to get your claim successful? cheers everyone
  10. well i'm just about to begin procedures to claim my charges back and got told to come check you guys and gals out....so here i am
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