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  1. I'm surpirsed nobody's commented on this. I'm trying to help muy son's girlfriend over a similar thing where her former employer is threatening her with court action over an alleged overpayment, and a bunch of scumbags called CCC Debt Management who have totally ignored her letter asking for proof that she owes the money and that they are entitled to act on the company's behalf. They have also sent her a very unpleasant letter threatening to take her to court despite her saying that she disputes the claim. Hope someone out there can help you (and me).
  2. These people don't listen, do they? I've had another letter from Mackenzie Hall, this time offering a reduced settlement offer (which still doesn't wipe out all the unlawful charges). They are completely ignoring all my correspondance and tell me that if I don't pay up they will 'have no aletrnative but to take the matter further'. Anybody got any ideas how I should reply? I'm tempted to really lay into them but feel I might regret it.
  3. Thanks, and yes it does make sense. In fact I was paying regularly before the court claim went in but was advised that any payments would be an admission of liability. On reflection though, it's only an admission that I owe something and not all of it, as you say. They're still 'orrible though
  4. Well, Folks, here we go again. After a brief respite they've completely ignored me and sent another letter demanding payment and threatening Court action. What am I supposed to do to get this pond life to lay off, arson, GBH and homicide not being an option? To recap:- I owe Barclays something but not all of what they are claiming. I am counter claiming this by claiming my bank charges back (it's a current account - or was) and of course this is currently on hold. Mackenzie Whatever are demanding the full amount despite the ongoing claim and are evidently dismissing my objections as irrel
  5. Hello everyone Is there a section on the site that deals with boundary disputes with neighbours? I'd be very interested to have a look but can't find anything about it Cheers
  6. Wow! A reply within 2 days. As follows:- Dear Bilgeman (not really) Thank you for your recent communication, regarding a query on the above account. Could I please ask you to call myself on ***** *** *** in order for me to discuss this matter further with yourself. We have placed your account on hold whilst these enquiries are underway and ask for your patience until we can gather the correct information to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Kindest regards ******* ***** Mackenzie Hall etc Hmm! My reply:- Thank you for your reply to my
  7. Continuing in the same vein, my son has moved out but kept his Orange phone account nder my address. They have phoned three times this week asking to speak to him and telling us that the bill is unpaid and if the issue isn't resolved it will black mark our address. Are they allowed to threaten us like this or is there some truth in the matter? Thanks, Folks
  8. Brilliant, Folks. Thanks. I will keep you informed of progress
  9. This is a current account, by the way...
  10. I have had a letter from Mackenzie Hall demanding payment over this matter which is now the subject of a dispute over the amount (due to the unlawful charges) and there is currently a Court Claim for the return of some of those charges which is presently stayed pending the result of the 'test case'. Are they acting illegally by demanding payment of the full amount under these circumstances and what do I do about it. I was paying them through PayPlan but asked them to stop making payments when I realised some of the balance (£1800 from £4200) was made of of unlawful charges. Thanks, whoever...
  11. That's great. Thanks for your help. I was fairly certain it was the case but wanted some more opinions. Cheers
  12. Still getting conflicting views from people I know. Anyone know the REAL truth?
  13. This is only a suggestion and I don't know if it would be possible or do any good even if it is but can't you ask your doctor for a letter explaining your situation and sending copies of it to everyone who's hassling you in the hope that it might at least persuade them to hang fire a bit. It might sway the courts to delay proceedings too. Then again it might not.... as I said, just a suggestion... Good luck
  14. As usual, I imagine this has been covered elsewhere but I've just spent twenty minutes looking and can't find it. The heading says most of it really. As I understand it, if you have bad credit, or even someone who previously lived at your address did, it would jeopardise the chances of others living at your addrress getting bank accounts, credit etc. I have been told this is no longer the case but there seem to be differing views whoever you talk to. Does anyone on here know the truth of the matter? I'd be delighted to know. Thanks
  15. I think that this, below, is something we should all be starting to elaborate on NOW so that by the time the baby kissing starts it's right in their faces
  16. I've added non acknowledement of debt and cut out the paragraph about pledging payments
  17. Bearing in mind what Fistwithit says above and all other advice recieved, does anybody think that this is too much to say? I felt that, as the Claim was only filed a few days ago, they should at least be told about it. Doesn't alter the fact that they're hassling me for a debt that's in dispute and subject to a CCA request that's been more or less ignored. 'I refer to your letter of 31 October 2007 and write to advise you that I sent First Credit a recorded CCA request regarding this matter on 28 March 2007. I received a reply dated 19 April 2007 telling me that they would be obtaining i
  18. Thanks, everyone. I already feel better than I did this morning. If they are the same firm, even with a different name, then they know the score already and they're trying it on. I will be following all the advice above
  19. Thank you for that. This was sent by second class post, posted on 31 October and arrived today. I had heard that current accounts were expempt from CCA requests but I have already sent one to First Credit ages ago. In fact, they replied to it on 19 April telling me they were advising their client of my request and it would be sent asap. Nothing further ever arrived. So there has already been CCA request, albeit to First Credit and not Connaught, which has not been complied with. Does Connuaght's involvment in the face of this amount to harrassment or is it best to start again with a CCA to Con
  20. I've started a new thread with this because this shower have just written to me as follows:- 'Dear Sir, We have been instructed by 1st Credit Ltd (Barclays Bank) to recover this debt. It is now our intention to issue a Statutory Demand under the Insolvency Act 1986 (Bankrupty) [yes, thank you for that - I do know what it means], as we are unaware of any valid reason for your non-payment. Please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time and date for service. Should you fail to contact us within seven days then a Statutory Demand will be issued without further war
  21. There seem to be conflicting views flying about regarding the enforceability issue. What sticks out is the question of what happens to the creditor if it applies to the Court to have the agreement enforced after the deadline. We've been told that they've committed a criminal offence and are liable for a fine but also coming across is the feeling that the Courts aren't really interested and I wonder at what point the creditor thinks it worth taking the risk. How big does the debt have to be to justify going to Court and running the risk, however small, of a fine in order to get it enforced?
  22. Okay, thanks , all. Do traffic wardens still always wear the traditional uniform? These guys were wearing blue
  23. This is probably dealt with somewhere but I can't find it. Does anyone know if it's true that if you drive off before the warden's attached the ticket to your vehicle you aren't liable, or is that another urban legend
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