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  1. Hi, I have not used the same pc that I had Dial up on. This I am on now is a brand new laptop, I have only used their CD that came with the Broad band. I have UWC telling me its my pc. It is there fault, they have not changed over my account AT THIER END. I have not had a reply for my second letter yet. I have asked them to provide me with the information then for me to be able to access the section that I can change over my account from Dial up to Broadband, as they say its my fault but there was no mention that I could change this over myself. I have looked everywhere and nothing.
  2. Excuse my poor writing, I did have Dial-up with them, then I went onto broadband, I do not have the broadband on all the time and have been charged as if I am using Dial up and not the broadband, I have been charged for the Broadband and the time I have been using the Broadband ie 1p a min. They have replied and said we havent charged you Dial up sonce 1st sept, and the refunded 10.00 last month when I rang to ask why I had last month been charged for Dial-up, I have had BB for 4 months at least. I have a members site I cant access because they have not changed the account over at the
  3. I have been overcharged by UWCLUB over my internet charges, I have signed up for there Broadband, which I am on now typing this, I have been for a few months, yet they are still charging me for Dial-up and broadband, hence my internet bills for last few months have been £60+ instead of 19.95. I have complained, they sent me A REPLY saying its my PC's fault and I have not installed it properly. Hey guys I am using it now, Its all working, but they are refusing to refund thier mistake, saying its somehow my fault. How the heck can I control how they are charging me, which button do
  4. Ritalin switches on the neurotransmitters, which gets your brain firing in the right sequence , its not a cure, there are reasons these neurotransmitters are not working, and as previous posts suggest, look into Calcium, omega stay off fresh orange juice, that sends us high. There is a chap called Steven Plogg who is ADHD and has embraced his condition and like I have and use these quick thinking skills to my benefit. I am looking for his website to post for you to see another more manageable way of coping, the reason Doctors are trying not to prescribe Ritalin is because in one way
  5. Thankyou, I will go all the way as I have everything to gain lol
  6. Hi all you consumers fighting back, I have been reading posts and getting on with the job of all the paper work against 3 ROBBING Business's. I have a claim in against Lloyds for £900.00 they have till 20th sept to reply to court. Abbey I am claiming £3336.32 its taken me since March to get all the paperwork from them. But since I realised and added the interest, it doesnt seem such a wait as they are going to have to pay for it LMAO Capitol One have been good at responding quickly and nicely, however they are only offering £148.00 back from the £590.00 they have charged me.
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